Origins: Little Ozzie's Pizza

Little Ozzie's Pizza is a fairly recent modification to a long-standing tradition. Pizza was served at Winter Camp I, and it was uniformly enjoyed by all despite it's high pepperoni content.

Since then, pizza has remained a Winter Camp tradition. For years it was served as a dinner, but it became unwieldy and was changed to a snack at Winter Camp VI.

It became "Little Ozzie's Pizza" at Winter Camp VII, when Mike Osvath led the crew that prepared it. Mike was resplendent in Downriver Chapter Chef's hat and apron and he became the symbol of a new generation of pizza fixers.

Winter Camp VIII saw the dawn of a new era in pizza making when, for the first time since Winter Camp I, pizzas were made to order.

In recent time making of pizzas at Winter Camp has become one of the most popular activities. Recently, research has begun on creating or locating a new recipe for pizza crust. Many members feel that the current crust recipe is all that stands between Little Ozzie's pizza and greatness.


Mark Bollman--> served as the most active Winter Camp pizza chef throughout the second Winter Camp decade and the rise of Little Ozzie's Pizza. When Mike Osvath failed to attend Winter Camp XVII, Mark--> took control of the Little Ozzie's infrastructure and renamed the enterprise after himself. The motto of this new undertaking was changed to "The Finest Italian Cuisine In The Wilderness". His original intent was that the name be accented on the first syllable to follow the emphasis pattern in "Domino's", but popular usage set the stress on "man". Bollmano's was granted the Winter Camp pizza contract for the next two years due to Mike's general lethargy during the Pizza Smorgasbord at Winter Camp XVIII and his complete absence from Winter Camp XIX. At Winter Camp XX, the two warring factions formed a temporary alliance. The pizza war came to a head at the Winter Camp XXI planning meeting, where Bollmano's won popular acclaim and was voted in over Little Ozzie's by a 15.2-13.6 sc ore.

No matter which name is used, pizza remains one of the most popular meals.

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