Origins: Lost Daha Hike

Taken at its simplest, this is a very easy activity to understand. The Daha in question is Steve Donohue, and the hike recreates the path he took when lost at the third Ceremonial Training Seminar.

At the seminar, the staff endeavored to put on a special ceremony for, the members of Downriver Chapter: to inspire them to greatness. This ceremony, called (appropriately) "Which Path to Take?" showed the Scouts who participated that the Order of the Arrow was the right path. It is most remembered now as the only known incident of Mark Bollman swearing (it was in his part).

Following the ceremony, Steve was left to clean the site and make his own way back to camp. He finished and left for camp, carrying a variety of woods tools, and looked for the trail. Unbeknownst to him, the Scouts had removed the candies marking the trail. He became lost and wandered for over two hours before being rescued by his fellow campers (4 of whom were combing the camp in a '65 Volkswagen.)

No one is quite sure of the exact path of Daha's hike, but some landmarks are known. Chief among these are the cemetery, two gravel pits, a vicious dog, and the bear's Pizza Joint.


The Lost Daha Hike has been replaced by other, more interesting, hikes in the last few years, although rumor has it that the bear still makes a pretty good pizza.

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