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Hard as it is to believe, now, there had never (legitimately) been a TV set at Winter Camp until Winter Camp IX. There had been a set, at Winter Camp VI, but it was used exclusively by Al "We got Tripoley" Herster to watch Three's Company reruns.

In 1985 though, that changed. With the growing number of chapter members who owned VCR's, the idea of showing a scout-related movie at Winter Camp picked up steam. The first movie shown at Winter Camp was the vintage film "Follow Me Boys" starring Fred MacMurray. The event was fun but hardly earth shattering.

At the planning meeting the following year, the idea of a movie was brought up again and would probably have died a quick death except for one thing: Mr. Wilson announced that he had a tape of the blockbuster hit, "Top Gun". This was quite an achievement since the movie would not be released on tape for 3 more months.

With a guaranteed winner like "Top Gun" on hand, and the chance to view it themselves, the planning committee voted to have a feature movie. In the following years, the event was held again because, for many younger Winter Campers, the movie was a tradition.


In recent years, watching a movie as part of Winter Camp has once again become passe. We have made a couple of efforts to film our own movies since we stopped showing features. Our works have included an aborted Frankenstein attempt, a promotional highlight reel and the effectively untitled Winter Camp: The Movie highlights of which are included on this site. Plans are afoot for a new movie at Winter Camp XXII.

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