Origins: Rand Stew

Perhaps no other meal more typifies Winter Camp than Rand Stew. It is, to say the least, an unusual meal. and, like many Winter Camp foods. it is filling and quite tasty once you get past the appearance.

The first recorded instance or Rand Stew being served at a chapter camping expedition comes in February of 1978. Four members of the chapter, Doug Wilson, Mike Osvath, Steve Donohue, and (of course) Jeff Rand were spending the weekend at the Lincoln Pilgrimage in a model outdoor campsite. Temperatures for the weekend were very low, and most foods were frozen.

Rand Stew was served on Sunday as a brunch meal, and consisted of the typical ingredients: hamburger. potatoes, carrots, and leftovers. Included amongst the leftovers was a pound of butter. Mr. Wilson cut the vegetables with a bow saw, and Jeff combined them in a large pot hung from the quadripod.

Although somewhat crude by today's standards, this first batch of Rand Stew was sufficiently tasty to make it a Winter Camp tradition ever since. By the way, the butter made the stew very greasy necessitating the use of a cabin to get hot water for cleaning the pot.


Although still primarily a Rand creation, he has allowed Dr. Beast to assist him with the preparation of the dish several times. The phrase "eat it now or eat it later" still strikes terror into the hearts of Winter Campers.

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