Origins: Self-Appointed Leadership

Since its beginning, Winter Camp's youth and adult leaders have always appointed themselves. In the case of the adult, it has been more a matter of utility than anything else.

At Winter Camp I, only Doug Wilson was old enough to even assume this mantle of leadership. For Winter Camp III Jeff Rand wanted to try his hand at it. For succeeding Winter Camps, the choice of adviser has been based more on who was available and willing than on any great competition to be adviser. Curiously, as of Winter Camp XIV, there had never been an adviser who wasn't at Winter Camp I.

In the matter of youth leadership there has often been fierce competition to be the Senior Patrol Leader, Korish, King, or Director. Since there are several youth each year who might want the job, the choice has been left to them. Whichever youth shows the initiative and drive to declare himself leader is deemed to be qualified.

Other leadership roles for youth have been chosen in a variety of ways ranging from qualifications to bidding to popularity. In only one instance has there ever been a youth leader selected based on a popular vote at camp.


Self-appointed leadership remains our norm. Winter Camp XXII marks the first time anyone, in this case Tom Ray, who was not at Winter Camp I has served as adviser for the event.

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