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These pictures were taken in 1991. We made a special effort that year to put the W's up, including going up the week before the Ordeal to measure, weed whip, collect fire wood, etc. When the weekend came, we were all set.

There was one problem. Evil forces (including the junior Cag) had invaded the site for an out-of-council distrct camporee. They were using field sports for all their stations. We were forced to take everything offsite Friday night. We got the site back at about 4:00pm Saturday. It was quite a sight as there were 5 different pick-up trucks/4WD vehicles at the top of the face waiting to swoop down as soon as they cleared out.

One missing, but extremely entertaining, picture was Dr. Beast's pickup truck heaped high with firewood and then covered with a silver gray tarp. It looked like a giant jiffypop on wheels.

The ceremony went well and we were chastised mightily for our decision to use RC equipment to ignite the W's. Apparently, we were at great risk of an errant signal spoiling our hard work.
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