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Obviously, no one can keep up with everything that happens in the lives of all the Winter Campers. This form is designed to turn you, the unsuspecting visitor to these pages into an unpaid informant. Enter any special events you know of in your life or someone else's. I have all the Ordeal/Brotherhood/Vigil/Birthdays already, so I don't need those. If there's something else though, please suggest it.

This page is intended to be longterm, meaning I'll be using it and the data it contains until doomsday. That means I probably won't rush to put this stuff in. That, in turn, means you should tell me something you want on the news this week thru e-mail, rather than this form.

Use this form to add a quote, saying or thought

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Use this one to add an event to our recurring list

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What is the event? Try to make a complete sentence so I don't have to do it later

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