I believe it's listed in the rules of the internet that all pages must have at least one page devoted exclusively to links. While this is a tradition I am loath to break, I feel that the only thing we can do to honor it properly is to put up a handful of unrelated links which have little to do with each other or Winter Camp, save that I occassionally hit them. If you don't like a link here, don't click it again. Also in Winter Camp form, you can add your own links using the handy form at the bottom of this page.

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What has gone before:

Animated Knots for Scouts from Tim
Just like the name says.
Rope Works from Tim
Aneat site I found. They have a good .pdf file on Whipping Rope.
Not That Bright from Steve
The story of my life.
BSA-Troop-802 Online from Glen Reid Jr.
The newest incarnation of Troop 802 online, this time with an easier to remember address.
Winter Camp Wayback (my name, not theirs) from Mark-->
The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has an immense collection of old Web pages. This is what they have from, going back to 1998.
One Part Words from Steve D.
In a move almost certain to get somebody involved identified as "the" Big Bro, One Part Words seeks to become a compendium of different things, all described using words of but one part. It's still under construction (aren't all my pages), but content and content suggestions are welcome...
KristieAndSteve.Com from Steve
You didn't think we'd get married without a web page did you?
Osvath Home Page from Steve D.
Just what it says - you can find out all about what Mike, Theresa, Benjamin and their extended family have been up to.
Derek's Big Website of Wal-Mart Purchase Receipts from Steve
Just what it says. Very bizarre and gaining in popularity.
Krispy Kreme Challenge from Steve
Just to prove that it's not all work at FXC.
TurtleChick.Com from Steve
Turtle Information Page
Hassled by the Man from Steve Donohue
Dedicated to identifying and confounding the Man.
Troop 1373 Online from Steve
Online information about Troop 1373, home of Adviserati's Adviser Squad
Who Wants to Marry a Sysadmin? from Steve D.
At least as bizarre a concept as or
Batman 2000! from Steve
Official HQ of the Gotham Reform Party, who are urging you to Vote Batman!
The Complete Works of Shakespeare from Joe.
This has the really cool feature of a footnote/glossary set up as a link, making some of the tough stuff a lot more enjoyable. Got a report or just feel like taming a shrew- perfect.
Our Small Planet Film and Multimedia from Glen Reid
A site I maintain for a wildlife documentary film company based in East Lansing and run by an Eagle Scout.
Cinescape Online from
Cool site that features daily updates in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi genre. Many of the movies whose releases are anxiously awaited by wintercampers can be followed, almost daily, at this location. (LOTR, X-Men, Star Wars, etc.)
Tor SF & Fantasy from Lou
The homepage of Tor Books. Their authors include Robert Jordan, Piers Anthony and Orson Scott Card. This site contains information about upcoming releases (including the new Wheel of Time.)
The Onion from Steve Clark
It's funny
The Onion from Steve Clark
It's funny
Radiohead from Steve Clark
Home to my other favorite band
It's all about Anna from Dave
Lovely cross section of Anna Kournikova...if only tennis could be so captivating.
Our Lady Peace from Steve Clark
The site of the best band ever!
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy from Lou
The official site the LotR movies. Any fantasy reader should be excited by this news.
Velvet Chain from Steve
Official site of one of my new favorite bands. I recommend the Warm CD for anyone who likes good music - it blends a lot of different styles of music for an engaging sound - sort of like Dead Can Dance - both bands mix up the styles and make it sound great. For Buffy fans, the Buffy EP is a lot of fun and includes their version of the Buffy Theme song (not a remake of Nerf Herder, their own version).
Official Site of DHQX ass kicken from The Goon Beyond
You got it boy! And we got our own damn server, so we can put all the nasty content up we want. Home of the worlds greatest collection of "wind" instruments.
Official DHQX site of ass kicken from Mr. @$$
The new DHQX site. Hopefully this site won't be taken off the net for explicit content, even though it is password protected.
the real wankel engine! from David Woods
a java animation of the wankel in action! realy.
Wankel engine! from Dave Woods
Java animation on how the darn thing werks.
Star Wars Asciimation from Mark-->
This wondrous piece of programming can be appreciated on several levels: 1. Impressive example of text graphics. 2. Travel back in time to the days when this was the height of computer animation. 3. Example of someone with less of a life than many Winter Campers have been accused of having. (Of course, it's currently winter in New Zealand, which may explain things...)
Women of Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Steve
For those with an interest in the physical charms of the various actresses involved with Buffy, this is a pretty good site. Some of the Charisma Carpenter pics were particularly outstanding.
I Hate Star Wars from Steve
Be sure to check out the analysis of Speeder Bikes...
The Donny & Marie Show from Mark-->
The home of Winter Camp's new favorite TV show!
Suddenly Single from Kurt Smith
A celebration of the boating lifestyle!
Paths of the Wise from Big Bro
I have done some work to make my page more than it has been in the past. If there are some who find what they read of use, then I will add more. If you read it, please let me know what you think.
Troop 842 Home Page from Steve D
Everything you ever wanted to know about Troop 842 of Allen Park, MI
Northern Lights Search from Ron Donohue
Search engine of 120 Million Web pages and the Special Collection™ of more than 5,400 full text sources. Can print the articles inexpensively.
CBSMarketWatch from Ron Donohue
Excellent site for market briefs and quotes, if you like that sort of thing.
the Wiliam Blake page from dave woods
Art and poetry of early 19'th century english guy
Steve's Basement from Steve
A bunch of stuff about role-playing games being run in or using adventures created in: My Basement.
Glen Reid, Jr's Editorial/Review from Glen Reid
Once again I have redone my page, the title should explain.
The DHQX page from Chynegg
the DHQX's own place on the web
The Scoutlink Organisation from Steve Clark
A irc scout chat's web page.
Blue mountian arts' electronic greeting cards from Steve Clark
online greeting cards (that is the name too) from Steve Clark
Has a lot of cool (and current) music videos.
Steve's web site from Steve Clark
my new web page. Click on pic of Walker for my chat room
C-2A site from Steve Clark
our section's wwweb site. Look closely, you can even find pictures of people from our lodge
Steve's web page from Steve Clark
it's my web page-it isn't very good but ohh well
Oh The Humanity from Steve
Reviews and listings of some of the worst movies of all times.
Mr. Yee amd the Everlasting Skankin Squibly Pins Officail Homepage. from H-Pac
My ska band !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Juicy Cerebellum from Tom
It's a place were everybody is sane cuz everyone is insane!!
WinAmp from Glen Reid
The best Windows 95/98 MP# player. Also makers of MacAmp. Many different preferences can be set too.
Scour.Net from Glen Reid
A great place to download MP3s, pics, sounds, and movies.
Pine Creek Ridge from Mark-->
If the annual Time Capsule ceremony isn't enough to satisfy your curiosity, this site has the details of what's now going on at what was once CHR.
The Dilbert Zone from Lou
Who can't appreciate a Dilbert website?
Name that Babe from Steve
Nope, it doesn't give you a chance to say, "I can name that babe in three articles of clothing", but it's still kind of fun. (For those who this matters to, none of the babes I saw were nude in anyway, so don't freak out -- it's just pictures of famous beautiful (mostly anyhow -- I saw Juliette Lewis there) women in a multiple-choice who is this format) Have fun.
Home Shark from Dr. Beast
Excellent site for finding competitive home mortgage rates from national vendors. Not everyone's cup of tea, but some of you are probably in the market.
Paths of the Wise from Steve
As he would put it: " A web page aimed at those who trek the Paths of the Wise and who love Cold Time Camp". Not much there yet besides an intro and a guestbook.
Detroit Red Wing's from Mark
The offical web site of the Defending Stanley Cup Champions
The Straight Dope from Mark Bollman-->
The Straight Dope is the home of Cecil Adams, self proclaimed "World's Smartest Human" and contains all sorts of amusing factoids. If you seek the truth about circus peanuts candy, it's here! [I also thought someone besides Steve should suggest a site.]
Illuminated Site of the Week from Steve (again) Do I surf too much?
Sponsored by SJ Games, the ISOTW showcases the sites of those who have seen truths not yet revealed to the rest of us.
Time Cube from Steve
You could win $1,000 on this site simply by proving that there are not four rotations of the Earth in a single day. This guy makes the Koreshans look pretty smart; a former Illuminated Site of the Week winner.
Brakendelve Canton from Steve Donohue
This web page is dedicated to the Brakendelve Canton of the SCA. Brakendelve claims many Goons as members.

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