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On Wednesday, 19-Sep-2018 16:12:10,
Cap'n Steve said:
Ahoy me hearties!
I was not sure about puttin' it on the history page.
ya scurvy dog
Speak proper or ye'll dance with Jack Ketch!

On Wednesday, 19-Sep-2018 10:44:21,
K2 said:
Ahoy me hearties!
ya pelican!
Speak proper or ye'll be keelhauled!

On Friday, 14-Sep-2018 21:21:44,
Uncle Ethan said:
The link doesn't work for me with the www. Try this one:

On Friday, 14-Sep-2018 21:20:55,
Uncle Ethan said:
Don't miss the dedication of the Sam Stocker Flag Pole at D-bar-A on Sunday, October 7. Sign up at

On Wednesday, 30-May-2018 9:29:56,
Uncle Ethan said:
New future Winter Camper alret! Ruth Frances Rein was born on 5/26. She hopes to meet everyone at the El Mediodia party or the planning meeting.

On Sunday, 22-Apr-2018 20:26:59,
Uncle Ethan said:
The chapter is looking for help in the Kitchen at the Section Conclave (5/4-6) and Spring Ordeal (5/18-20). Contact if you're interested.

On Wednesday, 04-Apr-2018 21:24:13,
Uncle Ethan said:
Looks like the lodge has some open spots for the NOAC contingent. It's at Indiana University this year.

On Sunday, 01-Apr-2018 21:05:37,
Steve said:
Winter Camp (and it's website) are all about inertia.
It's Ron Donohue Day; how will you celebrate?

On Sunday, 01-Apr-2018 13:42:09,
Ron Donohue said:
Still ticking after all these years
Happy Ron Donohue Day!

On Sunday, 01-Apr-2018 9:57:34,
Steve said:
Looks like it is.
It's Ron Donohue Day; how will you celebrate?

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