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On Thursday, 19-Sep-2019 11:50:35,
Barnacle Steve said:
Ahoy me hearties!
At least the piratizer be still workin'
ya bilge pumper
Speak proper or ye'll dance with Jack Ketch!

On Thursday, 19-Sep-2019 0:54:35,
Steve said:
Ahoy me hearties!
Today be talk like a Pirate day!
ya bilge pumper
Speak proper or walk the plank!

On Thursday, 04-Jul-2019 0:53:08,
Steve said:
I wonder if this is still working.

On Saturday, 25-May-2019 18:59:28,
Steve said:
There are several new chapters of Zero Node available!

On Saturday, 11-May-2019 22:16:46,
Steve said:
In the interest of fairness!
Have a glorious Connor Johnson Day!

On Saturday, 11-May-2019 22:08:30,
Steve said:
Congratulations to Connor Johnson. Not only did he receive his Eagle badge tonight, but he also had May 11 declared Connor Johnson Day in Melvindale. That's a pretty good honor and I think it makes him only the second Winter Camper to have his own day.

On Monday, 01-Apr-2019 23:50:32,
Steve said:
Glad you enjoyed it
What has Ron Donohue done lately?

On Monday, 01-Apr-2019 10:06:36,
Ron D. said:
Wow, still works, and thank you.

Have a glorious Ron Donohue Day!

On Monday, 01-Apr-2019 10:06:08,
Ron D. said:
Test post

Happy Ron Donohue Day!

On Wednesday, 13-Mar-2019 11:40:22,
Steve said:
The joy of domain ownership:
Them: Would you like to buy It was recently listed with us for a reasonable price.
Me: We probably have very different ideas of reasonable. I could offer $100
Them: I just want to ensure the domain we have for sale is The price for the domain ** is *$2620 USD*. There are many reasons this premium domain is valued at the above price, some of them are :
1.) *Searches: *The term "Winter Camp" has over * 2,020* monthly
(there is no 2)
Me: Like I said, we have different ideas of reasonable. I'd just point it at my .com domain and the searches don't really matter to me.
Them (a month later): Do you have a new offer for us?
Maybe I should offer 101.
searches on google.

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