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On Tuesday, 23-Jan-2018 9:55:33,
Steve said:
So I guess should become a secure site. I installed a free certificate and so it should work now.
Not sure what else I need to do, so there may be some hiccups.

On Wednesday, 15-Nov-2017 11:32:47,
Steve said:
You were just a kid...

On Thursday, 09-Nov-2017 9:38:30,
Ethan Rein said:
I'm open to another round of difficult eating. I still feel guilty about throwing that Slim Jim out.

On Monday, 23-Oct-2017 17:46:14,
Steve said:
Yesterday Kristie and I were discussing cuisine and she pointed out that something I like is terrible. I, of course, disagreed.
She said I don't know anything about good food having once eaten food from a trash can after it had been thrown out. I pointed out that I had known it wasn't great but that tradition demanded that someone eat at least some of anything left in the time capsule.
She said it was someone else's turn. I pointed out that my iron stomach made me uniquely qualified to eat crap like that. She suggested a few people then said maybe Ethan could be the next designated eater of things no one else would touch.
I said it was unlikely since he had been the one who threw it out. She said "You're right, the common sense is strong with that one."
She asked who I thought might be the next to take up the cause of the iron gut. I thought for a moment and said "I think the Sockless Wonder could do it".
"Yes," she said, "he lacks common sense, just like you".

On Wednesday, 04-Oct-2017 15:52:49,
K2 said:
Awesome!! If you talk to him tell him I said congrats!

On Sunday, 01-Oct-2017 17:59:03,
Steve said:
Not sure how many saw this, but Mike Hodnicki got engaged today.

On Tuesday, 19-Sep-2017 10:50:22,
Wild Steve said:
Ahoy me hearties!
There's starboard, she be Talk Like a Pirate Day!
ya landlubber!
Speak proper or ye'll be keelhauled!

On Tuesday, 19-Sep-2017 10:49:51,
Barnacle Steve said:
Ahoy me hearties!
Does anyone remember what day today is?
ya pelican!
Speak proper or it's the black spot for ye!

On Saturday, 03-Jun-2017 18:14:15,
Steve said:
So the DQ commercial with the cloche comes on and I said "Maybe we should consider one of those for Winter Camp".
Kristie immediately said "Yes, then we can put some kind of monstrosity grits under it so you'd never eat them again".
I said "We make other good things at camp"
She said "Yes, <b>Doug<b> makes good things at camp."

On Sunday, 14-May-2017 19:31:00,
Steve said:
Back in the day you'd have been a Mowerosky.

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