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The Winter Camp Future Society (WCFS) derives its purpose from its name:

Winter Camp The WCFS works to make Winter Camp great. Officially, they do this by helping to maintain traditions and by providing a special activity every five years. Unofficially, they serve as the financial backers of Winter Camp, providing funds and other support for equipment and services we might not otherwise be able to afford. The WCFS also serves as an umbrella organization for a number of official and unofficial projects.
Future Apart from helping to ensure that Winter Camp is held in the future, the WCFS collects predictions about future Winter Camps and sponsors our Time Capsule projects.
Society The WCFS provides a core group of dedicated Arrowmen who share a love of Winter Camp and can be counted on to provide aid both to camp and each other when needed.


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Projects Information on our past, present and future projects, including the Participation Award
Finance Financial information, including assets, of the society.
History Background and meeting minutes of the WCFS

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