In its role as a bankroller of Winter Camp and related activities, the WCFS has undertaken to provide financial support and backing to many Winter Camp activities and efforts. Our primary focus remains the "special event or activity" at five year intervals, but there are a number of other projects as well. Some of the things we've done in the past include the purchase of most of the Winter Camp kitchen equipment, the spice rack, the stove fund, tableware, and silverware. Even this web site is under the theoretical umbrella of the WCFS.

Our current finances look something like:

32 WC Patches on Hand $96.00
65 WC Particpant Patches 0.00
84 Binders on Hand1 294.00
Total 390.00

Values for inventory assume we will get $3.00 per patch and $3.50 per binder; these are minimums.

9 WCFS XXX Members 222.24
Binder Sales 34.50
Patch Sales 284.00
Total 538.74
WC Patches 302.76
WC XXX Event 222.24
Binders 348.47
Total 873.47
  1. Only 5 binders at 3.50 each were delivered for Winter Camp XXIV. Two were sold at $5.00 each. One additional binder was sold for $5.00. Binders for Winter Camp XXV have not yet been reimbursed.

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