Minutes XI - December 30-31, 1987

The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:30 PM. in the Beaver Creek Building at D-A Scout Ranch.

Ten members were in attendance at the onset of business: Mark Bollman (10), Ron Donohue (10), Steve Donohue (11), Lee Gardy (3), Roger Horn (6), John Howey (5), Dave Milon (3), Jeff Rand (11), Doug Seman (5), Doug Wilson (11), Mike Osvath (11) was late, arriving the next day.

No minutes or reports were presented, as this was the first meeting of the Society.

Bylaws were proposed, revised, and approved by unanimous consent. Elections for officers were held. Unanimously elected were Roger Horn, treasurer and Jeff Rand, secretary. These elected officers serve until December 31, 1996.

Discussions were held regarding the management of the funds collected by the Society. It was agreed that the funds be placed into a risk-free investment device. Society members recommended that they be used to purchase United States Savings Bonds. Roger Horn was granted the authority to make the final determination as to the placement of the funds.

The following members, who were in attendance at the meeting, paid the $12.00 commitment: Ron Donohue, Steve Donohue, Jeff Rand, and Doug Wilson. Others wishing to join the Society for Winter Camp XX will need to submit the fee to Roger Horn via mail by March 31, 1988.

The members in attendance agreed to make contact of several Arrowmen who were not at the meeting, to offer them a chance to join the Society. The following contact assignments were accepted: Doug Wilson to contact Steve Pejua'n and ReedShannon; Steve Donohue to contact Brad Eakin and Robert Stone,Sr.; John Howey to contact John Dumas and Chris Warren; Lee Gardy to contact Ed Rose; Mark Bollman to contact Dan Bollman and Eric Bollman; and Mike Osvath to contact Dwayne Forsyth.

The members discussed and accepted predictions that were made during Winter Camp X. Several new predictions for Winter Camps 20 and 50 were approved and added to the list.

It was agreed that each member will be entitled to make one individual prediction for the future Winter Camps that need not be accepted by the majority. Individual predictions are to be submitted to Jeff Rand.

Ron Donohue reminded Doug Wilson of a $5.00 wager concerning a female president by Winter Camp 50.

The concept of developing a 1,000 year time capsule was discussed. The members agreed to research this project for future deployment. Doug Wilson agreed to serve as chief engineer. The Society agreed to distribute a prediction form for Winter Camp XII at this year's Last Breakfast. Steve Donohue accepted this assignment. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:45 am.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Rand, Secretary

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