Minutes XII - December 31, 1988

The meeting was called to order at 2:56 am. in the Beaver Creek Building at D-A Scout Ranch.

Seven members were in attendance at the onset of business: Mark Bollman (11), R. Lee Gardy (4), Steve Donohue (12), John Howey (6), Steve Pejuan (10), Jeff Rand (11), and Doug Wilson (12)

Jeff Rand read the minutes of the 1987 meeting, which were subsequently approved.

Discussion was held regarding membership in the society. As of March, eleven members have joined the society for Winter Camp XX. The class of WCXX includes the following: Mark Bollman, Ron Donohue, Steve Donohue, R. Lee Gardy, Roger Horn, John Howey, Mike Osvath, Steve Pejuan, Jeff Rand, Reed Shannon, and Doug Wilson. It was agreed that membership would now be open for the class of WCXXV until December 31, 1991. Fees will be $15.00 to join for the class of WCXXV.

R. Lee Gardy reported in the absence of Roger Horn, as to the status of the Society's funds. The funds collected have been placed in US Savings Bonds with 8.5% annual interest. It was agreed that any incidental expenses of the Society would be absorbed by donations from the members. Members in attendance made donations for flowers for Harold Oatley and for the Winter Camp spice rack.

The Society discussed its sponsorship of the ten year time capsule. The capsule was placed a remote area of Beaver Creek at 2:00 am. just prior to the meeting. It was decided by majority vote that the time capsule will be opened at Winter Camp XXII in December, 1998. Mark Bollman and Jeff Rand agreed to be less than satiated upon opening the capsule. Little new information was reported about the 1,000 year time capsule. Society members decided to keep this project moving by accepting individual investigative assignments for the next year. Doug Wilson agreed to investigate materials and mechanisms with 1,000 year lifespans. Mark Bollman agreed to research contents and information media that will last 1,000years. The members present hoped that Ron Donohue would investigate projected future political, social, and population developments.

The members discussed making predictions for Winter Camps XIII and XXII. Steve Donohue agreed to develop a form and distribute to all Winter Campers during lunch later in the day.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:56 am.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Rand, Secretary

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