Minutes XIV - December 31, 1990

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 am. in the Beaver Creek Building at D-A Scout Ranch.

Eight members were in attendance:, Mark Bollman (13), Ron Donohue (13), Steve Donohue (14), Roger Horn (9), John Howey (8), Mike Osvath (14), Jeff Rand (14), and Doug Wilson (14)

Four observers expressed an interest in joining the society:, Geoff Brown (3), Dave Milon (4), Lou Pezet (4), Tom Ray (3)

Jeff Rand read the minutes of the 1988 meeting, which were subsequently approved. No meeting was held in 1989.

Ron Donohue reported the absence of R. Lee Gardy, who was required to attend a meeting in Dallas in order to fulfill his duties as section chief.

Roger Horn indicated that the Society's funds have been used to purchase two Series EE United States Savings bonds with variable interest rates. After some discussion, Roger agreed to deposit any funds received for the class of Winter Camp XXV in his personal money market account. Roger will perform the necessary accounting to credit the Society with accrued interest and pay the income taxes.

After a suggestion by Ron Donohue that the Society invest in baseball cards, Jeff Rand agreed to secure a gratis set for the group and leave the Society's funds in government insured interest bearing instruments.

Discussion was held regarding the 1,000 year time capsule.Mark Bollman reported that acid free paper and compact discs were two likely candidates for information storage. Doug Wilson did not report anything new on mechanisms, but agreed to complete the project by Winter Camp 45 (2021). The Societya greed to have the time capsule installed at Winter Camp 50.

The Winter Campers in attendance discussed and evaluated the current Winter Camp. Several important suggestions were noted by Steve Donohue. All present agreed to help promote a better attendance next year.

The members discussed making predictions and recommendations for Winter Camp XV. Steve Donohue agreed to develop a form and distribute it to all Winter Campers during lunch later in the day.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Jeff Rand, Secretary

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