Minutes XIX - December 31, 1995

The meeting was called to order at 1:21:57 a.m. WCST (exactly 1 year 27 seconds after the start of the previous meeting) in the Beaver Creek Building at D-A Scout Ranch.

Six members were in attendance at the onset of business: Mark Bollman (18), Ron Donohue (18), Steve Donohue (19), Daniel Bollman (9) proxy for Roger Horn (13), Jeff Rand (19), and Doug Wilson (19)
One observer was also present for a brief period: Lou Pezet (9)

Minutes of the 1994 meeting approved by silent assent.

Little discussion was held regarding the time capsule.

Plans discussed for Winter Camp XX reunion:

Banquet Agenda
6:30 Displays, fellowship, hors d'oeuvres
7:30 Dinner
8:30 Program
9:30 Film, video, etc. (Doug Wilson)

Chicken dish, Roast beef, Mostaccioli, Green beans, Mashed potatoes, Salad, Rolls, Peach cobbler

Program (Steve Donohue)


Guests 20 @ $12.00 $240.00
Camp funds 20 @ $8.00 160.00
Society funds 250.00
Shirt sales 10 @ $7.00 70.00
Total $720.00

Dinners 40 @ 10.00 $400.00
Munchies 50.00
Dining hall 90.00
Shirts 30 @ $6.00 180.00
Total $720.00

Shirts (Jeff Rand)
Order 2/3 XL, 1/3 Large
Midnight blue, 50/50 heavy weight with white print

The meeting was adjourned at 2:22:30 a.m. (exactly 1 year 8 seconds after the close of the previous meeting)

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Rand, Secretary

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