Minutes XV - December 31, 1991

The meeting was called to order at 12:48 a.m. WCST in the Beaver Creek Building at D-A Scout Ranch.

Eight members were in attendance at the onset of business: Mark Bollman (14), Ron Donohue (14), Steve Donohue (15), Lee Gardy (6), John Howey (9), Mike Osvath (15), Lou Pezet (5), and Jeff Rand (15)

Minutes of the previous annual meeting were approved, as written.

Mark Bollman reviewed a list of the previous year's predictions. Discussion ensued concerning the Osvath predictions and many were surprised at the actual occurrence of the wedding. (They may be more surprised next year at the Wilson wedding.) Other predictions were simply hilarious. Work continued on the 1,000 year time capsule, expected to be in place before Winter Camp 50. A likely location is northern Canada in the tundra. Lenses were discussed as a means of using a solar counter to measure the passing years.

A more formal ceremony was held at the CHR Memorial and most were pleased with the improvement. Other suggestions included having a lighted trail with hanging lanterns and holding the ceremony in the middle of Winter Camp, preferably on the weekend. Mike Osvath agreed to organize a summer clean up to the memorial site. Jeff Rand promised to secure a vial of earth from the original CHR ceremonial site.

A lengthy discussion in the form of an evaluation of Winter Camp XV produced the following feedback:

  1. No computer to run Winter Camp
  2. Joe Hall volunteered to be leader of Winter Camp XVI
  3. Time change of 77 minutes should continue
  4. Brotherhood Ceremony worked well
  5. Continental breakfasts should continue
  6. Need better defined clean up procedures
  7. Improve food serving area
  8. Loosely planned schedule had mixed responses

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 2:57 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Rand, Secretary

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