Minutes XVIII - December 31, 1994

The meeting was called to order at 1:21:30 a.m. WCST in the Beaver Creek Building at D-A Scout Ranch. Steve Donohue served as moderator.

Eight members were in attendance at the onset of business: Mark Bollman (17), Ron Donohue (17), Steve Donohue (18), Roger Horn (12), John Howey (12), Mike Osvath (17), Jeff Rand (18), and Doug Wilson (18)

One observer was also present for a brief period: Lou Pezet (8)

Moved by Howey to accept the minutes of the 1993 meeting. Seconded. Motion carried by silent assent.

Moved by S. Donohue to reopen the class of Winter Camp XXV. Seconded. Motion carried. Future Society Class of XXV described as follows: Eligible members may join during the period of Winter Camp XVIII to Winter Camp XX. Membership fee will be the same as the participant fee for Winter Camp V ($18.18). Future Future Society classes will be organized each five years with members eligible to join between ten and five years in advance. Fees will be the same as participant fee of 20 years earlier.

Discussion ensued regarding the celebration and disbursement of the Society's funds at Winter Camp XX. It was the sense of the group that a souvenir T-shirt be available. As to a special meal, a completely catered affair was the favored choice.

In order to make the annual time capsule project more interesting, the Society agreed that future time capsules should be unearthed every five years. Members agreed that the they would like to dig up a time capsule every year, thus a total of five time capsules will need to be buried for the short term project. During 1994 two will buried (including the one unearthed from the previous year). One will be dug up in 1995 and the other in 1999. In 1995 the time capsule will be reburied for 1996 and a new one added for 2000. In 1996 the time capsule will be reburied for 1997 and a new one added for 2001. In 1997 the time capsule will be reburied for 1998 and a new one added for 2002. In 1998 no new capsule will be needed and the one reburied will be put in place for 2003. This will complete the process.

No new ideas were discussed for the Winter Camp M time capsule.

Several ideas were discussed in evaluation of Winter Camp XVIII and as suggestions for the future. Mark Bollman noted some the ideas for future reference.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:22:22 a.m. by desertion.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Rand, Secretary

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