Minutes XX - December 29, 1996

The meeting was called to order at 1:10:15 a.m. WCST in the Beaver Creek Building at D-A Scout Ranch.

Seven members were in attendance: Mark Bollman (19), Mike Osvath (18), Steve Donohue (20), Roger Horn (14), Jeff Rand (20), Doug Wilson (20), and John Howey (14).
Roger Horn held voting proxy for Lee Gardy.

One observer was also present: Tim Hunt (6)

Minutes of the 1995 meeting were approved by silent assent.

Little discussion was held regarding the time capsule.

A review of the Winter Camp XX reunion and banquet was conducted. Members were pleased with the kitchen crew, which was largely made up of non members. The main lodge was thoroughly cleaned and should there be any negative feedback from Gus it will be unfounded. Fifty dollars was paid to use the lodge. A desire was expressed to have another reunion in the near future.

The reunion had the largest attendance of any Winter Camp activity ever. Besides the 33 who were participants in other Winter Camp activities, the following made the trip to the banquet: Howard Hammes, Gary Allen, Bob Stone, Rob Stone, Doug Stone, Steve Peju'an, Lee Gardy, and Scott Fults. In addition, four other members of the Stone family and two members of the Mann family participated as guests. Two representatives of the Howey family scavenged some hors d'ouerves, but left prior to dinner.

An informal motion was made to serve the Kimball dinner caveman style. While there was some dissension the motion carried.

Roger Horn presented the final financial report for the Class of XX indicating that the Society's original investment of $132 in 1987 was now worth $226. This, along with an additional $36 collected will be used to offset the expense of the Winter Camp XX shirts.

An election for officers to serve until the class of XXV produced Mark Bollman as Secretary and John Howey as Treasurer.

Dues of $18.18 were collected from the following: John Howey, Tim Hunt, Roger Horn, Mark Bollman, Doug Wilson, Steve Donohue, Jeff Rand, and Ron Donohue (paid by his big bro). Tim Hunt was the first to pay. Mr. Howey will be responsible to invest the funds.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:12:22 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Rand, Secretary (XI - XX)

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