Minutes XXV - December 30, 2001

Minutes of the meeting of the Winter Camp Future Society, held at the Beaver Creek building at D-A Scout Ranch, 30 December 2001.

The meeting came to order at 1:11 A.M. Winter Camp Standard Time. The following members and observers were in attendance at some point during the meeting:

Mark Bollman--> (24)Doug Wilson(25)Zach Polifroni
John HoweyRon Donohue (23)Robert Hartwig
Tim HuntJeff Rand (25)Steve Donohue (25)
Mark HuntRoger HornSteve Clark (4)
Paul KupserLou PezetDave Milon

Treasurer John Howey spoke on dues payment for the class of Winter Camp XXX. Dues of $24.24 were paid by several members.

The aftermath of the 162-Dish Banquet was discussed.

Discussion turned to the 1000-year time capsule. No progress has been made since the last meeting of the Society. Locations for the capsule were discussed. Jeff Rand reported that the Alaskan tundra was "pretty wretched" and thus might be a suitable site for the capsule. He noted that he and Roger Horn would scout other potential locations during 2002.

The Winter Camp L time capsule was discussed. Doug Wilson's effort and contributions were noted by the membership. It was agreed by common assent to place the capsule at Winter Camp XXVI, giving everyone a year to come up with good contents, and to retrieve it at Winter Camp L in 2026. It was further decided to allow other lodge content on a space-available basis.

Steve Donohue reported that 2 youth had earned the Winter Camp Participation Award that day, bringing the total to 7 over the two-year life of the award. Zach Polifroni was cited as the first award winner to complete a partial from Winter Camp XXIV. He further reported that nearly all of the blue-bordered non-award patches had been sold.

The discussion turned to the general area of Winter Camp improvement. Setup day on December 26th was cited as a growing problem. Alternatives and criteria for early arrival were discussed, with lengthy attention given to a proposal to discard the setup day. This evolved into a discussion of future cabin possibilities. It was decided to bring these two issues to the pre-planning meeting for Winter Camp XXVI.

There was a brief discussion on the funds for Winter Camp XXX and the planning calendar for Winter Camp XXVI, followed by quick coverage of some scheduling concerns for Sunday, December 30.

The meeting was adjourned by common assent of the seven members remaining at 2:57 A.M. WCST.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Bollman-->, Secretary

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