Minutes XXVII - December 29, 2003

Minutes of the meeting of the Winter Camp Future Society, held at the beaver Creek building at D-A Scout Ranch, December 29, 2003.

The meeting was assembled at 12:27 AM with the following members in attendance:
    Mark Bollman--> (26)
    Ron Donohue (25)
    Steve Donohue (27)
    Gordon Draper (8)
    Robert Hartwig (new member, 7)
    Roger Horn (20)
    Mike Osvath (22)
    Jeff Rand (27)
    Doug Wilson (27)

Jeff Rand reported that he was still working on the 1000-year time capsule, and Doug Wilson reported that the project was "right on schedule". It was reported that the annual time capsules are now on a 5-year cycle.

Steve Donohue reported that the Society has "plenty of everything"-56 folders and about 125 blue-bordered patches.

Discussion turned to plans for Winter Camp XXX. Jeff Rand proposed that another banquet be held, and talk of the number of dishes to be served ranged from 30 to 465. The program for the event received careful consideration, and Mark Bollman-->, Ron Donohue, and Gordon Draper agreed to serve as the Winter Camp XXX Entertainment Committee. A number of ideas were discussed, including the following:
    The possibility of an in-town event
    An overnight event for families (in the event of a nuclear war in 2006)
    A section conclave-type show with a multimedia component
    Reenactment of events from Winter Camp history

Paul Kupser (7) now present at 12:41 AM.

Discussion of a recognition item for the 30th anniversary ensued. Suggestions included gold Winter Camp coins and unique steins for the event. Paul Kupser agreed to look into commemorative steins.

Ethan "Hef" Rein (3) now present at 12:43 AM.

Ricky Naida (2), passing through, was serenaded by the members present on the occasion of his 15th birthday.

Ethan "Hef" Rein departed at 12:48 PM.

Discussion turned to the future of Winter Camp University. Paul Kupser proposed that future incarnations of WCU be organized around "houses" as in the Harry Potter book series. He agreed to pursue this idea further. After considerable discussion, it was decided to offer a wider variety of WCU courses at Winter Camp XXVIII and to allocate space on the official schedule for them.

Moved by Ron Donohue, seconded, to ratify all of the changes to the WCFS rules posted on the Society's Web site. Motion carried.

Fun business: Steve Donohue announced the birth of John Howey's son Connor and the death of John Dumas earlier in the year, and detailed changes that would and would not be made to the Winter Camp Web site.

The meeting was adjourned by common assent at 1:28 AM.

Respectfully submitted;
Mark Bollman-->
WCFS Secretary

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