Over the years, the WCFS has sponsored a number of projects and/or activities. Most of these projects have involved the outlay of cash for various camp necessities, like the spice rack, silverware, and tableware. A few have been more important or larger in scope.

Winter Camp Participation Award
The Participation Award, which can be earned by any youth attending Winter Camp is funded and sponsored by the WCFS.

Winter Camp Future Olympics
A project scheduled for every five years which has campers measure themselve in 6 events then compare the results to the previous year(s).

Predicting the future is one of the fun activities normally reserved for members of the society.

Time Capsule
The WCFS has been responsible for burying many single year capsules, a number of five year capsules, and two 10 year capsules. They hope someday to bury a capsule to be opened in 2977.

XX Reunion
We've held one pretty successful reunion so far.

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