One of the most time-honored traditions of the Future Society is the making of predictions about Winter Camp and the future in general. Listed below are just a few of the predictions which have been made so far, including an evalution of our Winter Camp XX accuracy. General predictioins are made by consensus, special predictions are the work of a single camper.

Winter Camp XX

General Predictions
Someone will lose a paying job in favor of a Winter Camp.   (No one claimed this prize, so we assume that it did not happen)
Roger Horn will have two children.   (Roger in fact had three children)
Mark Bollman will be married.   (Mark was unmarried at Winter Camp XX)
Jeff Rand will not be married.   (Jeff was likewise unmarried)
Mike Osvath will be the heaviest of the members who attended Winter Camp I.   (Steve Donohue was the hands-down winner of this dubious honor)
The CAG will be out of the lodge.   (Basically true)
Little Ozzie's Pizza Parlor will still operate at Winter Camp.   (Well, Bollmano's definitely put up a fight, but Ozzie's was there at WC XX)
Fights will still occur during "Capture the Objective."   (There was, in fact, an argument)
Homemade bread will continue.   (It did)
A batch of sugar jumble cookies will be made at WC XX.   (They were included in the banquet menu)
The "Caveman Dinner" will continue.   (Although ruled out in favor of the Kimball dinner, the Caveman returned by popular vote)
"Rand Stew" will be served.   (It was)
Doug Wilson will have a 1965 Volkswagen.   (He did, but it would not run)
Mike Osvath and Steve Donohue will share a residence.   (Barring their time at camp, they did not)
Someone who attended Winter Camp II will be unemployed.   (No one claimed this dubious honor and none of those accounted for were unemployed. Tom Achatz and Reed Shannon were not available for comment)
The Mi-Gi-Si O-Paw-Gan Lodge will be a part of a new lodge.   (Almost, but the proposition was turned down by the folks in Pontiac)
Lee Gardy will have discernible hair loss.   (Lee did.)
A Winter Camper will hold a Doctor of Philosophy Degree from an accredited university.   (Despite the presence of three candidates (Ron Donohue, Mark Bollman and Gary Allen), no one could claim this honor)
Steve Donohue will have had an internal organ removed.   (He has not)
A major United States of America political figure will have been assassinated within the past decade.   (None was)

Special Predictions:
Ron Donohue: Doug Wilson will be married.   (He is)
Jeff Rand: A TRS-80 Model I will still be the official Winter Camp computer.   (While one was displayed during the banquet, it was not an integral part of camp)
Steve Donohue: A defensive nuclear missile will be launched.   (Okay, so he's not a great military strategist)
Mark Bollman: A permanently manned space station will be orbiting the earth.   (Wow!)

Winter Camp L

General Predictions
This list will survive.
Doug Wilson will own a 1965 Volkswagen.
Mark Bollman & Roger Horn will be grandparents.
Winter Camp will not be held at D-A Scout Ranch.
Jeff Rand will not have consumed alcohol or coffee.
Mark Bollman will sort the poker chips.
The Post Horn Gallop will be heard.
Winter Camp will have a communicator device.
Someone will perform his paying job through use of the communicator.
United States currency will be of a different design.
The world will be composed of less than 100 nations.
The United Nations will be abolished.
The earth's human population will be 7.5 billion.
The U.S.A. will have had a female a president.
A female will have attended Winter Camp.
Food will be farmed from the oceans.
Another fuel source will be the primary means of propulsion for automobiles.
A privately funded space flight will occur.
A Winter Camp Future Society member will be a millionaire (based on 1987 dollars)
Roman Catholic priests will be permitted to be married.
Someone will attend Winter Camp who had a parent attend before his/her birth.
There will be a device capable of producing a three-dimensional sensory experience.
Someone who attended Winter Camp before age 25 will be dead.

Special Predictions:
Ron Donohue: Intelligent life will be discovered in space.
Jeff Rand: No one will have attended 50 Winter Camps.

Winter Camp C

General Predictions
This list will survive along with a small sample of cayenne pepper.
Winter Camp will not be held.

Special Predictions
Jeff Rand: The U.S.A. will celebrate its tri-centennial

Winter Camp M

General Predictions
Some old Winter Camp documents will be found and a special activity will be held to simulate this lifestyle of centuries past.

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