Webmaster's Wish List

Ever wonder what the Web Master would like to see on this page?
Ever say, "Gosh, I wonder what I could do to help?"

Well, this is your lucky day. These are the things I'd really to do and haven't had the time to do. It's possible that one of them would be really easy for you. It's possible that one of them would be really hard for you and you'd like to do it anyway

Either way is fine with me. For the most part, if it's something written, I'll make it into HTML if you don't know how. HTML is easier than thinking

The List (in no particular order):

There are almost certainly some other things, I'm just not thinking of them right now. Basically, I'd like to have even more stuff on here. I'd really love to be forced to buy more server space. Another cool thing would be if more people hit the Wall or one of the other pages when they came here. It's kind of a drag that the only time anyone ever posts on the Wall is when Big Bro or Casual Observer is making an ass of themselves

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