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Still a tradition despite being ruined hundreds of times since 1977

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Autograph Project

The autograph project began in April of 98 with one simple goal:
How many celerity signatures and endorsements could we collect for Winter Camp.

Thus far, the efforts have been split between Ron and Steve Donohue who, being brothers, naturally have at least some competition for bragging rights at stake.

"Why Autographs?" you might ask, and I'm not sure we have a great answer. One idea was to have a wall like you always see in movie delis with all these star photos. Another idea was to pick celebrities who were heroes and role-models and have them become a part of Winter Camp. A third idea is that it's just fun to see how many you can collect.

Whatever the reason, we've got quite a few under our belts and there are certainly more to come.

Quest Logging - Shows the details of our quest so far, including failures, successes and steps.

Results - Shows who we actually got and what they sent; broken by category because the page was getting way too big:
Captains of Industry - people primarily famous for things they own or run
Gaming - people who are famous as game designers or artists
Sports - people best known for their role in sports
Public Servants - includes military and former public officials
Television - primary current or best-known career, creators, actors, directors
Movies - primary current or best-known career, creators, actors, directors
Other - everyone else; includes musicians, comedians, personalities, and authors (so far)

The List - Interested in trying to score some autographs of your own? Here's all the ones we mailed for and got along with how long it took and what they sent. Good Luck!

As always, your suggestions are welcome!