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The Big Roster

I have a dream...

It's not a hard dream, it's not even a very big dream. In fact, it's pretty much a lame dream, but it is my dream. I'd like to have the news actually wish everyone a happy birthday on their birthday. I'd like it to actually say "Steve Donohue was inducted" on the day Steve Donohue was inducted.

You can help make that dream a reality -- shown below is what I know about everyone's dates. If you have any corrections to this information, please e-mail me. There are a number of areas where we are woefully lacking in data.

I'm also willing to take good guesses, so if you were inducted at the same time as someone else, tell me about it so I can correct it

In the chart below, Unknown means just that; I don't know what the date is (or in some cases, I don't know if such a date exists).

NameOrdealBrotherhoodVigilEmailVigil NameTranslation
Thomas Achatz 1977-10-151978-09-301981-06-07Aptonagan NochnutemaliuwetWord Keeper
James Ackron 1996-04-272000-02-12

Carlos Acosta 2017-08-19

Chris Adams 2016-05-212017-08-01

Brad Alderman 1996-04-271997-09-192002-10-26alderman@globaldsl.netAmangi Wtschitschank AllohumasinBig Spirit of Shows
Ramsey Allan 2005-04-23

Carl Allen 1981-05-161982-03-27

Gary Allen 1979-05-191980-03-29

Aaron Ankiel 2002-04-272003-04-262006-10-28Nutiket TinduGuardan of the Fire
Scott Arango 1996-04-27

Andrew Assenmacher 2010-04-242011-04-16

Nick Bibee 2002-09-212003-07-01

Larry Bibee, Jr. 2003-09-202004-08-01

Shane Bishop

William Blain

Daniel Blakney 1996-04-27

Kieran Bledsoe 2017-08-192018-06-28

Daniel Bollman 1978-05-201979-04-071981-06-07dbollman@umich.eduTangitti Gentgeen Amangi WdehinSmall Dancer With A Large Heart
Eric Bollman 1980-04-261981-03-28

Mark Bollman 1976-05-151977-05-141980-06-01redshoes@wintercamp.comElangomat ChesimusFriend to younger brothers
Steven Bollman

Geoff Booth 1997-09-201999-04-242003-10-25Majawat PachgihillanOne Found Off Road
Dave Booth, Jr. 1997-09-201999-04-242001-10-27Achewon WulalogewaganStrong One Who Does Good Work
Gavin Bottorff

Jay Bottorff 1986-09-171987-09-191990-06-03jsbottorff@comcast.netWingolauchsik Wishkey Allamey UteneyCheerful Builder Within The City
Eric Brake 2002-04-272003-04-26

Ryan Brake 2000-09-162001-09-15

James Brehmer 1982-10-16

William Brehmer, Jr. 1981-05-161982-03-27

Michael Bristol 2016-05-212017-05-21

Zachariah Britton 1986-05-10

Geoff Brown 1986-05-101987-05-091990-06-03
Member Who Makes Time with Others
Brian Bumgardner

Greg Bumgardner 1987-09-11

Shawn Bumgardner

David Butzin 1999-04-242000-09-16

Joshua Caldwell

Jerry Calhoun

Richard Callison 1980-04-261982-03-27

Jeff Campbell 1988-04-231989-02-111992-10-01cictom@tir.comAmangiechjin Gull MamschaltionLoud Money Keeper for Peopl
Nicholas Caruana 2016-08-202017-08-192019-10-19ncaruana2@gmail.comAhapikwete Woapalanne AmangiMusical Eagle of Great Spirit
Luciano Cavazos 2011-04-162013-09-14

Christopher Cerezo 1986-05-10

Joseph Chapman

Sam Chomic 2005-09-17

Gabriel Church 2004-04-242006-02-242007-10-27gchurch@umich.eduWelchos WdehinHeart of a lion
Josh Cicotte

Joseph Cipponeri

Stephan Clark 1995-04-291998-09-192001-10-27Wulan Towagan AmangiechsinSpirited One Who Speaks Loud
Thomas Clark 1979-10-20

Bob Coch 1995-04-25

Mike Coch 1996-04-27

Thomas Conroy 1976-05-151977-05-17

Keith Cook 1978-10-141980-09-19

Chris Corbin 2002-04-272003-02-222005-10-29chiefchris162@aol.comGunaxit Auwen TakachsinTall One who Leads
Chuck Coutteau

2011-10-22Meteu Achigiguwen MaschapiMedicine Man Who Plays With Beads
Andrew Curtiss 2005-09-172006-07-052009-10-24andrew@crew539.orgWischixin AllogaganActive Servant
Corey Curtiss 2005-09-172006-07-152009-10-24cfcurtiss@gmail.comGettemageleman GokhosHelpful Owl
Joshua Davis 1991-04-011991-12-011993-06-01Waschgink WunachikHe Who Carries His Face On His Arm
Matthew Davis 1992-05-161993-04-161995-10-31Davismr@basf-corp.comPochonummeu Alloge'wagenVocal Drummer of Service
Samuel J. Dietrick 2003-09-202004-10-09

Michael Doherty 1979-10-20

Kristie Donohue 2011-04-16

Michael Donohue

Ron Donohue 1977-04-231979-09-15

Steve Donohue 1976-05-151977-05-141981-06-07sdonohue@wintercamp.comAchewen Gentgeen MiechekenDancer with bushy hair
Taylor Donohue

Alexander Downie 2011-08-272013-05-18

Chris Downie 2013-04-202014-05-17

Gordon Draper 1953-09-011955-05-011973-06-23GinachginatThe Preserver
Craig Droste 1982-04-24

John Dumas 1983-10-291984-11-171988-06-12Nowingi MachelensinWilling One Who Speaks His Mind
Timothy Dumas 1985-09-211986-09-171988-06-12Mageuchsin LungwamenHopeful Dreamer
Paul Duran 1981-10-241982-11-13

Bradley Eakin 1979-05-191980-03-291984-06-03
Dancing Warrior
Kevin Earl 1982-04-011983-04-012016-10-23Hitawanakwsuwaka nehenaonkesSkilled worker of horses
Bryan Ehnis

Matt Elias

2005-10-29allowat162@gmail.comMikemossit Papabin AchipiquonWorker Who Plays Instruments
Ralph (TR) Evangelista 2005-04-232006-02-112013-10-26val1961@wowway.comNutiket Amuin PonkGuardian Who RIses From the Ashes
John Federonko 1982-10-161983-09-17

Adrian Feldor 2008-04-262009-07-012012-10-13Skattek NikanxinkZealous Leader
Alex Ferencz

Ben Ferencz 2018-05-19

Doug Ferencz 1981-05-09

John Ferencz 1980-04-261981-03-28

Carlos Fernandez 2010-09-182018-05-19

Jacob Ferns

Tyler Fine

Roger Fogt 1996-04-27

Daniel Forsyth

Dwayne Forsyth 1980-04-261981-09-25

Andrew Fountain 2006-04-222007-11-20

Joseph Fountain 2006-04-222007-11-20

Robert Fountain 2006-04-222007-10-18

Kevin Fox 1996-04-271997-04-262005-10-29Wulatenamuwi Nitis MikemossitCheerful Friend and Worker
Tyler Franzel

Scott Fults 1984-09-221985-09-21

William Gagnon 2005-04-232006-02-132008-10-25will92@wideopenwest.comGischachgenutasti NimatDetermined Brother
Brandon Gaines 2005-04-232006-02-112008-10-25Nxinkwi nemaxksi newichemekunaBig red who helps along
Mike Gambel 2009-06-20

Rodger Lee Gardy 1984-09-221985-10-051988-06-01Wulamhittamoewagan Lachauwelendamoagan TakachsinFaithful Concerned Leader
Neile Gauthier 1998-04-251999-04-24

Michael George 1982-04-24

Rodney Gilmer 1983-10-29

Neil Gray 1999-09-18

Sean Gray 1999-09-182001-04-28

Ben Green 2011-04-162012-04-28

Ricky Greenwell

Matthew Grimble 2013-04-202014-07-312017-10-21mattgrimblepro@gmail.comAspihele Nikanixit LakeokanRising Leader who performs ceremony
Logan Guzik 2016-08-202017-12-09

Jarod Haapapuro

Joseph Hall 1990-09-221991-09-01

Howard Hammes 1974-05-011975-05-011979-06-02
That Red headed duck
Daniel Hammon

Jordan Hancock

Steve Harig 1996-04-271997-04-26

J.D. Harper

William Harper, Jr. 1983-10-231984-11-17

Robert Hartwig 1997-09-202000-04-292002-10-26Lechewon Dachiquamen GebtschaatAir Bending Clown
Craig Harvey 1995-09-16

Adam Haubenstricker

Reese Hendricksen

Alan Herster 1982-05-161983-02-12

Shawn Hill 1983-10-29

Jeffrey Hinton

Mike Hodnicki 2000-04-292001-09-15

Jared Hoffman 2006-04-222007-04-28

Gary Holbrook 1976-05-161978-10-14

Roger Dale Horn

1977-06-04Klamachpin GettemgelensitThe Quiet, Mild One
Liam Howell 2010-06-052011-04-16

Alex Howey

John Howey 1981-05-161982-03-011984-06-03bobafett@wintercamp.comKlamchapin AschowinQuiet Swimmer
Kyle Howey

James Hunt 1981-05-16

Mark Hunt 1993-05-011994-06-011998-10-17lurker11@aol.comNoschhokquin TachanGo Over The Ice With Piece of Wood
Timothy Hunt 1985-05-18

Jeremy Ikerd

Paul Jakob 2017-05-20

Pawul Jarosz 2005-04-232006-02-112008-10-25mrmooseba@wyan.orgGentgeen AnicusDancing Squirrel
Connor Johnson 2016-05-212017-05-21

Steven Johnson 1979-10-131980-09-19

Brandon Jones 2009-06-20

Timmy Kasprzak 2009-06-202010-06-05

Kyle Keezer 2009-06-20

Max Kelley

Bryan Kennedy 1997-09-201999-04-24

Jon Kennedy 1996-09-141997-09-19

Keith King 1997-04-261999-04-242001-10-27firemouth@gmail.comAllowat Nachpi Poquihhilleu WisitChief with broken foot
Michaela King

Chris Kirschke 2014-05-172015-05-172017-10-21Welitehe winkalit nahiuheleKind friend who sails
Robert Klabis 2000-04-292001-09-15

Timothy Kriksciun 1980-04-26

Richard Kuhn, III 1985-09-211986-10-18

Richard Kuhn, Jr. 1985-09-211986-10-18

Paul Kupser 1996-04-271997-04-262003-10-25paul@wintercamp.comLennowehellen Achigiguwen TindeyBobwhite Who Plays With Fire
Shawn Kupser 1994-09-012007-04-28

Phillip Kurdunowicz 2002-09-212003-07-01

Keith Kuzala 1983-10-29

Lucas Kuzala 2007-06-012008-09-20

Emil Lambert 1995-04-291996-05-17

Paul Lambert 1995-04-291996-05-17

Adam Lardin 2015-05-162016-05-212018-10-21Ahpikwete tenuyema chitanuhemaMusical brother who inspires
Steven Lardin 2014-05-172015-04-182017-10-21Nikanixink ntayasuwi ntehinkLeader who sings from the heart
Alex Leach 2000-04-292001-04-282004-10-30Wtschitschank TindeySpirit of the Fire
Gary Leach 1999-09-182001-04-282005-10-29Gentgeen MachqueDancing Bear
Tom Lee 1996-04-271997-02-08

Kevin Lees 1979-10-131981-09-25

Alex Lemanski 2002-09-212003-07-01

Brian Lenz 1998-04-251999-04-242003-11-02Tachpachiwi Sakimi TindeyLittle Chief of the Fire
Tim Leong 2004-04-242005-12-122008-10-25Japeechen TakachsinLeader Along the River
Jason Licht 2002-04-272003-04-262006-10-28snyper@comcast.netElcahtoniket AllogagnHe who seeks to serve
Ronald Lindow 1998-04-251999-04-24

Ryan Lindow 2000-04-292001-04-28

Robert Lippus 2007-04-282005-10-16

Aidan London

Brian Longre 1996-09-141997-09-19

Jonas Lowe

Erik Lowhorn 1996-04-27

Michael Lowry 1987-05-09

Dougald MacEachren 2006-04-222007-04-28

Gerard MacEachren 2011-04-162013-09-14

Chris Macionski 1985-05-18

Brian Maghran 2013-09-142014-08-232017-10-21Lapemkwesi mehemikemosit mexitkwekUseful worker who explores deep
Brian Mann 1992-05-161993-04-161995-04-10Dieselpowered73@gmail.comAuchsu Weuchschummuis GentgeenRaging bull dancer
Dickson Mann 1996-04-271997-02-01

Michelle Matowski 2013-09-142014-08-232017-10-21michellematowski@gmail.comWekahesin maxkwikee aptenakwsuMother bear who works tirelessly
Grant Maxfield 2014-08-23

Erik McCreless

Mateo McDonald 2016-05-212017-06-28

Joseph McEachren 1977-04-231979-04-07

Mark McElwee 1979-10-29

Dennis McHugh 2003-09-202004-08-06

Scott McHugh 2002-09-212003-07-01

Ian McKeever 2011-04-162012-04-28

Lyle Millard 1984-05-19

Robert Miller 2013-04-212014-05-17

Travis Miller 2010-09-18

David Milon, Jr. 1984-09-201985-06-011988-06-01dmilonjr@gmail.comAhoewli TschitanitehenWillful One Who Perseveres
Matthew Mittino 1982-10-161983-09-171987-06-01GischenaxinPrepared
Robert Mittino 1984-09-22

James Montour 2006-09-162007-09-15

Robert Montour 2006-09-162007-09-15

Ethan Morlock 2003-04-262004-04-242008-10-25Lippoe WunitaWise Able One
Nathaniel Muhich 2013-04-20

Carl Mullican

Ross Mullican

Michael Munie 1981-05-161982-03-27

Robert Murphy 2002-04-272003-04-26

Brent Musolf 1984-09-221985-10-05

Ricky Naida 2002-09-212003-07-01

Andrew Neigh

Spencer Nieten 2005-09-172006-09-16

Paul Nietnen 2006-09-162007-09-15

Alex Noble 2000-04-292001-02-10

Robert Noble 2002-04-272004-04-24

David Oakley 1979-10-131996-09-272006-10-28oak2153@yahoo.comWenitschanit Macheli NetopalisFather to Many Scouts
Harold Oatley 1939-07-221946-08-281950-08-29KikehuwetHealer
Greg Olk 1997-09-202001-02-10

Maurice Omaits 2002-09-212003-07-01

Sean Omaits 2002-09-212003-07-01

Benjamin Osvath 2012-04-28

Michael Osvath 1975-05-101976-04-101978-06-04ozzie@wintercamp.comLilchpin Alloge WaganDilgent worker
David Oswald 2009-04-252010-04-24

Ed Parsons 1995-10-131996-09-16

Dale Patrick 1981-05-16

Wesley Pederson 2011-04-162012-04-28

Steven Paz Peju'an 1977-10-151978-09-301981-06-07Wewingtonheet KlakaptinaganallTeller of amusing tales
Michael Perez 1980-10-11

William Perkins 2018-10-012019-10-01

Steve Perri 1996-04-271997-02-15

Adam Pezet 1991-09-011992-09-01

Louis Pezet 1987-09-141988-09-241991-06-01clew23@aol.comTschitqui Sachgaguntin Undauchsin SchawaSilent Leader From the South
Timothy Pfieffer

Kenneth Pitchford 1980-10-11

Nicholas Polifroni 1993-04-301994-04-301998-08-15GischihanTo Create With The Hands
Zachary Polifroni 1998-04-251999-04-242003-10-25Wtschitschanquiwi MajawatSpirited One
Carl Powell

Aaron Prunkard

Michael Quiroutte 1999-04-242000-04-29

David Radecki 1995-01-012000-02-12

Harold Rahrig 1998-05-171999-05-16

John Rahrig 1998-05-171999-05-162004-10-30jrahrig@yahoo.comMachkewhhe Hachtikans OlhattonFlag Bearer
Jeffrey Rand 1970-05-161971-10-021974-06-23jeffrand@wintercamp.comMachelemuxit TschitanessoaganHonored one who has authority
Shaun Range 2006-04-222007-04-282009-10-24ranger440@comcast.netLippoe AllogaganWise Servant Leader
Thomas Ray 1990-05-011991-05-011994-10-01tom@blazestudios.comSkattek Achipiquon LaktschehellZealous Musician That Leaps First
Glen Reid

Ethan Rein 1997-04-262000-07-042002-10-26ethanrein@gmail.comMauwikhattoak Allawin GokhuWinter Camper who hunts snowy owl
Gerald Rein

Louis Rein

Ruth Rein

Charles Renner 1981-10-241982-11-13

Matthew Renner 1982-04-24

Joseph Retzbach

Alex Rieden 2011-08-27

Jared Rieden 2011-08-27

Frankie Righetti 2002-09-212003-07-01

Joseph Roberts 2002-04-272003-02-222008-10-25Achowalogen ElangomatHard Working Friend
Mike Rochowiak 1988-09-241989-09-221995-09-01mjbjroch@aol.comDachiquoagan WichetschikPatch Builder
Eric Rohloff

Dennis Root Jr. 2007-04-282005-04-262010-10-30olemiwi AllogaganInvisible Servant
Philip Roscoe 2000-09-162001-07-04

Edward Rose 1984-09-22

Mark Rosiek Jr

2004-09-01meteu162@yahoo.comAchewiecheu LekhiketHe With The Spirited Pen
Sean Ryan

Joseph Salliotte

Tom Salliotte

Corey Sanborn 2011-04-162012-04-282014-10-26Memsochet woapalanne mlizewaganTraveling eagle who delivers food
Ross Schmaeman 2004-09-18

Kevin Selke 2000-04-292002-04-27

Douglas Seman 1983-05-211986-03-22

Jonathon Semetko 2001-09-152002-07-20

Reed Shannon 1978-10-141979-09-15

Chris Shepherd 2009-09-192010-09-18

Daniel Sheridan 2011-04-162012-04-28

Jonathan Sheridan 2016-08-202017-08-19

Ryan Shork 2018-05-19

Ryan Sklodowske 2008-05-312009-05-19

Jonathan Smith 1995-04-29

Mike Smith 2002-09-212003-04-26

William Smith 1986-05-10

Ronnie Spada 2010-09-182012-04-28

J.J. Stephens

Sam Stocker 1996-05-181997-04-261999-10-15NendawenTorch Carrier
Eric Stockwell 1997-04-261999-04-242013-10-26lla Mawenemen AllanquecWarrior Who Collects the Stars
Zach Stockwell 2006-04-222007-04-282010-10-30stockwell.zachary@yahoo.comTschitqui Alloge'waganSilent Worker
Douglas Stone 1978-05-201979-04-07

Robert Stone, Jr. 1977-04-231978-04-22

Robert Stone, Sr. 1973-12-011978-04-221980-06-01GettemagelensitOne That Is Humble
Sean Suehr 2006-04-222007-04-28

Craig Summers 1999-09-182000-09-16

Ronald Swiecki 1979-05-191980-03-29

Steven Swiecki 1978-05-201979-04-07

James Szabo

Ryan Tamoshunas 2004-09-18

Derek Tamsen 2000-04-292001-09-15

Steven Tapazglou 1995-09-16

Christopher Terry 1979-05-191980-09-19

Jared Thompson 1995-04-291996-02-121998-10-17Gentgeen AchewiecheuTo Dance With Spirit
Lucas Tilley 2002-09-212003-07-01

Nicholas Trevino 2007-04-28

Mitchell Turcotte 2007-06-022008-09-20

Brandon Vincent 2012-05-192013-09-14

Bryan Walker 1996-04-271997-04-01

Michael Walters 2000-04-29

Christopher Warren 1980-05-161982-03-271988-06-12
Helpful Dancer
James Warren 1977-10-151978-09-30

Joseph Warren 2009-04-252010-04-24

Ryan Warunek 2009-04-252010-04-242013-10-26Wingolauchsik ChitkwesuCheerful Worker
Vincent Warunek 2010-04-242011-10-22

Nicholas Weathers 2011-04-162012-10-132017-10-21nweathers@gmail.comAlais muxulhamaHunter who steers the canoe
Andrew Whaley 1998-04-252000-04-292002-10-26Nochnutemaliuwet WikwamKeeper of the Teepee
Jamie White 2000-04-012001-04-012003-10-25greatbks@truevine.netNipawin Gunaquot SchachachgapewinStand Tall, Aim True
Kurt Whybra 1975-05-101976-04-10

Aaron Williams 2003-04-26

Mike Williams 2008-09-20

Alan Wilson

Chris Wilson 2000-09-162001-09-15

Douglas Wilson 1971-11-271973-12-011978-06-04doug65wilson@hotmail.comNa Klampchpin MechmauwikenkQuiet camper
Garrett Wilson 2002-09-212003-07-01

Ronald Wiseman 1981-05-16

Michael Wisienski

Justin Wisniewski 1995-04-29

David Woods 1990-05-191991-12-29

Richard Wright 1979-10-20

Mike Yakima 1996-04-27

Garret Yettaw 2012-04-262013-04-20

Jacob Young 2000-04-292002-09-21

Michael Zanon 2002-09-212003-07-01