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El Mediodia Planning
Monday, June 21, 2021 at 8:00pm
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There are six common events for each Winter Camp. There could always be and have sometimes been more.

Standard Events

El Mediodia (usually held in late June or early July).
El Mediodia is a gathering for Winter Campers and their families where we hang out and have fun. It celebrates the day when the next Winter Camp is closer than the previous Winter Camp.
Initial Planning Meeting (usually held by July 31)
This meeting is run by the youth leader. The goal is usually to determine a theme and costs so we can promote Winter Camp at Fall events in our lodge.
Final Planning Meeting (Day after Thanksgiving)
Also run by the youth leader, this is where we set the final schedule for Winter Camp including activities and meals. We also try to start the process of detailed planning for the most complex activities.
Shopping (December 24)
Not so much a meeting as an event, we meet at Sam's in Southgate and do our bulk shopping. It used to be we'd depart there and go to Meijer in Taylor, but in recent years we'ved one our Meijer shopping in Lapeer on the evening of the 26th, so now we just go to Wendy's.
Set-up Day (December 26)
A team of cmapers convenes at D-bar-A on the 26th. They take things down from the attic, set up the rooms, and set up the first couple of events. Then we go shopping for groceries.
Winter Camp (December 27-31)
This is, of course, the reason for all the above.

Less Common Events

Service Day
Some years we've had a service day at D-bar-A. We've combined some service to camp with cleaning out the attic of the Beaver Creek building and determining of there's any equipment we need to replace.