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The Navigation bar appears on every page and, for the most part, the buttons link back to the same spot every time. The exceptions are noted below:

Always links to the front page of the site.
Links to the index file for your current subdirectory. Generally, by hitting this button, you'll be able to see other pages which have similar content.
Top of Page
Takes you to the top of the current page.
Takes you to a keyword search page which allows you to search the entire site for specific words. With over 500 pages, this can come in handy.
Map of Site
Lists some of the most popular and/or most frequently updated pages and when they were last changed. This page will eventually be replaced with an actual heirarchical map of the site.
Award App
Allows you to apply for either the Tightly Welded Link or the Scout IT awards, both of which are offered on this site.
Allows you to send an email to the webmaster using your email client.
Takes you to this page.


Predicated on the belief that most visitors to the Winter Camp Universe check the page regularly, the SpeedFrames section allows you to identify which of more than 40 frequently updated pages you're interested in, then get a convenient navigation window which allows you to visit them.

SpeedFrame relies on cookies and server-side includes. The cookie set by SpeedFrame is also used to set default values in some of the posting areas. By default, any items which are added to the SpeedFrame list are turned on.

You can configure SpeedFrames using the configure link. This allows you to set which pages you're interested in and to overide the normal date criteria for finding new pages.

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