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Newsletters of Winter Camp IX - Day Three

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Thursday, November 11, 2021 at Midnight

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Newsletters of Winter Camp IX - Day Three

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In a lopsided kickball match, the Geeks beat the Howiettes roundly. The game was played at Clearwater Memorial Field at 1:00 PM Sunday. The final score, 32-6, reflects the championship caliber of the Geeks.

Led by their pitcher Mark "Brush-back" Bollman, the Geeks played 5 innings of shut-out ball. Despite the efforts of his team to support him, the aging Doug "Spaghetti-arm" Wilson was unable to withstand the well balanced offensive attack of the Geeks.

MVP's for the game included the Geek's "Shoeless" Jeff Hinton and Eddie "Vacuum Cleaner" Rose. For the opposition, Rookie Carl Powell put on a fine display and may be named Rookie of the Year. The Beast was also named as an MVP for the Howiettes.

In other sports news, reliable sources have reported that the once popular BWF (Blind Wrestling Federation) has come under close scrutiny by the AAU. Thus far, they have been charged with recruiting violations and tax evasion. Founder Matt Mittino could not be found for comment, but rumor has it he was last seen in the Bahamas.


The warming trend will continue today with temperatures in the upper 20 's under partly cloudy skies. Lows tonight in the lower 20's. Becoming damp and miserable tomorrow as the soaring temperatures are expected to hit the low 30's.

NORMALS: 33 20
RECORD: 60 -10
MONTH TOTAL: 2.28 inch
YEAR TOTAL: 40.33 inch


A large quantity of edible material provided some 5780 calories during the four meals yesterday weighing 9.4 lbs.

An interesting pairing of individuals for the Brotherhood Breakfast caused some to be fed well, while others had to literally beg their "brothers" to feed them.

One hot and several cold potatoes made their way around the table during the Hot Potato Lunch as Winter Campers attempted to gulp their food between beeps during this fast action meal. Individuals seeming to be caught most often included Eddie Rose, Old Man Pejuan, and the Beast.

A most colorful array of culinary delights tantalized the taste buds of the hungry campers during the Rainbow Repast. Members enjoyed the reddest tomatoes ever seen, along with a very blue cake, and a piece of rainbow bread. Its only too bad that the bottom of stall #1 is not lighted to see what beauty may reside in its depths as a result of this colorful meal.

Little Ozzie's Pizza Parlor continued its tradition of fast friendly service as customers enjoyed tasty individual pizzas.


Members John and Timothy Dumas, along with Robert Mittino paid Winter Camp a visit yesterday. While they were not able to spend the night, they were able to enjoy the fine Winter Camp recording session. Normally rowdy Matt Mittino was observed to be better behaved during this visit.


A CAG is like a bowl of cherries and no matter what you always get the pits.


Only two participants have never missed a night of Winter Camp. Mike Osvath and Steve Donohue have attended all nine Winter Camps and stayed at camp each night.

The troop with the greatest participation in Winter Camp is Troop 842 in Allen Park. Members of this troop have collectively participated in 44 Winter Camps. Incidentally, Harold Oatley is Scoutmaster of the troop.


Yesterday, two teams competed in the ever popular Capture the Objective game. The team under the guidance of Doug Seman reigned victorious over the team led by Matt Mittino.

The Seman team, knowing its victory was at hand decided to place its entire team around its objective, thus providing an impenetrable force, through which no member of the other team was able to breach. Observing this, the team under Matt Mittino decided to "pack up and go home", leaving the Seman team to wait in the cold for them to attack.

Except for the minor technicality, the event went well. The most amount of captures went to the winning team (Matt Mittino accounting for 2 of the 8 captures).

Also adding to the excitement was the early morning play time and the fact that the objectives were white, well hidden by the losing team.


Following the early morning Capture the Objective game, most of the Winter Camp members participated in a fine religious service led by Pastor Jeff Rand. The topic of discussion during the sermon was the religious principles of the Boy Scouts of America.


Three diehard teams of treasure hunters hiked the foundations of D-A in search of treasure and clues. Provided with word as well as directional clues, the teams were to find 4 sets of clues and a treasure at the last clue site.

Victory went to two teams: the team under the guidance of Mark Bollman and Jeff Rand, and the team under the leadership of The Beast. Each of the victors returned with a score 45.


Matt Mittino- found in Clearwater with knife in chest at 6:25 am on Sunday.

Jeff Hinton- bombed in Beaver Creek at 8:00 PM on Sunday.

Dave Milon- killed in the night by a crushing blow to the head at 6:00 am on Monday.

Eddie Rose- impaled with an icicle at 9:00 PM on Sunday.

Joe McEachren- shot in the back 20ft. from the kitchen door at 5:30 PM on Sunday.

John Howey- shot in the lower back in Clearwater at 10:03 am on Monday.

Lyle Millard- throat cut in Beaver Creek at 10:38 am on Monday.

Karl Powell- accidental death while cleaning his gun, at 9:46 am on Monday.

NOTICE: Individuals with any information regarding above deaths should see bailiff Brent Musolf.


The Trivia Bee of Winter Camp history challenged the minds of all contestants, those who attended all Winter Camps as well as those newcomers. The questions provided by Mark "Trivia" Bollman stumped some of the best along with the rest. A victory celebration was held by Steve Donohue after his defeat of number 1 ranked contender The Beast.

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