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2017 Meal Details

Older than some campers' parents.

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Bollmanos Pizza

The finest Italian Cuisine in the wilderness.

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2017 Meal Details

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Unique Meal

Description: Each thing must have no shared ingredients
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Bread, Garlic - Purchased, Garden Salad, Linguine, and Milk, Chilled
Items Served:Bread, Garlic - PurchasedGarden Salad

LinguineMilk, Chilled

Smoked Beast

Description: Using the smoker for a better taste.
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Baked Beans, Cherry Crisp, Cole Slaw, Sandwich, Pulled Pork, and Soda Pop
Items Served:Baked BeansCherry Crisp

Cole SlawSandwich, Pulled Pork

Soda Pop

Bakery Snack

Description: Freshly baked bread and other treats
Ambience: All we need is the smell of freshly baked bread.
Cuisine: Warm bread, pretzels, other baked goods and appropriate spreads.
Items Served:Bread Spreads, SugaryBread, White

Butter, ChurnedMilk, Chilled

Pretzels, Homemade

Rat on a Stick

Description: Food cooked on a stick
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Rat Droppings, Rat in a cup, Rat on a stick, and Rice, Flavored
Items Served:Rat DroppingsRat in a cup

Rat on a stickRice, Flavored


Description: Spam everywhere you look
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Baked Beans, Bug Juice, Coconut Macaroons, Eggs and SPAM, Shrubbery Salad, SPAM and Eggs, SPAM Burgers, SPAM Mac n cheese, and Wafer Thin Mints
Items Served:Baked BeansBug Juice

Coconut MacaroonsEggs and SPAM

Shrubbery SaladSPAM and Eggs

SPAM BurgersSPAM Mac n cheese

Wafer Thin Mints

Popcorn Panoply

Description: A large variety of copious amounts of popcorn.
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Caramel Corn, Popcorn, and Soda Pop
Items Served:Caramel CornPopcorn

Soda Pop

Lumberjack Breakfast

Description: Eat like a lumberjack.
Ambience: Flannel shirts, suspenders and toques abound as should a certain unshaven quality.
Cuisine: A big hearty breakfast with eggs, meat, and potatoes.
Items Served:EggsHash Browns

Milk, ChilledOrange Juice


Apres-Cardiac Meal

Description: Eat the sort of foods you're allowed to eat after a cardiac event
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Bread, White, Milk, Chilled, Orange, Fresh, and Unstuffed Peppers
Items Served:Bread, WhiteMilk, Chilled

Orange, FreshUnstuffed Peppers

Fish Slappin Supper

Description: Smoked fish and trimmings
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Apple Pie, Fish, smoked (salmon or the like), Milk, Chilled, Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, and Tossed Salad
Items Served:Apple PieFish, smoked (salmon or the like)

Milk, ChilledRosemary Roasted Potatoes

Tossed Salad

Bollmano's Pizza

Description: The traditional pizza smorgasbord
Ambience: This is made sort of assembly style -- campers cook and then as their pizzas are completed another camper is called. Tradition dictates that all new campers go before any experienced camper.
Cuisine: Pizza with a variety of toppings!
Items Served:Pizza DoughPizza Sauce

Pizza ToppingsSoda Pop

Raw Deal Meal

Description: Everything about this lunch is made from raw ingredients; peanuts for peanut butter for example.
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Bread, White, Peanut Butter, Homemade, Potato Chips, Sandwich Bags, Strawberry Jam, Homemade, Sugar Cookies, and Water, Ice
Items Served:Bread, WhitePeanut Butter, Homemade

Potato ChipsSandwich Bags

Strawberry Jam, HomemadeSugar Cookies

Water, Ice

Dark Knight Dinner

Description: A medieval style dinner
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: None Available
Items Served:

Casino Snack

Description: Watered-down drinks and bar snacks
Ambience: Members load their snacks into cups or bowls and take them to their table so they can continue gambling. The food is just put out in bags on the counter for self-service.
Cuisine: Chips, pretzels, nuts and a drink.
Items Served:Assorted ChipsAssorted Nuts

PopcornSoda Pop

Jackpot Grits

Description: Grits with randomized additives.
Ambience: Plain grits are pepared; campers use a randomizer to determine what additional toppings must be added to their bowl. If you play, you are expected to eat at least your first bowl randomly.
Cuisine: Grits and a variety of toppings which are added to your bowl based on a randomizer (typically a roulette wheel).
Items Served:Grits, JackpotMilk, Chilled

Orange JuiceToast