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Newsletters of Winter Camp XIX - Day Five

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Newsletters of Winter Camp XIX - Day Five

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DECEMBER 31, 1990

Jeff Rand, Publisher



24 Hour High: 31 24 Hour Low: 28
Normal High: 29 Normal Low: 14
Record High: 37 Record Low: -5
(Winter Camp XIII) (Winter Camp VII)


Prec. Yesterday: 0.35 in. Snow Yesterday: 3.50 in.
Camp Total: 1.40 in. Camp Total: 4.20 in.
Record for Day: 0.85 in. Record for Day: 2.80 in.
(Winter Camp XIII) (Winter Camp X)

Mostly cloudy with high temps near 30. Light snow likely.

You'll be home tomorrow, look in the real weather section.



  1. What was burned at WC8, and eulogized as it went up in flames?
    Two officers' briefcases. (And to these briefcases, which have served so well, we say goodbye. Goodbye, briefcases...)
  2. What was used to accelerate the fire at the CAG cremation?
    Photocopy machine toner.
  3. What was the sole requirement for Terts at Winter Camp 8?
    Successful completion of birth.
  4. What song was most often heard at Winter Camp 11?
    "Two of Hearts", by Stacey Q


  1. Who were named champions of the Blind Wrestling Federation at Winter Camp IX?
  2. At which Winter Camp was the double inverted pyramid tower constructed?
  3. Which Winter Camp meal was served in Trout Lake subcamp?
  4. When was the campfire in the middle of Beaver Lake?


Tired of constant whining about rot-gut Pepsi (or Coke), Winter Camper Mister Horn decided to put it to the test. Six two liter bottles of cola products, Coke, Coke (NJ), Pepsi, RC, Faygo, and Meyer Cola in a blind taste test. Best of eleven contestants turning in reports Mr. Rand and Mr. Wilson could correctly identify 4 of 6 brands, confused over two of the minor brands. One quite vocal Pepsi devotee could not identify any correctly.

The results where only 15 correct identifications out of 66 possible or 22.7%. Removing the Rand-Wilson scores it would be 7 correct of 54 or 13.0%. A random selection would be 16.7%. Clearly the results speak for themselves.

food stuff

Little Ozzie again had a corner on the esophagus market at Winter Camp XIV.

Under the expert chefmanship of Mark Bollman, each pizza was prepared precisely to the specifications desired.

Even John Howey could not find a fault (other than to say that the portions were too small-what do you expect from Howey anyway?).

Overall Rating:****:(excellent)


By Tim Hunt

We had some exciting games today, the first game was won by the team of: John Howey, Geoff Brown, Mike Osvath, and Roger Horn. The second game was won by Tim Hunt, Dave Milon, Jeff Rand, and Tom Ray. But the best part was at the end when the 4-way volleyball game turned into the biggest snowball fight ever to break out here at Winter Camp XIV.


By Tim Hunt

It was very exciting for Hunts Highlanders who beat the Brown Cows. The teams are as follows: the Hunts Highlanders(lead by no other than me); Tim Hunt, Dave Milon, John Howey, Jeff Rand, Steve Bollman, Dave Woods, and Tom Ray. Now for the Brown Cows lead by Goeff Brown: Steve "DAHA", The Beast, Doug "Mr. GADGET" Wilson, Roger "THE RABBIT" Horn, Ricky Greenwell, and Lou "louru" Pezet.

Ask the Beast:

Dear Beast:
Where does Winter Camp fit into the space/time continuum.
The Lost One

Dear Lost One:
In the closet behind the spare bowling ball.
The Beast


One of the things that makes Winter Camp so great is the many impromptu gadgets that appear over the week. The kitchen utensil rack started as a pallet found in the woods near Clearwater it has evolved over the years into this years permanently finished, collapsible, storage fixture rack.

This years some of the notable things are the Clearwater Boot Drying Rack, and the Wilson Coat Rack.

Happy New Year and good gadgeting.

Remember the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.....

Winter Camp Future Olympics

By Steve Donohue

The day dawned cold, with light sleet falling, perfect weather for the occasion of the First Winter Camp Future Olympics. Current plans call for the Olympics to be held again at Winter Camp XV, and then at 5 year intervals until Doomsday. The premise is that returning campers will compare their performance in later years with their current abilities.

Today's event was a contest with yourself, but there are (of course) those who will demand to know how they compared against others. For those who consider competition the flowering of manhood, the results are listed below:

Competition First Place Second Place Third Place
Shotput R.Donohue S.Donohue J.Howey
60 yd. Dash R.Horn T.Ray R.Greenwell
Long Jump M.Bollman--> R.Horn D.Milon
Vert. Jump D.Milon R.Horn R.Greenwell
Push-ups R.Horn S.Bollman M.Bollman
Sit-Ups S.Bollman T.Hunt D.Milon
Overall R.Horn D.Milon T.Hunt

All told, there was a lot of good clean fun, and the event was smooth and well organized under the direction of youth leader Tim Hunt and his fitness wisdom Steve Donohue.

Don't forget to practice for Winter Camp XV!

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