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Newsletters of Winter Camp XIX - Post-Camp Edition

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Jeff Rand, Publisher

Winter Camp Trivia

by Mark Bollman

New Questions for 1996:

  1. Which was the first Winter Camp with a color printer?
  2. Who did Jamie Howey proclaim she would not give her baby to?
  3. Who were the first two Winter Campers born in the 1980's?
  4. Who were the first grey area goons?
  5. Where was the Winter Camp chandelier hung?
  6. Who killed Mike Osvath in Winter Camp XIX's Murder Clue/Night In Hell?
  7. Who slept outside every night of Winter Camp XIX?
  8. Who was the first person to sleep outside at Winter Camp?

New Hobbies for 1995

by Mark Bollman

As 1994 lurched into its last day and 1995 loomed on the horizon, Winter Camp prepared for the change of year by assigning a new hobby of the year to each Arrowman in attendance Proposals were once again solicited from each participant, and a group ballot made the final decision.

Results for the new year are as follows:

John Howey Drawing
Joe Cipponeri Recreational soccer
Mark Hunt Key chain collecting (at least 12)
Dan Hammon Word Collecting (at least 52)
Nick Polifroni Fix up car
Dave Radecki Chess
Brian Mann Ball collecting (at least 12)
Mark Bollman Amateur radio
Roger Horn Create Winter Camp stock market game
Mike Osvath Personal cash flow analysis
Adam Pezet Snowboarding
Dave Woods Electronics
Joe Hall Jazz library building
Josh Caldwell Lathe work
Steve Donohue Sewing, costumery
Jeff Rand Stand-up comedy (at least 12 jokes)
Lou Pezet Photography
Doug Wilson Juggling
Ron Donohue Weight loss/lifting (less than 1/8 ton)

Goats Grab The Gold

While greater Scandinavia prepared for the 1996 Summer Olympics to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, Winter Camp's Vikings launched their own Olympics on Day One. Competition in the heptathlon was particularly intense, but the Goats of Travail overcame their age handicap and nipped the Valhalla Warriors to take home the gold medal. The bronze medal went to the Vikings, the copper to the Silent Knights, the aluminum to the Odin Warriors, and the plastic to the team of Roots To Branches, who had switched their name from Jethro Tull.

Action began with the Mead Marathon, which combined drinking and cross-country running into an event which will not soon be forgotten. Steve Donohue slurped down his 88 ounces of water to nab first place for the Goats, while Adam Pezet outdistanced all challengers in the foot race to notch a win for the Valhalla Warriors. The Clout Shoot followed, with the Viking squad of Brian Mann and Nick Polifroni teaming up for a win.

In the Weight Toss, the Silent Knights broke through to victory when Dave Woods and Jon Smith proved themselves able to hurl a gold rock farther than any other team. The 1995 Mast Climb was contested on a still-growing mast; where Brian Mann scrambled up in 25.53 seconds to carry the day for the Vikings. The Spear Throw was easily the most exciting of the events, and all were amazed to see the trio of Goats--Mark Bollman-->, Steve Donohue, and Jeff Rand--cruise to their second win of the day.

The final event reached back to Winter Camp XI and brought back the Pole Walk, reincarnated as the Oar Race. Mark Bollman--> attempted to defend his 1987 title for the Goats, but his team finished a distant third as Brian Mann brought another victory to the Vikings.

When the final standings were tallied, the Goats of Travail and Valhalla Warriors had each notched 19 points--the tiebreaker of most first-place finishes handed the laurels to the old men.

Final Standings

1. Goats Of Travail 19
2. Valhalla Warriors 19
3. Vikings 21
4. Silent Knights 21
5. Odin Warriors 26
6. Roots To Branches 35

Viking Explorers

Three powerful Viking Jarls competed for the title of king of the Vikings. The Sea Ducks were led by their powerful captain "Silent" Dave Woods. The Black Warriors were co-captained by Nick "12 again" Polifroni and Dan "The Ancient One" Bollman. Rounding out the field were the Grogs led by Tim "That's a stupid rule" Hunt and advised by Jeff "Some people are so lucky" Rand.

The game started out quickly with all three teams exploring and creating new territories rapidly. The Grogs were calling for more violence and were rewarded when the Black Warriors, led by their war chief Brian "Sink them guys" Mann, attacked them viciously. Their attack was called off just before the ship was scuttled when Lou "Yellow Belly" Pezet agreed to give up one of their colonies in exchange for their lives. The Grogs then attacked the Warriors and sank them.

Meanwhile, the Sea Ducks quietly amassed vast resources, a flotilla of four ships, and a number of new colonies. They were well on their way to victory when Dan "Practically a Hunt" played his trump card and invoked Ragnarok. The game ended in a three-way tie.

The game was invented by Steve Donohue and is the third in a series of games created especially for Winter Camp. The others are "Table Top Soccer" and "Pirate Kings". Steve is also working on "The Winter Camp Athletic System", a universal gaming system for all Winter Camp events.

Capture the Objective

The match started late (as did many things) but the victory was no less sweet. The Highlanders, led by captain Brian "Moon the English" Mann, were easily victorious, leaving their opponents with no live balloons and suffering no confirmed kills of any of their balloons. Top scorers for the event were Dave Woods and Tim Hunt. The Cow Chips, led by their captain Nick "In their sleeves" Polifroni, vowed to do better next time.

New Record Set

Veteran Winter Camper Steve Donohue set a new record for Winter Camp when he became the first person ever to spend every night outside for the event. Donohue camped in a replica of a tenth-century Viking style tent. The structure, made to resemble a sail pulled over 5 oars, was modified for the event by placing two tent platforms inside. It just goes to show that even tent-camping at Winter Camp calls for a much higher level of comfort and style than usual.

Donohue joined Jeff Rand as the only other camper ever to spend a night outside during Winter Camp. Between them, the two account for all five nights spent outdoors at Winter Camp. Donohue, who was not up to many of the physical challenges at this year's event, said that tent camping was fairly easy, even though temperatures got down to about 10 degrees one night and high winds on two other nights left him regretting the missing ties on his flaps.

Youngest Camper Ever

The record for youngest camper ever, long held by alleged ten year old Karl Powell, has been shattered this year with the arrival of 5 month old Kyle Storm Howey in camp. The infant, who spent one night in camp, is the son of veteran Winter Camper John Howey. John's wife Jaime fell ill during the weekette and rather than miss camp completely, new dad John offered to bring the baby to camp. The baby arrived Thursday afternoon and was picked up on Friday. Asked if it was a problem having a baby in camp, several older campers pointed out that the infant had spent a quieter night than many other campers, including the snoring Jeff Rand.

Service Project

Members of Mahican Chapter attending Winter Camp once again performed a service project for the benefit of the camp. Nearly a score of members descended upon Tamarack Cabin to participate in the remodelling efforts there. One crew worked inside the building working to level the dirt for the floor of the new bathroom area. A second crew went to the barn where they painted the building for the new Trout Lake firebowl. A third crew worked on nailing up trim boards on the exterior of the new addition. Everyone else carried wood out to the fire and watched it burn.

The rangers seemed, as always, pleased with our work. Mr. Rand was slightly disappointed at the lack of good quality scrap for the building of new kitchen cabinets, and Dave Woods managed to secure some scrap metal from the fire.


On the mound for the Bollmano's Pizza all-stars was none other than Mark "Brush-back" Bollman who led his team to a 3-3 tie against the Random Acts of Kindness. Early in the game, the Bollmano's jumped out to a lead when Jeff "Chin Music" Rand's teammates committed a couple of errors and allowed some unearned runs to score. Later in the game Dave "Thunderfoot" Woods, Ed "Sticky Fingers" Parsons, and Lou "Speedy" Pezet mounted an offensive attack that left Steve "Trash Talker" Donohue, Doug "Stand-up" Wilson and Mark "Hey Kid" Hunt gasping for air. When the snow settled, the score was tied at three.

Rand was injured when he "collided" with Donohue on the base path and was thrown out. Later, he was unable to continue the game. Woods took over on the mound and he and Bollman settled in for some masterful pitching. 19 innings later they were playing under the lights with the score still tied at three and the game was called when the ball popped due to excessive wear.

Four Way Volleyball

We had two exciting matches of Four-Way Volleyball at Winter Camp XIX. The first group was organized by birthdays and the April-May-June team was easily victorious over any of the other quarters. Following that, the teams changed and were organized according to scout rank achieved. The "Eagles with Palms" team, anchored by John "Most likely to achieve" Smith beat the other teams with a final score of 9-15-15-15. At one point, they actually led 9-14-14-14 and picked the other teams off at their leisure.

Offensive standouts were Mark Hunt and Dan Bollman. Tim Hunt was defensive player of the day.

Hollywood Chatter

In town this week to film a new episode of their upcoming FOX series "Columbo: The Early Years" were veteran actors Dan "Columbo" Bollman and Mark "Mark" Hunt. Hunt, best known for his action roles in such films as "Blood on the Ice" and "Not My Cousin You Don't", displays a better sense of humor than his earlier works would have indicated.

Asked about working with Dan, Mark said, "It's really great, it's like he knows all about this acting stuff or something. It's cool because if you miss a line or something, he can cover it right up and keep on going." Also appearing in this week's episode were special guest stars Jeff "The Hermit" Rand and Josh Davis & Nick "Sleeves" Polifroni of the band "Wyld Mushrooms". As a special comic aside, Drs. Mark Bollman and Ron Donohue were recruited to play MD's at the Medical Examiners office.

The episode was shot entirely on location by director Roger Horn who used locals for cameras (Doug Wilson) and extras (Steve Donohue, Lou Pezet, Tom Ray, Ed Parsons, Adam Pezet, and Brian Mann as the Janitor)

Published once, twice, sometimes three or more times per year in various states in order to avoid any confusion with a real publication.
No. copies printed at time of publication: 30
Paid Circulation: 0

New Links Record Set

The Beaver Creek Athletic Club was witness to its annual Cross-Country Open on Day Two, and those spectators in attendance were witness to another fine match which ended with a record-setting performance by the Battling Bluegills. The Bluegills broke the course record by two strokes in defeating Team Beast by a 50-72 score. The previous record had been set at Winter Camp X, when the Macionskites and Fultsters locked heads at the club and tied at 52.

Named for their frozen mascot which team member Dave Woods found on the ice/fairway during play, the Bluegills combined golf skill with a wealth of experience on the course and not a small amount of luck to produce their historic total. To Dan "Grover" Bollman fell the honor of the traditional face shot, and while he pulled it strongly to the right, the 'Gills recovered the ball and made their way down the field sports access road. Reasonably steady progress was theirs until Adam "Pockets" Pezet found the cup on the fiftieth stroke.

Curling Competition on Beaver Lake

by Dan Bollman

On December 28, hearty Nordic Arrowmen put aside their tribal disputes and met on a frozen Beaver Lake for a cordial curling competition. Using gallon milk jugs filled with frozen water as curling "stones," the participants represented the best athletes of Western Scandinavia, some from as far west as Canada and the United States.

In a lengthy give and take battle, the first match lasted well over a half hour, at great expense to the fragile stones. Josh Davis, skipper of the Belleville Boys was the sole participant to place his rock in the center of the target, crediting his misspent youth as a bowler. Belleville beat Alberta ten points to seven.

To preserve the damaged stones, the second game was played to five points, with the Calgary Team of Tim Hunt, Tom Ray and Dan Bollman winning on a questionable final release, which not only placed their rock in position for a point, but bumped two of their opponents' stones, destroying the stones in the process. A somber omen for their opponents in the final match.

In the finals, Calgary made quick work of Belleville, eliminating them in two short rounds, scoring two points in the first, and three in the second. The winners, breaking their promise of a cordial conflict resolution, had the losers beheaded and hung their miserable skulls on the city walls as a warning to all future challengers. Calgary skipper Tom Ray further impugned the defeated team, referring to them as the Belleville Vile Belles.

Continental Breakfast Fills the Void

by Steve Donohue

This year has seen the addition of the long needed Continental Breakfast. Rather than force Arrowmen to arise early and slave over a hot stove to prepare a complex and often under-appreciated breakfast, this year's leadership team acted on a suggestion made by Douglas R. Wilson and instituted an optional breakfast. The new breakfast consists primarily of foods like cold cereal, ready-made muffins, and bagels. It also offers more complex options, like eggs and pancakes, for Arrowmen with a little more morning initiative. Overall, the breakfast has proved to be quite successful, and numerous Arrowmen have availed themselves of this low impact alternative, while others have opted to enjoy some additional rest.

Winter Camp Savings Time

Owing to the shortness of the days at Winter Camp and the extended hours some of our members keep, it was decided that we should institute a system to increase the length of the day. When appeals to have the sun stay up longer failed, resourceful Arrowmen instead opted to change the clock and depart from Eastern Standard Time which previously prevailed over Winter Camp. The clocks were set ahead by 77 minutes, in honor of the year that Winter Camp was first held. This proved, with few exceptions, to be a very useful change. Because of it, we were able to complete the trebuchet during the day at Winter Camp XIV. Most Arrowmen appear to have suffered little ill-effect from the change.

Winter Camp Weather Log

Winter Camp XIX

Date High Low %Clear %Prec Rain Snow Wind
12/27 24 10 60 5 0.7 NW-4
12/28 27 16 75 0 NW-6
12/29 29 20 85 0 NW-8
12/30 33 20 70 0 NW-10
12/31 37 28 10 0 W-6
Total 30.0 18.8 60.0 1.0 0.0 0.7

Winter Camp Averages

Date High Low %Clear %Prec Rain Snow Wind
12/27 29.8 15.8 32.5 20.6 0.0 1.2
12/28 33.6 21.3 29.3 16.6 0.0 0.2
12/29 32.8 20.5 25.9 33.0 0.3 1.0
12/30 30.1 17.0 34.3 15.4 0.4 0.3
12/31 33.6 21.5 25.0 15.1 0.2 0.1
Total 32.1 19.2 27.0 21.6 0.9 3.6

Winter Camp Records

Date High Low %Clear %Prec Rain Snow Wind
12/27 45 -8 90 80 6 W-18
12/28 57 -2 75 70 1.6 W-25
12/29 57 3 85 90 1.2 3 NW-18
12/30 43 -5 80 100 1.6 3.5 SW-12
12/31 53 -5 75 65 0.4 1 W-12
Total 57 -8 40 51 3.2 10 W-25

Total Snowfall for 19 Winter Camps: 68.8 inches

Rainfall Measures for 4 Winter Camps

Snow Soccer

By Brian Mann

This year's snow soccer game was just as injury filled as the years before. Adam Pezet got kicked in the foot resulting in the loss of his big toenail. Tim Hunt's knee, while following through on a kick, found Brian Mann's stomach and both players got hurt. Dan Bollman's lower shin and ankle was badly bruised due to multiple kicks from other players. Many other injuries have occurred, they just weren't reported. This year's game was actually played in snow, therefore the injuries due to rocks were greatly reduced from last year.

The two teams consisted of: Team 1, captain Mark Bollman; Ron Donohue, Dave Woods, Mark Hunt, Adam Pezet, and Brian Mann. Team 2, captain Dan Bollman; Tim Hunt, Lou Pezet, Nick Polifroni, Jeff Rand and Tom Ray. The final score was 3 - 1 with Mark's team on top. The offensive player of the game was Mark Hunt with three assists. The defensive player of the game was Brian Mann whose defensive abilities out of goal kept the game nearly scoreless for the other team. The only goal by the other team was on Brian. Dan Bollman had tackled him in the goal allowing the score. He claims that he didn't know of the rule that you can't touch the goalie.

What Does Winter Camp Mean To Me? By Tom Ray

What does Winter Camp mean to me? That's a question I've had on my mind over the past few years. Well it has to mean something to me, because I keep coming back year after year. Now, after all these years I'm starting to understand what Winter Camp means to me. This article is my way of trying to explain the meaning I get from Winter Camp.

To begin with, my first WC was back in 1988. It was one of the greatest camping experiences I have ever had. Where else could someone go and hike around camp blindfolded or eat a meal caveman style. I thought to myself, "Wow, I wish every campout was like this." Even the service project was fun.

In the Winter Camps that followed, I always wondered to myself "why were people going through the efforts to come from all over the states to be at Winter Camp? Why was I going through the efforts to be here?"

Now after attending six Winter. I'm starting to understand why I come to Winter Camp. It's not just the games or meal themes; It's the people, the comaradery, and the friendships. Each year a new friend is made and old friendships are reinforced.

On top of all that I've learned a great deal during my stays at Winter Camp, from cooking down to basic math. The older members have always been willing to pass on their knowledge. For that I thank them for their patience, understanding, and acceptance.

In closing, I would like to say that Winter Camp has left its mark in my life, and I will try to attend as many as I can and share the experiences I have with the newcomers to Winter Camp. I would also like to thank Jeff Rand, Ron Donohue, Doug Wilson, Mark bollman, and Steve Donohue for sharing the tradition and keeping it alive for all these years, without Winter Camp, I would not have the memories and friends I have today.

Service Project

On December 29, Arrowmen gathered in the Trout Lake subcamp to perform construction work on a new addition to Tamarack cabin. Skilled teams of laborers were divided into groups and were set to perform carpentry or flat work. The carpentry group focused on the exterior, applying 1x strips to the existing vertical T-111 siding, creating a false board and batten appearance. Special skill was required to address unforeseen conditions. As expected, the Arrowmen rose to the challenge admirably, mitering the end of several wood strips to fit snugly against the thin horizontal siding in the pediment.

The flat work group, working on the interior of the same addition, leveled a sand base in preparation for the concrete slab that will soon be poured. The skill demonstrated by their work was lauded by Ranger Dave Morosky, who was quoted as saying, "You have made a nice looking sand base in preparation for the concrete slab that will soon be poured." The project was additionally complicated by the many plumbing ends that projected into the room, making the use of a traditional leveling screed impossible. The room will serve as a lavatory, providing convenient, comfortable access to necessary facilities for years to come.

Some other guys burned stuff.

Winter Camp XX

In a few short months, Winter Campers will converge upon D-A Scout Ranch for Winter Camp XX. Several special highlight events will mark this important anniversary. On Saturday, December 28, 1996 festivities will begin with family day and historic events. A catered banquet will be served at 6:30 p.m. to conclude the anniversary celebration.

As a special addition, a souvenir Winter Camp XX T-shirt will be issued to full time participants.

Returns from the principle and investments of the Winter Camp Future Society will be used to offset some of the additional expense incurred by these activities.


A selection of quotes by, for and about this year's Winter Camp compiled from various sources: "I'm not giving my baby to some Dan Bollman guy that I don't even know" -- Jaime Howey in response to John's suggestion that the baby could be picked up by Dan and brought to camp. "Very excrement" -- Mark Hunt describing this year's batch of Rand Stew.

Winter Camp Trivia Answers

  1. WC XVII.
  2. "Some Dan Bollman guy".
  3. Nick Polifroni & Jordan Hancock (Both made their first appearance at WC XVIII.).
  4. Dave Milon & Tim Hunt.
  5. In the Beaver Creek latrine (since torn down).
  6. Adam Pezet.
  7. Steve Donohue.
  8. Jeff Rand.

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