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Winter Camp XLI History

Dates:December 27 - 31, 2017
Location:Trout Lake Cabin, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Theme:Monty Python
Youth Cost:$45.45
Adult Cost:$50.50
Attendance:34 (17 youth, 17 adults)
Leader:Matthew G.
Adviser:Keith King
Kitchen AdviserSteve Donohue
Supporting:Migisi Opawgan Chapter as part of Noquet Lodge
WCUES Score:351 (Details)
Service Project:Vast collection of demolition and relocation activity at The Pines.
Catchphrase:Colder than first forty
Winter Camp XLI saw campers move out of Beaver Creek, gathering at Trout Lake cabin from Day One. Temperatures during the weekette were especially low, setting a new camp record at -11 degrees Farenheit.

If Winter Camp XLI will be remembered for only one thing, it will be that it was colder than the 40 that preceded it. If two things are remembered, it will be that this camp featured our second permanent relocation, this time to Trout Lake Cabin. Campers enjoyed their stay in D-A's most well-appointed cabin, making full use of the extra kitchen space, a large dining room, and indoor bathrooms.

Although most of the activities took place in Trout Lake subcamp, Winter Campers visited Beaver Creek during one of the Blind Hikes, Cross Country Golf, and of course to bury the time capsule. This year's Cross Country Golf hole started at Trout Lake Cabin and ended at the CAG rock, near the traditional tee box. The Perimeter Hike (held at Winter Camps I and XXI) was postponed. In it's place campers hiked around the perimeter of Trout Lake. No strangers to destruction, Winter Campers were asked to help tear down several structures in The Pines, which will undergo a major renovation in 2018. D-A's preferred method of large scale disposal (fire) was used to remove the debris. These fires provided much appreciated respites from the cold. Prior to the demolition, the gang attempted to answer the question "Will It Stick?" by introducing a variety of knives, hatchets, and spears to the old shower building. Answers were mixed.

Familiar meals such as the bakery snack, Bollmano's Pizza, Jackpot Grits, and the Conglomerate Lunch were served at Winter Camp XLI. The King family smoker returned to camp to and made contributions to three meals - Smoked Beast, Rat on a Stick, and Fish Slappin' Fun. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches made from scratch were consumed during the Raw Deal Lunch.

The Monty Python theme turned up when three teams went on Quests for the Holy Grail, during which Alan Wilson's geocaching boxes were used. Those same teams competed in the Market Game to determine who could make the most of the resource cards picked up along the Quest. Uncle Ethan's Craft Hour provided opportunities to make secret boxes out of old books. Other pythonesque events included watching sketches from Monty Python's Flying Circus and a viewing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Monty Python themed puzzle placemats at the Dark Knight Dinner.

With the 13th prime numbered Winter Camp in the books, campers went home with Rand stew in their bellies thinking about ways to prepare for a camp whose number corresponds to the number of gallons in a barrel.

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