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Leader:Matthew GrimbleKeith King
Kitchen:VacantSteve Donohue
Scout's Own:VacantVacant
Participation Award:VacantVacant

Planning Meeting

This year's theme is Monty Python so it should be a good time. Be sure to bring your ideas for Pythonesque meals and activities to the planning meeting

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On Monday, 01-Jan-2018 14:54:58 EST, Steve said
Burn the Witch was going to be easy because we were just going to set fire to the papier mache things we didn't make...

On Tuesday, 26-Dec-2017 17:46:17 EST, Matt said
Winter Camp is Now Located at Trout Lake Cabin

On Monday, 25-Dec-2017 21:16:06 EST, Steve said
Carlos Acosta
Chris Adams
Kieran Bledsoe
Nicholas Caruana
Alex Downey
Chris Downey
Brandon Gaines
Matthew Grimble
Logan Guzik
Paul Jakob
Connor Johnson
Chris Kirschke
Adam Lardin
Brian Maghran
Mateo Mcdonald
Ian McKeever
Andrew Neigh

Mark Bollman
Gabe Church
Steve Donohue
Adam Haubenstriker
Roger Horn
Keith King
Brian Mann
Robert Miller
Dave Oakley
Jeff Rand
Ethan Rein
Alan Wilson
Doug Wilson
Dave Milon

On Saturday, 23-Dec-2017 23:43:57 EST, Steve said
We are shopping in the morning so the menu is pretty much set at this point. We have among other items shrubbery salad, spam and eggs, spamburgers, baked beans and eggs and spam.

On Saturday, 23-Dec-2017 20:32:43 EST, Gabriel said
What do you have on the menu for spamsgiving and which day will it be? I tried to make spam bacon, eggs, and spam which turned out really well. I also made spam tacos which turned out okay. We probably also want baked beans if we want spam, spam, spam, spam,spam, beans, and spam. Also I'll try baked pineapple and spam next

On Saturday, 23-Dec-2017 13:00:40 EST, Steve said
Does anyone have the Winter Camp dish towels?

On Saturday, 23-Dec-2017 00:21:12 EST, Steve said
The menu is complete. We plan to meet at Sams Club in Taylor on Sunday at 10:30 am.

On Wednesday, 20-Dec-2017 10:09:49 EST, said
I heard from Chris Downie today. He's coming along with Robert, Mateo and Alex. They're arriving on Thursday morning due to work issues.

On Tuesday, 19-Dec-2017 22:16:33 EST, Steve said
Add Chris "Sockless Wonder" to the list of those coming.

On Tuesday, 19-Dec-2017 20:32:32 EST, Steve said
Attendance at the moment looks to be 23.
Carlos Acosta
Kieran Bledsoe
Nicholas Caruana
? Gaines
Matthew Grimble
Logan Guzik
Connor Johnson
Chris Kirschke
Adam Lardin
Brian Maghran

Mark Bollman
Gabe Church
Steve Donohue
Adam Haubenstriiker
Roger Horn
Keith King
Brian Mann
Ian McKeever
Dave Oakley
Jeff Rand
Ethan Rein
Alan Wilson
Doug Wilson

On Monday, 18-Dec-2017 22:33:46 EST, Steve said
I'll be there.

On Monday, 18-Dec-2017 07:37:10 EST, K2 said
I'd like to know who we can expect to show up for Setup Day. Please let me know, email, post here, text me (313-600-7983, please include your name if you text me).

On Saturday, 16-Dec-2017 17:23:54 EST, Ethan said
Iíve got 50+ square feet of cardboard which can be used for candles.

On Friday, 15-Dec-2017 12:21:28 EST, Ethan Rein said
How are we looking for attendance?

On Friday, 08-Dec-2017 21:46:06 EST, Steve said
Got a call from Jeff Campbell the other day to ask about service. He's planning to join us on Friday for the project.

He also said they've had signs up about changes at The Pines for 6 months with no serious comments or dissenting opinions.

On Tuesday, 05-Dec-2017 09:09:32 EST, Ethan said
If it makes sense to make candles on set up day (and someone else brings cardboard) I don't missing it.

On Tuesday, 05-Dec-2017 09:08:15 EST, Ethan said
I'm a big fan of popcorn snacks.

On Monday, 04-Dec-2017 22:40:18 EST, Steve said
I changed the schedule.

We were actually missing a snack on Thursday. I added Popcorn Panoply, a wide variety of popcorn. I seem to recall a snack of popcorn being a strong suggestion as a traditional favorite.

On Monday, 04-Dec-2017 22:37:37 EST, Steve said
Uncle Ethan won't be there on set-up day.

On Monday, 04-Dec-2017 19:45:30 EST, K2 said
Unless we planned on it being an educational experience for others, we could always do it on setup day. We don't do anything on that day anyways ;)

On Monday, 04-Dec-2017 16:53:36 EST, Steve said
I don't think we had this as a planned activity and I don't think we'd add it. Just a few people can do it sometime during the weekette. Probably we won't pour wax on tables or indoors at all -- wax is really difficult to remove, even from cement.

On Monday, 04-Dec-2017 14:14:04 EST, Ethan said
Count me in for 50 square feet plus more to protect the tables. Should we add candle making to the schedule or just squeeze in? Or, did we imagine doing this not at Camp? Sorry if we made a plan and I'm not remembering it.

On Monday, 04-Dec-2017 09:18:07 EST, Doug said
About 50 square feet, plus a couple of additional pieces for protection of the pouring area.

On Sunday, 03-Dec-2017 22:30:43 EST, Ethan said
How much cardboard do we need for two crates of candles? I can bring some.

On Saturday, 02-Dec-2017 20:00:50 EST, Steve said
Saw Brian Maghren today. Pretty sure he recognized my plate. He said he was coming before I told him we had 3 lbs of stump remover and a plan.

On Saturday, 02-Dec-2017 18:46:49 EST, Doug said
I have enough wax for at least a crate or two of candles. Also have a wax pot and ladle (have made candles for OLS training weekend several times).

On Friday, 01-Dec-2017 14:57:08 EST, Steve said
I have stump powder, oil crayons, watercolors and a bunch of pointy things.

On Thursday, 30-Nov-2017 14:50:14 EST, K2 said
Sounds good to me, swap it out!

On Wednesday, 29-Nov-2017 12:35:16 EST, Ethan Rein said
Switching boardgames and the market game works for me. I've been thinking learning and teaching a new boardgame would make a good goal for the participation award.

On Tuesday, 28-Nov-2017 22:39:59 EST, Steve said
I've posted the schedule.

I'd kind of like to swap boardgames and the market game. Market game is 2 hours and could invade the snack for some bonus time. Boardgames is only 1 hour plus the chance at the snack.

On Monday, 27-Nov-2017 22:57:20 EST, Ethan said
I've got equipment for the craft hour. I've also got about 30 issues of the New York Times and am working to collect more.

On Monday, 27-Nov-2017 13:44:29 EST, K2 said
I talked to Jack about the service projects. He said we should be good for Friday, December 29th for the service day. (He said Thursday or Friday works for him, I told him we preferred Friday).

He confirmed the projects are:
1. Cleaning out the barn, the one right next to the bunkhouse / shop. I didn't ask if we're moving the same desks. I'd also like to make sure we mention there may be deer hanging in the barn, so if anyone would prefer to avoid that, they should take one of the other projects.

2. Burning brush in the friskhorn property. This isn't by the cabin, it's in the field behind / next to Dave's old house near the barn where they store boats / wagon.

3. Demolition in the pines. This may not be 100% approved yet so if this doesn't go through we might get something else, we'll see.

On Sunday, 26-Nov-2017 23:14:20 EST, Alan said
From what I remember from the last time we did the market game, gathering the resource cards was its own scavenger hunt game. I think we got clues to go to certain campsites, and then 1 to 3 cards were hidden somewhere in the site. That could work using the black boxes, you just don't get any hints and the box takes you there instead, so it would be more like regular geocaching.

The way the boxes work now is that you have to go to each location in order, so that would be different. Maybe I could get around that by having the teams cross paths, or having one or two common locations so that one team gets there first. Or I could make a new program that always directs you to the next closest location.

Then, at the last target, the box would open and you get ... something. More cards? Or a 3D printed Grail?

On Sunday, 26-Nov-2017 20:22:31 EST, Steve said
Going through the schedule:
4-Way Volleyball we should be all set for with gear and rules.

Will it Stick? We have spears. I ordered some cheap hatchets and knives. Might need rules or a target.

Papier Mache I think Ethan has paper, but we need glue and probably paint. I can bring balloons but other base materials might be harder.

Cross Country Golf should be fine.

Quest for the Grail - Someone will need to work on this. It could be as simple as using Alan's boxes, but it might be more interesting as an event with stations/puzzles to solve.

Uncle Ethan's Craft Hour. I think Uncle Ethan has most of what he needs.

Capture the Objective. I guess we need to settle on exact rules and then set up.

Boardgames - probably just need to be sure we get the word out that games are welcome.

Market Game - seems like the quest might be the spot to give out the first round of cards. Need to prepare cards. I might have the ones we used last time.

Silly Walk seems pretty straighrforward

not being scene. i ordered some oil crayons.

Casino Night is probably covered.

Burn the Witch should be easy.

On Friday, 24-Nov-2017 23:20:54 EST, Alan said
For the placemats / spam trivia, I have created a much harder "SPAM" word search. I'll put it with my other stuff on my website (

On a side note, I discovered that the link for my Winter Camp email notifier script (tm) was incorrect, probably after I modified it earlier this year. Fixed now (

On Friday, 24-Nov-2017 09:45:44 EST, Steve said
A reminder: don't park in the driveway or on the north side of the street.

On Friday, 24-Nov-2017 01:10:01 EST, Steve said
Chris will not be there.

On Thursday, 23-Nov-2017 22:15:38 EST, Ethan said
Iíll be at the meeting. Hoping to arrive by 1, but not totally sure.

On Thursday, 23-Nov-2017 10:33:09 EST, K2 said
Do we know if Chris is attending the planning meeting? Does he know anyone else who can attend?

On Thursday, 23-Nov-2017 07:16:51 EST, Steve said
Got our second PayPal payment. Everyoneís favorite Canadian, Chris Kirschke is in.

On Wednesday, 22-Nov-2017 09:34:19 EST, Steve said
Bill Jarosz is pretty sick. He's in room 210 of Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. Maybe if we have some time a few of us could go visit him on Friday after the meeting. Hours end at 8:00 pm.

On Wednesday, 15-Nov-2017 11:37:55 EST, said
Chickens could be parted out as flesh wounds. Ie, remove one leg, it's just a knick, second leg is a flesh wound, etc.

On Wednesday, 15-Nov-2017 11:33:49 EST, Steve said
Dead Parrot Meal = good chance for cornish game hens to make a winter camp appearance (or maybe chickens). Hens would be 1 per, chickens could maybe be a split if we got smaller ones. Maybe a mix. random poultry seems sort of pythonesque somehow. Maybe served under a cloche so you don't know what you're getting until you reach the counter and the cloche is removed.

On Wednesday, 15-Nov-2017 11:32:54 EST, Steve said
I'm definitely a fan of avoiding the rush. It would be nice to have the food list ready before the 24th...

On Tuesday, 14-Nov-2017 22:43:29 EST, K2 said
Wooooo! Spread the word! Register today, avoid the christmas rush!

On Tuesday, 14-Nov-2017 20:31:11 EST, Steve said
And we have our first paid participant: K2. it's good when advisers plan to go...

On Friday, 10-Nov-2017 11:19:37 EST, Ethan Rein said
I like Keith's idea of promotions!

On Friday, 10-Nov-2017 10:20:41 EST, K2 said
Maybe as part of our "get to know you" / first lunch, everyone can get knighted.

"I, King Grimble, do hereby dub thee, Sir Donohue of Campalot"

Or maybe everyone starts out as Pages, works their way up to Squire, and then Knight by the end.

On Friday, 10-Nov-2017 10:15:03 EST, K2 said
King Grimble and his knights of the rhombus table.

We can totally use the coconuts from the museum.

On Thursday, 09-Nov-2017 22:24:56 EST, Ethan said
As far as a catapult goes, I bet we could get a set of pioneering poles from Jerry Deeg or Jack Simms. I'd be all for a big pioneering activity. Maybe could set it up at the top of the Face and launch some stuff toward the field.

On Thursday, 09-Nov-2017 14:52:47 EST, K2 said
Ideas for setup day? Anything fun / highly visible like the banner we hung up with the Chinese characters?

On Thursday, 09-Nov-2017 14:51:08 EST, K2 said
The bridge over beaver creek behind clearwater seems like a likely spot for "None shall pass!"

Maybe we could make armor out of the paper mache?

On Thursday, 09-Nov-2017 13:18:45 EST, Steve said
Maybe we could do a papier mache version of some of those bumper creatures they use in the show like giant hands and stuff like that.

Of course, the bunny might be fun if you did it as "shows us the true form"

I think the Ministry of Silly Walks should host a Perimeter Hike. It's been 20 years since the last one and I think it's a pretty silly walk.

Maybe we should make our own trojan horse or take another stab at a catapult.

Some sort of "you shall not pass" contest might be fun as would a questions three trivia contest with perhaps random categories where most are pretty easy.

Spam as a meal seems like a good plan for the theme.

Our own version of "not being seen" might be good since it allows blowing things up.

Other suggestions?

On Thursday, 09-Nov-2017 09:25:13 EST, Ethan Rein said
I've got about a month's worth of papers in case we decide to do a paper mache project. I'll keep collecting them until Camp.

On Tuesday, 07-Nov-2017 23:11:26 EST, Steve said
Just saw a commercial for Hasbro where they suggested making games more fun by combining them with other things. They suggested Connect Four + Musical Chairs and Jenga with Chop Sticks. Clearly they're wrong about Jenga which needs a hammer.

On Monday, 06-Nov-2017 21:33:35 EST, Ethan said
Update on the 200 year calendar. I made it tonight and it's cool. I used it to learn that Winter Camp CXXIII (in year 2099) will start on a Sunday. Could be a fun thing to take home from Camp.

Turns out we have a perpetual calendar here at, of course.

On Monday, 06-Nov-2017 14:57:44 EST, Ethan Rein said
For a craft-type project, I'd like to make a 200 year calendar. I found a pretty easy to follow guide on line that I could coordinate for camp. It might be a good indoor project in the evening after a heavy outdoor day.

On Saturday, 04-Nov-2017 10:16:57 EDT, Steve said

On Tuesday, 24-Oct-2017 18:43:50 EDT, K2 said
True story!

On Sunday, 22-Oct-2017 19:54:44 EDT, Gabriel said
Every planning meeting you attend will double your salary!

On Friday, 20-Oct-2017 08:39:33 EDT, K2 said

As unbelievable as it may sound, we still have multiple opportunities to play a historical role in this year's wintercamp!

First come, first serve! Please post the role you'd like to fill at this upcoming wintercamp!

Benefits include: 401K matching (0%)! Automatic raises after just 7 continuous days of wintercamp! Relocation expenses if you live within 500 feet of Squaw Point! The list goes on!

Don't wait! Reserve your spot in wintercamp history TODAY!

On Friday, 20-Oct-2017 08:29:09 EDT, K2 said
Or maybe an Upstairs vs Downstairs bread making battle to the death (of yeast)? Two armies, facing off in an epic battle expecting causalities in the trillions (of yeast). Guaranteed to be a butter bath. Rated D for Delicious.

On Thursday, 19-Oct-2017 23:43:39 EDT, Gabriel said
Going not got, I don't know why I typed that so badly.

On Thursday, 19-Oct-2017 22:50:45 EDT, Gabriel said
Certainly not got to challenge that duo with a chicken pot pie or anything else with pie in the name.

On Thursday, 19-Oct-2017 22:16:26 EDT, Steve said
In the hospital watching Beat Bobby Flay (I'm sick, don't judge me)

What if we had Beat the Geezers? Two teams compete at lunch to take on me and Doug on their choice of dinner.

On Wednesday, 18-Oct-2017 23:41:06 EDT, Gabriel said
I'll try to remember to bring a copy of Monty Python Flux.
We should have an event called the spanish inquisition that isn't on the schedule so no one expects it.

On Wednesday, 18-Oct-2017 13:13:35 EDT, K2 said
Theme being Monty Python, paper mache rabbits could be an appropriate object to create. Imagine the destruction an army of rabbits could make having seen what a single bunny can do.

On Wednesday, 18-Oct-2017 10:14:04 EDT, Ethan said
What does everyone think about another papier mache project (like the dinosaurs). I can start collecting papers if we might do it.

On Tuesday, 10-Oct-2017 13:52:24 EDT, K2 said
Ah ok, good to know!

On Monday, 09-Oct-2017 22:20:25 EDT, Steve said
Apparently the Vigil Breakfast will be on Sunday the 22nd this year, from 8:00 am - 10:00 am at D-bar-A.

On Sunday, 24-Sep-2017 19:22:39 EDT, Steve said
It looks like there are quite a few places that would be willing to sell us an escape room kit.

On Tuesday, 19-Sep-2017 11:20:57 EDT, K2 said
Not sure about logistics, but escape rooms seem to be one of the new things to do. Maybe we could have an "escape cabin" activity?

On Thursday, 14-Sep-2017 09:33:22 EDT, K2 said
I attempted grits again today (yes, instant, not a self respecting southerner, etc etc) and they came out edible, so big win for me. Last couple times they were severely under cooked and then severely over cooked due to a lack of water. This time was better. Not quite the "smooth and creamy" as advertised on the container, so I still have some room for improvement.

On Friday, 08-Sep-2017 08:21:26 EDT, Ethan Rein said
Good idea about the standard / better food split based on passwords!

On Thursday, 07-Sep-2017 12:28:41 EDT, K2 said
What about voice controlled condiment dispensers... "Alexa, more ketchup please!"

On Thursday, 07-Sep-2017 12:15:56 EDT, Steve said
What if it was billed as the "In the Know" dinner and you got better food by knowing the password?

On Wednesday, 06-Sep-2017 20:07:30 EDT, Ethan Rein said
I'm thinking about a password dinner, which would take place mid weekette. The idea would be that each item on the menu has a different password, which once must have in order to be served it. The passwords would be sprinkled in the events throughout the days before the event. We could also have a password for seconds. A less ambitious version would have one password to unlock all the food.

On Sunday, 03-Sep-2017 09:40:14 EDT, K2 said
Lots to work with on Monty Python!

Could have a knight guarding the beaver creek bridge behind clearwater.

On Sunday, 03-Sep-2017 08:46:39 EDT, Steve said
Had this crazy thought about converting every sorry is sacred to a song about getting brotherhood. Every sash is sacred the lodge needs every one. If a sash goes barbless you're missing half the fun

On Friday, 01-Sep-2017 21:25:23 EDT, Steve said
I asked Matt; apparently he thinks Monty Python would be a good theme.

There are definitely some bits in there we could steal. Ministry of Silly Walks, most of the Holy Grail, and maybe some other bits like "not being seen".

On Friday, 01-Sep-2017 07:40:22 EDT, K2 said
Game idea...

Along the same lines as genius night, we split into 2-4 teams, each team gets identical materials to build a structure.

Each team also has to build a device to destroy the other teams structures from across the room, predefined distance, something like that. I'm thinking catapult type things but whatever.

Possible winning options, last team standing, team with the most pieces still upright, something like that.

On Thursday, 31-Aug-2017 12:39:01 EDT, K2 said
So building on the ideas from Steve and Ethan, what if we made that the theme: Secret Agent

Could take the "genius night" activity and turn it into "build a secret agent device"

On Thursday, 31-Aug-2017 12:34:55 EDT, K2 said
I told Jack to have the people he has lined up handle painting. I _think_ it's happening on Friday, September 15th but don't quote me on that, pure speculation on my part. I believe two companies are sending volunteers to the camp to work in a couple areas. I'm going to try and make it to camp that day to help if I can get the day off of work. I realize this is a weekday and relatively short notice so no worries if you can't make it, I'm sure there will be more opportunities for doing service at camp in the future!

Regarding a day to meet up at camp to do an equipment check, I'm open to suggestions if anyone has days that work better for them.

On Monday, 28-Aug-2017 19:56:34 EDT, Steve said
I can only make it on weekends.

On Sunday, 27-Aug-2017 18:39:14 EDT, K2 said
We could do that. This time I promise not to go to any estate sales or garage sales and buy a new freezer. (It was a wicked good deal though.)

I don't know if anyone else happens to be off this Friday but I might be able to make a trip up Friday, Sept 1 or Saturday Sept 2. I have other commitments Sunday and Monday (I would imagine others would as well).

I'll check with Jack regarding Beaver Creek (and Clearwater). They had paint set out for both of them but nobody was there. I'm guessing they didn't have enough people for those projects.

On Saturday, 26-Aug-2017 21:56:32 EDT, Steve said
It turns out there were two more Winter Campers nominated for the Vigil this year: Matt Grimble and Chris Kirschke.

On Saturday, 26-Aug-2017 20:29:19 EDT, Steve said
We were in Walmart today and they had a set of 3 stainless steel stockpots in 16, 12, and 8 quart sizes. The three pans nested and for $15 I thought it was a good deal for camp.

Should we have an equipment check day at D-A again?
I was sure that big pots would be useful and at that price it was a giveaway but there are probably other things we should consider replacing or adding to our equipment list. Going soon would give us a few months to replace things and let us bring them home to pitch/recycle/donate while our cars had space. Might also give us a chance to see what's happening at Beaver Creek.

I seem to remember Keith saying that the Ordeal didn't have enough people to paint the cabin. Maybe we could plan a service day. Keith -- could you ask Jack if there's something we could do to help with BC?

On Friday, 25-Aug-2017 15:47:27 EDT, K2 said
You know what we really need... a dumbwaiter between upstairs and downstairs. Complete with hooks for gallons of milk.

On Sunday, 20-Aug-2017 10:21:53 EDT, K2 said
Awesome news about the Vigil!

I was in charge of the rock crew this weekend (clan 8) and they did an amazing job building a new rock garden along the banks of Trout Lake right next to the bridge. Check it out next time you're in camp!

On Saturday, 19-Aug-2017 21:13:36 EDT, Steve said
Several Winter Campers were tapped out for the Vigil this weekend: Brian Magharan, Nick Weathers, and Steven Lardin

On Saturday, 05-Aug-2017 04:43:23 EDT, Steve said
What changes? I think you sent Kristie pictures but she didn't share them with me other than the one with the fence and gate being gone from the road.

On Wednesday, 02-Aug-2017 20:49:21 EDT, K2 said
Due to some changes made to the exterior of Beaver Creek cabin, this year will be the beginning of a new tradition.

On Wednesday, 02-Aug-2017 20:48:05 EDT, K2 said
I think Wintercamp has a long unofficial perpetual hobby of collecting golf clubs... so why stop now :)

On Wednesday, 02-Aug-2017 14:14:06 EDT, Ethan Rein said
I got a line on a set of (free, used) left handed golf clubs. Do we need more for the lefties?

On Wednesday, 02-Aug-2017 14:12:58 EDT, Ethan Rein said
I'm collecting books for us to use for a possible "make a secret box out of a book" activity. I had some last year, but forgot to bring this idea up at the planning meeting.

On Tuesday, 01-Aug-2017 12:40:14 EDT, Steve said
So we've got about 5.5 months until Winter Camp. What project if any are you planning to undertake to make Winter Camp better this year? It could be better for camp, a few people, or for just you.

On Monday, 31-Jul-2017 12:21:10 EDT, K2 said
Sounds like an improvement over the peanut butter meatloaf :)

On Sunday, 30-Jul-2017 21:44:39 EDT, Steve said
Just saw a recipe for mozzarella-stuffed meatloaf. It seemed like a good idea.

On Friday, 28-Jul-2017 20:31:59 EDT, Steve said
I know I suggested this before since Kristie makes me watch The Big Bang Theory all the time:

Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Lunch.
There is an obstacle course of lasers between you and lunch. You reveal them with a spray can and have to get there without breaking a beam.

Low tech method would involve a string maze you have to navigate, probably inside the building so you can easily crawl where needed.

On Sunday, 09-Jul-2017 21:29:10 EDT, Steve said
The El Medio Dia party was a success. There were good friends, good food, and good times shared by all. 4 out of 6 of the guys who attended Winter Camp I were there and I think our total attendance was close to 30 including families.

We did come up with one new event -- apparently we've never actually played badminton at Winter Camp.

Many thsnks to the Wilsons for hosting the event.

On Thursday, 15-Jun-2017 21:25:45 EDT, Doug said
El Mediodia party at the Wilson's on Saturday, July 8th, 2PM till ???. The festivities will be at 9515 Woodbend Dr., Saline 48176 (about 6 miles south of I-94 and 3.5 miles west of US-23).

Join us to celebrate Winter Camp 41 being closer than WC 40 with an afternoon/evening of food, fellowship and fun. Great opportunity for your family to meet some of those wacky winter camper they have heard countless stories about for years. All Winter campers and their families past and present welcome.

Bring a dish to pass and lawn chairs. We will be provide pulled pork and soft drinks and can throw some burgers on the grill, for those heretics in the group.

We have lake access (a short walk away) available for swimming/kayaking. There is no life guard - recommend those with small children be prepared to supervise and bring life jackets. Itís about Beaver Lake size (no power boats).

Please pass along this invitation to other interested parties, post on Facebook, etc., for those not on the elders group or who donít regularly check the website.

Let us know how many are attending so we can have enough food (email-

See you three weeks from Saturday.
Doug and Joy Wilson

On Friday, 09-Jun-2017 22:20:49 EDT, Ethan said
I'm in for a post-cardiac-event meal.

On Tuesday, 30-May-2017 19:59:25 EDT, K2 said
Add some sauce and call it goulash :)

On Tuesday, 30-May-2017 11:30:36 EDT, Steve said
Unstuffed peppers could be part of a meal called "Things to eat after your heart attack". It could be lunch on the service day and follow the "heart stupid breakfast".

On Tuesday, 30-May-2017 11:27:29 EDT, Steve said
So I guess I have to ask how hard it would be to make a vortex gun...

Might be cool to have a vortex-based obstacle course. Have to knock things over or move them with the gun. Sort of a vortex biathlon.

I also think we need to add unstuffed peppers to our menu. They'd probably be a good lunch and would, of course, be great for the roaster. It's ground turkey, green peppers, tomato sauce and rice. Instead of the usual horror show of stuffing the peppers and baking, you just chop them into big chunks and toss them in.

On Friday, 26-May-2017 20:39:34 EDT, K2 said
What if we built vortex cannons as an activity and used them as a contest. IE, vortex cannon bowling where you knock down something like styrofoam cups stacked up.

On Wednesday, 03-May-2017 10:20:19 EDT, Ethan said
I like the jackpot idea. Itís a unifying concept that would be easy to apply to meals and activities.

On Wednesday, 03-May-2017 09:41:48 EDT, Ethan said
I like Keithís mystery flavor idea.

On Monday, 01-May-2017 23:39:03 EDT, Steve said
Saw a post on Facebook today about scouts given $6 per person to come up with a good meal. Apparently they figured Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches would be the answer. Their ASM said it was fine as long as they made their own peanut butter, bread, and jelly.

I pointed out that they'd know how to make bead if they'd been to Winter Camp. Maybe we should have an all home-made meal by making our own peanut butter and jelly. I don't know how hard either of those things is.

On Sunday, 23-Apr-2017 09:26:33 EDT, K2 said
What if we had a "name that flavor" meal where the flavor of something, such as pancakes, isn't advertised. The diners need to identify it and points are awarded for correct guessing.

On Thursday, 16-Mar-2017 08:21:46 EDT, Steve said
Maybe we could do some of those chocolate coins in gold foil. Hide 'em somewhere at the beginning, maybe a clue or two each day until someone finds it.

On Wednesday, 15-Mar-2017 18:18:24 EDT, K2 said
Should we just seal the deal and hide a pot of gold somewhere in camp to be discovered?

On Monday, 13-Mar-2017 21:33:53 EDT, Steve said
What if our theme this year was "jackpot" like winning the jackpot or finding a big treasure? I'm sure we could create some activities that would work. We could also have more jackpot meals. Jackpot pizza, jackpot ice cream social, jackpot sandwiches, jackpot popcorn, jackpot waffles, jackpot chicken soup (we cook several pots of veggies, rice and noodles to add to the stock),

Could also call the whole weekette "Roll the dice" or even "Karma" since everything would be on the wheel (also a good excuse to watch Ethan's brother from another mother in Megaforce).

Maybe I need to get out more.

On Sunday, 12-Mar-2017 20:55:43 EDT, Steve said
Sorry. Didn't notice the phone "corrected" it.

On Sunday, 12-Mar-2017 08:56:20 EDT, K2 said
Sounds good to me! We can do both videos and pictures. Inevitably some videos will change from "What to do" to "What not to do" which will increase the comedy value.

FYI, went to a parked domain so I'm not sure where that was supposed to go?

On Sunday, 12-Mar-2017 06:43:51 EDT, Steve said
What if we shot our own series of cooking videos while at camp? Something fancy like

On Saturday, 11-Mar-2017 21:04:38 EST, Steve said
okay, so apart from me, how much interest would there be in creating a healthier track for food at Winter Camp? I don't mean to make everyone eat a healthier diet because most of our youth probably don't need it.

Some meals probably don't need healthier choices (or can't support them) but what if we had healthier continental breakfast options or perhaps healthier choices for those interested.

On Friday, 10-Mar-2017 06:40:03 EST, K2 said
Sounds like you've hit the jackpot!

On Tuesday, 07-Mar-2017 10:22:51 EST, Steve said
So I'm watching the news on tv (I don't get out much these days) and they have a guy on who makes pancakes. He shows a variety of toppings to either add or use on pancakes.

Makes me think of jackpot grits and then I wondered about jackpot pancakes and maybe jackpot eggs.

What if we had a week of jackpot breakfasts?

On Sunday, 05-Feb-2017 13:22:38 EST, Alan said
It comes from "" I actually thought about something like that, and started to set up a google group (!forum/traditionallyunconventional) thinking that I might use that to send the emails, but that's as far as I got. At least I got the username though.

On Sunday, 05-Feb-2017 13:04:43 EST, Steve said
That's a cool feature. What email address does it send from? I think if that address was subscribed to a yahoo group, we could use your tool to notify anyone in the group.

On Friday, 03-Feb-2017 18:17:01 EST, K2 said

On Friday, 03-Feb-2017 01:48:26 EST, Alan said
Communication thing: A couple weeks ago I wrote a script to check here a couple times per day. If anything has changed since last time, it sends me an email with what changed. I just upgraded it to support a short mailing list of ~100 email addresses. You can add yourself on this form I made at (the password is "blindhike" also it doesn't send you an email right away when you add yourself) It's a bit of a hack but one that's been useful for me so far, it caught my dad's post and everything since then. Of course that doesn't cover Facebook / Twitter but maybe that's a future addition.

On Tuesday, 31-Jan-2017 06:07:53 EST, K2 said
I like cookies!

New theme suggestion: Martha Stewart - Baking with a slice of insider training!

On Saturday, 28-Jan-2017 19:53:21 EST, Steve said
Good Housekeeping has a list of the best cookie from each state. Maybe it's something we could consider for Winter Camp, probably as a multi-year project. Like if we did a cookie a day starting this year, we could do all 50 by 50.

On Friday, 27-Jan-2017 20:28:58 EST, Steve said
Kristie and I will be there.

On Tuesday, 24-Jan-2017 11:01:46 EST, K2 said
Currently planning to attend with the whole crew (5)

On Monday, 23-Jan-2017 09:11:36 EST, Ethan Rein said
I'll be there with Louis and probably Rochelle!

On Sunday, 22-Jan-2017 22:31:39 EST, Doug said
Save the date. El Mediodia party at the Wilson's in Saline on Saturday, July 8th, 2PM till ???.

All Winter campers and their families past and present welcome. Intending to have a cookout and will provide burgers (Ah!), etc. and soft drinks. Plan to bring a dish to pass.

Join us to celebrate Winter Camp 41 being closer than WC 40 with an afternoon/evening of fellowship and fun. We have lake access, a short walk away, for available for swimming/kayaking which should be ice free by then.

Please feel free to pass along to interested parties who (like me) may not visit this site on a regular basis.

More details later,

Doug and Joy Wilson

On Saturday, 14-Jan-2017 23:30:29 EST, Steve said
New Theme Suggestion: Throwback.

We re-enact popular activities from Winter Camp I, XI, XXI, and XXXI. We know we're due for a perimeter hike (based on the every 20 years rule). What if we also pulled in a few other of those ancient classic activities

One important rule: No adults can spend any money on supplementary programs for Winter Camp. If we want to do it, we have to figure out how to do it on the cheap.

On Saturday, 14-Jan-2017 17:56:52 EST, Steve said
It's an interesting idea. I guess we could sell it at the current year's price which would be my bitg concern.

What additional benefits would we offer? Like would we do a mailing or mailing list? If it happened, why wouldn't we let anyone sign up?

On Friday, 13-Jan-2017 14:45:25 EST, K2 said
Wondering what thoughts would be around having a pre-registration campaign where someone can pre-register for wintercamp anytime during the year. Basically a way to stay up to date on upcoming meetings, gets people planning ahead as well.


On Friday, 13-Jan-2017 14:43:19 EST, K2 said
So we had 7 people, including myself, visit the site. I think we have an opportunity to improve on getting more traffic to the site and more communication.

I'll pay out the cups of coffee at the next wintercamp!

On Friday, 13-Jan-2017 01:44:46 EST, Steve said
Does anyone have any bills for Winter Camp? I'm trying to close out the finances.

On Sunday, 08-Jan-2017 00:01:51 EST, Tim said
Free coffee sign me up lol bananas

On Friday, 06-Jan-2017 09:56:39 EST, Ethan A Rein said
How fitting that the 7th point of the Scout Law was the prompt for this response. Did you hear the one about the scout and the banana?

I'd be happy to work contribute to and mail out promotional post cards to chapter members and a "Thanks for registering" information packet to be sent to all registrants.

On Friday, 06-Jan-2017 10:16:00 EST, Jeff said
Banana milk coffee is coffee that has been lightened (and naturally sweetened) with banana milk. And banana milk is just milk that has been blended with a banana (and sometimes an additional sweetener like maple syrup) until smooth.

On Thursday, 05-Jan-2017 21:05:44 EST, Gabe said
I'd go Banana s over some free coffee.

On Thursday, 05-Jan-2017 18:26:16 EST, Mark--> said
I am not a coffee drinker, so your incentive is meaningless to me. That said: banana.

On Thursday, 05-Jan-2017 17:51:07 EST, Steve said
You'd have to be bananas to think a free cup of coffee would entice very many winter campers to respond.

On Thursday, 05-Jan-2017 14:35:32 EST, K2 said
I think one key thing we need to focus on this year is communication. We need to over communicate. We need to be that annoying parent who you know what they're going to say before they walk into the room type of over communicator.

Email campaigns. Text messages. Twitter. Facebook. Chapter Meetings. Maybe even some good old fashioned snail mail. Everyone likes getting mail.

There are only a hand full of people who actually check this site. To prove my point, post a reply when you see this message. I'll buy a cup of coffee for every person who replies in less than 7 days to this message. To qualify, your post must contain the word: Banana.

On Wednesday, 04-Jan-2017 13:04:28 EST, Ethan A Rein said
I like this leadership team! Sign me up as the participation award adviser. I'll bring at least one extra tent, worksheets, and a bunch of ideas for goals and leadership opportunities.

On Tuesday, 03-Jan-2017 19:56:53 EST, Jeff said
I have a bunch and would like to get Mark's photos of the participants at the 40th.

On Tuesday, 03-Jan-2017 15:08:20 EST, K2 said
I'll set a reminder to zip them up tonight and share them with you.

On Tuesday, 03-Jan-2017 01:33:40 EST, Steve said
I'm looking for pictures from Winter Camp XL.

On Sunday, 01-Jan-2017 14:11:36 EST, Mark--> said
Yes. Yes, it is.

On Sunday, 01-Jan-2017 14:03:48 EST, Steve said
Is this thing on?