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Winter Camp XLII History

Dates:December 27-31, 2018
Location:Trout Lake Cabin, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Youth Cost:$47.47
Adult Cost:$52.52
Attendance:38 (14 youth, 24 adults)
GRAC:Keith King
SORACRoger Horn (Religious Adviser)
PARACEthan Rein (Participation Award Adviser)
NRACMark Bollman--> (Newspaper Adviser)
KRYCNick C. (Kitchen Director)
Kitchen AdviserSteve Donohue
Activity DirectorBrian M. (Activity Leader)
ARACEthan Rein (Activity Adviser)
Supporting:Migisi Opawgan Chapter as part of Noquet Lodge
WCUES Score:317 (Details)
Service Project:Clear and burn accumulated brush at the under-construction Lost Lake campsite and deep-clean Beaver Creek cabin.
Catchphrase:Nations Battle for Medals
The theme of Winter Camp XLII was Olympics and those attending were divided into three different nations. During the course of the weekette, several medal events were held with winners getting gold, second silver and third getting bronze (actualy blue).

For the second year in a row, Winter Camp was held at the former Trailside Cabin at D-bar-A Scout Ranch. Winter Camp XLII was one of the warmer camps on record, with a high temperature of 55 degrees on December 28, 2018.

Athletic competition was the order of the weekette as participants found themselves divided into national teams - BRANNES, Grand Fenwick, and The People's Democratic Communist Republic of North Australiastan - in an Olympic theme. Gold, Silver, and Blue medals were handed out for first, second, and third place finishes in five events - 4 Way Volleyball, 3-Way Dodgeball, a Geography Bee, Cross-Country Golf, and a grueling Pentathlon which tested both brains and brawn.

A variety of new activities were held at camp, including 3-way dodgeball, an Olympic torch relay, the construction and launching of bottle rockets, a Jeopardy style geography bee, and a pentathlon. Classic activities such as the blind hike, cross-country golf (which returned to its usual location in Beaver Creek Sub-camp), and 4-way volleyball could also be found on the schedule. The perimeter hike which had been initially scheduled for Winter Camp XLI was held at this camp. In the 21 years since the perimeter hike at Winter Camp XXI the camp grew to the west thanks to further expansion from additional Frischkorn property. Thus, it was now the longest perimeter hike in Winter Camp history.

The Winter Camp XLII menu featured new and old favorites. One of the gastronomic highlights of Winter Camp was the Yooper meal, at which pasties first appeared on a Winter Camp menu. The results were tasty and came as a result of much effort. Although the Caveman Dinner was described as a "Horrible" by one visitor, it was enjoyed by many in attendance both during the Caveman Dinner and again at the Conglomerate Lunch. Three "National Identity" meals were designed on the fly - one by each of three teams assigned as a part of the Olympic theme.

An additional hike and ceremony preceded the usual time capsule ceremony (at which the usual 5 and occasional 10 year time capsules were buried) which encouraged participants to reflect on the history and future of the Boy Scouts, D-bar-A Scout Ranch, and Winter Camp.

Scientists spent 156 years attempting to isolate an element with atomic number 43. Luckily, Winter Campers will not have to wait nearly that long to isolate the fun of the 43rd Winter Camp.

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