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Winter Camp XLIII History

Dates:December 27-31, 2019
Location:Jack Lord & James E. West Cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Youth Cost:$47.47
Adult Cost:$52.52
Attendance:38 (14 youth, 24 adults)
Leader:Matt G.
Adviser:Steve Donohue
Kitchen LeaderVacant
Kitchen AdviserVacant
Activity LeaderVacant
Activity AdviserVacant
Supporting:Migisi Opawgan Chapter as part of Noquet Lodge
WCUES Score:279 (Details)
Service Project:Clear the hill behind Wyckoff Lodge, clear a fallen tree by Beaver Creek cabin, Tear out drywall and insulation in one of the wings in Jack Lord cabin, and clear a barn at the front of camp.
Catchphrase:Ranger Invades Cabin
As part of a service project, the rangers used heavy machinery to remove flower boxes that were attached to the front of the building. A particularly stubborn piece and a slight mishandling of the controls led to the bucket knocking out part of the wall in the same room where we had removed the ceiling.

Winter Campers continued their multiyear sojourn through D-bar-A Scout Ranch at Winter Camp XLIII. This time, the weekette was held in Jack Lord subcamp with Jack Lord and James West, two cabins named for Silver Buffalo recipients, playing host. Winter Camp XLIII's space theme took participants on a thematic journey to the stars.

Longstanding activities such as the Blind Hike, bread baking, Cross Country Golf, 4-Way Volleyball, and Casino Night were held. The Re-entry game and the multistage Crew Competition, which combined Genius Night, an Escape Room, and a game based around the description and construction of an object made of Lego Bricks, made their first appearances on the Winter Camp Schedule. The new Satellite Recovery activity combined the geocaching mechanics from prior Winter Camps with classic Scout skills of orienteering and pioneering. An expanded Scout's Own religious service provided content for the new Winter Camp Book of Worship.

The Jack Lord Cabin proved mostly adequate as a Winter Camp kitchen. There were no stove fires and the hot water only ran out only occasionally. The bread made at Winter Camp XLIII was a noticeable improvement over prior years, due in part to the additional emphasis put on participation in a complete round of baking as well as an ingredient upgrade from standard camp residual moisture to distilled residual moisture. Homemade peanut butter (this time squeezed into tubes) and pasties (not squeezed into tubes) made their second appearances on the Winter Camp menu. The No Waste Meal was a triumph of planning and menu diversity, the likes of which may never be seen again.

Winter Campers made full use of their new subcamp, expanding into the Forester Yurts for the Crew Competition, the Scoutcraft Pavilion for the Space Walk, and James West and Dan Beard cabins when additional ovens were required. Activities taking place on the field between Jack Lord and James West Cabins included 4-Way Volleyball and rocket launches.

Winter Campers left D-bar-A comfortable in the knowledge that the additional day between December 31, 2019 and December 27, 2020 would provide an opportunity to plan an unforgettable weekette.

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