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Winter Camp XLV Planning

Leadership Team

Youth Leader:Michaela King
Interim Youth Leader:Jacob Ferns
Activities Adviser:Vacant
Activities Leader:Vacant
Kitchen Leader:Vacant
Kitchen Adviser:Steve Donohue
Participation Award Adviser:Ethan Rein

Planning Notes

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on planning for Winter Camp XLV!

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On Sunday, 28-Feb-2021 14:27:26 EST, Uncle Ethan said
A pizza theme sounds good to me. I think we could some tray based pizzas for Doug's big pizza idea. The Dough Games idea is great.

On Wednesday, 17-Feb-2021 17:13:07 EST, Steve D. said
Doug suggested we could also try Giant Pizza. Either filling a camp oven with as big a pizza as we could fit or making our own oven to cook a larger-than-life pizza.

On Tuesday, 16-Feb-2021 17:21:20 EST, Steve D. said
What if our theme was pizza?

Clearly, we could have Bollmano's and Dutch Oven pizza. We could have a breakfast pizza and maybe some flat bread or English muffin pizzas for a lunch. We could make pizza rolls.

The challenge would likely be activities related to pizza. I'd suggest maybe some of the following:

Egg Toss - teams compete for greatest distance or number of times they can toss the egg (or both).

Pizza making contest - which team can make the best pie?

Slice collection - Wooden pizzas are cut into multiple pieces and teams compete to solve clues and be the first to bring their six slices together.

Pizza Puffery - A contest to create the greatest boast about pizza in the history of the world.

Pizza Trivia - questions about pizza styles, ingredients, and more and teams are scored by getting them right.

Dough Games - relay race, high toss, distance toss, etc, all played with a ball of dough in place of the baton, shotput, etc.

Tomato Paste - throw tomatoes for accuracy ("pasting the target) or for maximum splat to be used in a later meal.

Pizza Paint by number - Similar to the burrito thing. Maybe an outline on your dough, put a number on each bit and then find out which ingredient goes with the numbers.

On Saturday, 23-Jan-2021 14:24:46 EST, Steve D. said
What if we had a theme like "Winter Camp vs. the Internet" or something similar? The idea is that during the course of Winter Camp we do some things that are at least somewhat well-known on the Internet. I'm sure I'll miss a lot and will list some no one has heard of. We've got some time to curate our list. Some ideas would be actual activities and others would be sort of a photo/video safari. We could have events like:

Meme Creation - ideally we'd take a picture during camp and create the meme.

Emoji Challenge - Adults try to guess the meaning of emojis when used as a message.

Do they know it? We pick songs from various eras and try to see who can guess artist and title. Film it. We could also try old and/or new gadgets.

Campers Are Awesome - film campers doing something amazing. It wouldn't have to be a big physical thing unless someone knew how to ride a unicycle (for example)

Failarmy - probably something accidental like a fall or a campers are awesome gone awry.

Does anyone else think this could work? Any suggestions?

On Sunday, 17-Jan-2021 16:59:34 EST, matthew grimble said
The district has done cardboard sleds for the past few years at klondike too

On Sunday, 17-Jan-2021 15:51:33 EST, Jeff Rand said
Youth were about to make a cardboard sled this past year. Unfortunately I stopped them from having this fun. They were about to use the Wilson bread warming oven.

On Sunday, 17-Jan-2021 15:20:24 EST, Steve D. said
I remember that was a pretty fun event. I think they've had a chapter version of it since then. Sleds could be made at camp by whatever teams we create; maybe a rule about how many people have to ride down on the sled.

On Sunday, 17-Jan-2021 14:16:10 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Some years ago the lodge had a cardboard and duct tape sled contest as part of the Lincoln pilgrimage. This seems to me to be something that could be fun to do at camp. Wed need a back up plan for the event that there is not enough snow of course.

On Sunday, 17-Jan-2021 14:15:52 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Some years ago the lodge had a cardboard and duct tape slide contest as part of the Lincoln pilgrimage

On Tuesday, 05-Jan-2021 22:39:04 EST, Alan Wilson said
Test post for Winter Camp Email Notifier. Registration is still at

On Tuesday, 05-Jan-2021 10:01:07 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I pulled the suggestions for Winer Camp XLV from the evaluations we've received so far:

Changes to activities: Bigger volleyball court, RC may not have been practical for WCAH

Activities for next year: Wilderness survivial demo, ice fishing, cross country skiing, 4 square in a pavilion with cerement floor, jarts, croquet, cricket, soccer, kickball, make your own mask, arrowman bingo

Changes to meals: More hot breakfasts

Meals for next year: Return of Dutch ovens, hot soup and grilled cheese, homemade tortillas, peirogis, jackpot grits, more ethnic variety, uncomfortably close meal

Theme ideas: Roaring 20s, Cast Away, Winter Camp Under Investigation, Winter Prison Camp, Cowboys, Luchador, old games for new fun, hobby share, Winter Camp for One, Setting Records (45 is a type of record)

General suggestions: Stay outside for long stretches of time (don't go inside between events), get a cabin, more centralized communication

On Monday, 04-Jan-2021 22:55:14 EST, Steve D. said
I saw someone drive a truck up those steps, so they're pretty wide.

On Monday, 04-Jan-2021 22:01:52 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I pulled a bunch of ideas from the pre-pandemic portion of the planning for Winter Camp XLIV. They are repeated here because I think they deserve another shot.


Wild West
Fiery Death
Dinosaur / Jurassic Park
Merit Badges - we pick and complete a bunch of fun merit badge requirements
Indiana Jones - we take on the role of pulp-era archaeologists
Pioneers (Winter Camp I style)
Medieval - we dress up in armor.
Noir Detectives


Battle Chess
4 Square in Hay Pavilion
Snow Soccer
Blind Volleyball
Overnight Hike (JL to Riverside)
Fiery Death Theme Model rockets, raze the village, viking funeral, electric bonfire, conflagration, flaming arrows, 2 liter bottle rockets, fireworks, ground flame, electric candle shapes.
Circus - Giant tent, clown skills, tight rope, trapeze, big show, clown car
Indiana Jones Activities: Tomb raiding, travel (hda), puzzle-solving, mook mashing, obstacle course, searching
Luchador Activity: Luchador Chess (like battle chess), Service Project = Luchador good deeds, watch a luchador movie, making luchador masks, developing a stable (team/clan) and personas for each wrestler. I think building a ring would be bad. There could be a luchador investigation (something more popular in the novels). We could write a luchador novella. A pinata (maybe several) seems like a good idea. There are a number of games with luchador themes and some we could easily retheme.
Viking Activities: Raze the village, clout shooting, raiding, pillaging, boat walk, axe throwing, archery, kenning creation, poestry.
Wild West Activities: target shooting, bank robbery, rubber band gun fight, first class trial, cattle rustlin', warm bed
Medieval Activities: sword fight, archery, horseback riding, chivalric contest
Noir Activities: Mystery investigation, rum running
Dinosaur Activities: Dino Safari (have to find species in the wild), Genius Night Dino building or tool building, Dino dig - they sell kits; maybe something chaos theory related, dino dinner where we try to avoid becoming dinner for dinos
Pirates Activity: Plank-walking (balance) contest, swashbuckling obstacle course, boarding contest (maybe like red rover or steal the bacon), treasure hunt -- maybe even burying one day and hunting by a different team. Crew and ship names, piratical flags, some kind of boating (or ice-boating), waxing poetical, shanty-singing, tall tale-telling. Avoiding the black dot. Movie watching

Meals / Food Items

Make tortillas with a tortilla press
Blind Beggars Banquet
Baked Alaska
Manufacturers Suggestion
Jackpot Grits
Circus Meals fried badness, circus peanuts, elephant ears, elephant lunch, lion dinner
Fiery Death Meals: marshmellow roast, weenie roast, spicy foods, barbecue, roast something on a spit, from the ashes (cook on a fire from raze the village or something similar)
Indiana Jones Meals: Gruesome dinner, exotic cuisine, speakeasy.
Luchador Meals: Mexican meals -- maybe juevos rancheros for breakfast and tacos for a lunch with flautas for dinner. There's a lot more to Mexican than burritos and tacos. We could also create our own psuedo-tequilla with lemonade and gummy worms. Luchadors also travel so other cuisines would be good. We could have a training table breakfast on service day to keep the wrestlers strong.
Viking Meals: many European cultures as we invade, Norse food, seaboard meal (probably dried stuff), on the run meal, something alliterative ("Viking Vittles").
Wild West Meals: Beans, tex-mex, root beer, sarsparilla, glass of whiskey, saloon supper.
Medieval Meals: olde english feast, scotch eggs, mutton, tupenny struggles, meat pie.
Noir Meals: black & white, twenties food, soda stand.
Dinosaur Meals: Brontoburgers, vegetarian, really big food, flintstony stuff, eating turkey or other avians.
Pirates Meals: Jamaican and other carribean countries, teeter totter meal (for balance), oranges.

On Monday, 04-Jan-2021 19:54:36 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Thinking about this some more, Tall Timbers to the Morosky Firebowl could be a good CC golf hole. We could start from the top of the steps that go up to tall timbers. That said, I'm not sure how wide those steps are, so that could be an issue.

On Sunday, 03-Jan-2021 23:15:41 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Looking at a camp map, I see a lot of lake adjacent places that could be good starting points - Morosky Firebowl, Peil Chapel, Johnstone (which Steve mentioned), and the Lockwood Lake water front all jump out. Johnstone to the Lonesome Pine shooting range could be worth a try. That course would be pretty flat. The Morosky Firebowl to Arrow Head or Tall Timbers would have more elevation changes. Both would have a big "lake or not" choice to make early on.

On Sunday, 03-Jan-2021 15:14:26 EST, Steve D. said
I don't think you could really drive the lake from Migisi.

On Sunday, 03-Jan-2021 14:48:11 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I declare myself Participation Award Adviser. This is a minor role, but I very much enjoy hyping the gold bordered patch at camp.

On Sunday, 03-Jan-2021 14:44:11 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I like what you're thinking, Steve. I'm not sure if you can easily to get to the lake from the Migisi site, but that could be good for obvious reasons. We could also involve Fair Oaks cabin if the hole was around Lockwood. Most people reading this message will know that Fair Oaks is dedicated to Mr. Oatley, but those who didn't now do.

On Saturday, 02-Jan-2021 22:56:03 EST, Steve D. said
I think it would be cool if we started somewhere that still allowed the "drive the lake" option (not that it's been used often). So somewhere near Lockwood. Maybe go the other way and walk to Johnstone then golf back to somewhere closer to Jack Lord.

On Saturday, 02-Jan-2021 22:44:45 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Assuming we're back for a standard camp and we use Jack Lord subcamp as our main activity center, what does everyone think we should do for cross country golf? Feedback from XLIII suggested that going from JL cabin to the usual hole was a little too road heavy. One thing we could do is have lunch on the road near BC and then do the standard hole. Or we could come up with a whole new hole, maybe with Riverside or the Climbing tower as a start or end point.

On Friday, 01-Jan-2021 20:19:12 EST, Steve D. said
I think I'd like to be the kitchen adviser.

On Wednesday, 30-Dec-2020 22:25:10 EST, Jacob Ferns said
In the event that Michaela is disqualified as youth leader by lack of membership in the OA, I declare my self youth leader for the Winter Camp XLV (2021)

On Sunday, 22-Dec-2019 10:25:13 EST, Michaela said
i declare myself youth leader for wintercamp 45

On Wednesday, 30-Oct-2019 17:06:45 EDT, Steve said
Testing for XLV