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Winter Camp XLV History

Dates:December 27-31, 2021
Location:Jack Lord, Dan Beard, & James E. West Cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Theme:Remote Control, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics
Youth Cost:$48.48
Adult Cost:$53.53
Attendance:37 (19 youth, 18 adults)
Leader:Jacob F.
Adviser:Ethan Rein
Registration AdviserSteve D.
Participation Award AdviserEthan Rein
Kitchen Leader (at camp)Connor J.
Kitchen LeaderGavin B.
Kitchen AdviserSteve Donohue
Activities LeaderMichael B. (Activity Leader)
Activities AdviserVacant (Activity Adviser)
Supporting:Migisi Opawgan Chapter as part of Mishigami Lodge
WCUES Score:269 (Details)
Service Project:Service projects involved fires at 3 separate locations, and also some moving: firewood to the Martin building and big objects at a house on Wilder Road
Winter Camp returned to Jack Lord Subcamp for Winter Camp XLV. This time, temporary reduced cabin capacity and the presence of female youth participants necessitated a third cabin. Dan Beard was added in addition to Jack Lord and James E. West. In addition to reduced cabin capacity, efforts to mitigate risk in the time of COVID-19 included optional outdoor dining, daily temperature checks and mask use in doors. Participation was high with five awards handed out throughout the weekette.

Activities built around the theme of Remote Control, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics included Viral Infestation, the Robot Maze, and Remote Orienteering, Artificial Intelligence Drawing, and a movie, which was Robots. Traditional events such as the Blind Hike, Cross-Country Golf, Snow Soccer, 4-Way Volleyball, and Casino Night were held. 4-Way Volleyball gave up its regular spot on the first day of camp to make room for Cross-Country Golf on December 27, with a new hole going from Beaver Creek cabin to the fire pit at the Morosky Fire Bowl. New events included Violent Vocabulary (previously part of Winter Camp XLII's Pentathlon) and Cable Management, which tested participants' knowledge of knots. Two official games of Risk Legacy were played to make up for no game played at Winter Camp XLIV. James E. West Cabin was a popular place to escape for a game of HeroQuest.

As is the case most years, Winter Campers brought their own talents to Winter Camp Kitchen. Fish and Turkey were both smoked thanks to Keith King's equipment and expertise. Alan Wilson built a high-powered electric hotdog cooker which popped at least one breaker and a TRS-80 based tool for a COVID-19 friendly spin on the Hot Potato Lunch. Lemons from Jeff Rand's home in Arizona were used to make lemonade in the "Acids and Bases and Grease. Oh My" lunch. Newcomer Michael Fluegemann put on a hummus making tutorial. The Caveman Dinner, Bollmano's Pizza, Jackpot Grits, and the Conglomerate Lunch were familiar meals to long-time Winer Campers. The major menu innovation for this camp was the decision to make our dough for the weekette on the first day, but bake it daily. The presence of fresh bread on a daily basis was a big positive development.

The evolution of 3-D printing for Winter Camp introduced souvenir neckerchief slides, or woggles, featuring the classic rhombus shaped logo. Other custom Winter Camp items included pocket knives, flashlights, and a variety of pens, including those which are given (often in jest) to those accused of running Winter Camp.

Winter Campers had history in mind as they participated in the plaque hike, the 45th anniversary dinner, and had an additional reflection prior to the Time Capsule Hike. A moment of silence for recently departed Camp Ranger Jack Sims was observed at the banquet. whose menu was broad enough to require the use of the oven in James E. West cabin. The banquet side dish "Sims Stuffing" was inspired by Jack's love of White Castle hamburgers. Jack was a great friend of Winter Camp.

Although youth leader Jacob Ferns and Jeff Rand were said to have ruined Winter Camp many times throughout the weekette (including a near calamitous error in map preparation for the Remote Orienteering event), the schedule managed to proceed with few modifications. Participants left camp on December 31 in high spirits and looking forward to a return to Jack Lord Subcamp. Winter Camp XLVI's leader and adviser had been declared and they set out to make use of the time it takes the earth to make its 584 million mile journey around the sun to plan a memorable camp.

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