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Winter Camp XLVI Planning

Leadership Team

Youth Leader:Michael Bristol
Adviser:Matt Grimble
Activity Leader:Connor Johnson
Activity Adviser:
Kitchen Leader:Jacob Ferns
Kitchen Adviser:
Participation Adviser:Ethan Rein

Planning Notes

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on planning for Winter Camp XLVI!

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Check out what everyone else is saying:

On Friday, 14-Jan-2022 09:12:41 EST, Steve D. said
Anyone have any suggestions for a theme for Winter Camp this year?

Here's a list of some previous suggestions:
Active Themes

On Thursday, 13-Jan-2022 12:04:14 EST, Steve D. said
I think the most successful we've been with the Hobby Draw recently was the year each person had a coach (like Made) who kind of reminded them what to do. If the coach had some knowledge it would be better, but even if all they did was ask about progress I think it would help.

On Wednesday, 12-Jan-2022 14:36:53 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I think we should play arrowman bingo at Winter Camp XLVI.

On Sunday, 09-Jan-2022 23:29:53 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I think we should fire up the hobby draw again this up coming year. Itís been a while. I was involved in the push to have us all adopt the same hobby the last time we did it and I think that ended up being a dud.

On Saturday, 08-Jan-2022 20:44:44 EST, Steve D. said

On Saturday, 08-Jan-2022 20:27:54 EST, Jacob Ferns said
Steve, where are the pictures uploaded to?

On Saturday, 08-Jan-2022 17:16:06 EST, Steve D. said
First round of pictures uploaded. I don't know if there will be a lot more, but there could be.

On Thursday, 06-Jan-2022 22:42:27 EST, Steve D. said
Most of the meals were more things to eat than suggestions for full meal themes. We could use some variety in some of our recipes, so when the menu gets planned we'll try to pick some meals based on this list and whatever theme we go with.

Pretty much just food: Pulled Pork, Alfredo with a lot of sauce so its messy, Burgers, Caveman dinner w/ chicken alfredo & Mac & Cheese, Chicken, Corn Beef Hash, Cream of Broccoli soup, Lasagna, Mansef (Arabic dish with rice + lamb), Pesto Noodles, Seven Layer Skittles, Shawarma, Split pea soup

Things which feel like a theme:
46 course meal
Cheap Meal with leftovers for lunch on 12/30
Cooking with termite
Juggling Lunch
Dutch over bread baking

On Thursday, 06-Jan-2022 22:37:39 EST, Steve D. said
Looked at the themes too. Many were new to us:
Jester School of mischief
Custer's last stand
Gilligan's Island
World Jambos

If you suggested one of those, I'd love to get a little more info.
I think Revolutions would have tames and events based on famous revolutions.
Anime I guess would be things based on various anime characters, stories, and tropes.
World Jambos - would it be like a tour of cities that have host jambos?
Flintstones - activities based on the tv show plus weird tools?
Gilligan's Island - activities based on the tv show plus primitive conditions and jury-rigged equipment?

On Thursday, 06-Jan-2022 22:28:19 EST, Steve D. said
I started looking through the evaluations for things people suggested we should do. Many of them were things we'd already done or though of. There are a few to add:
Army crawl through paint
Directional Antenna Fox Hunt
Shotgun Shooting

There are a few more I wasn't sure what they were:
TAD Game, Adventure Geme. Are both of these related to creating a text adventure or was it something else?
Burn the pig! - anyone? is it really chasing someone down Lord of the Flies style?

On Monday, 03-Jan-2022 22:08:02 EST, Uncle Ethan said
The Winter Camp Future Society will have its annual meeting on Thursday, January 6 at 8 pm eastern. The meeting will be held in a Zoom format. Here are the details:

Topic: WCFS Meeting
Time: Jan 6, 2022 08:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 857 5211 4195
Passcode: 1wZ0R6

Thanks to Steve Donohue for securing the Zoom meeting.

A tentative agenda was sent via email. Please let me know if you didnít get it and would like to see it. Also, please let me know if you have questions prior to the meeting.

On Monday, 03-Jan-2022 12:00:58 EST, Doug Wilson said
Found Items: Couple of items left at the end of WC XLV.

-1 liter Nalgene water bottle Ė Green REI with red lid and Philmont brand on the side

-1 brown ambidextrous glove with mesh grip coating. Think I saw this in the kitchen in the kitchen on occasion.

Items are currently in Saline.

On Sunday, 02-Jan-2022 09:54:14 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Hi Everyone,

As part of the wrap up process for Winter Camp XLV, we've got an online evaluation here:

Winter Camp XLV Evaluation

These will go into the same place as one you may have filled out at camp. So, if you said your peace there, please don't feel the need to fill out an online evaluation. If you didn't get a chance to turn one in or have additional thoughts, this form is a good place to make your voices heard. If you have trouble with the form, you can email me your thoughts.

These evaluations are useful for us to plan future Winter Camps.

On Saturday, 01-Jan-2022 11:44:31 EST, Jacob Ferns said
I would like to clarify my earlier posting to the forum, as mandatory was a harsh word to use. I think it would be nice if the profs of WCU embraced the 20th academic year of the school, but of course I shouldn't be demanding of them to do so. This idea could go absolutely no where, and that's ok with me. I just thought this would be something I'd enjoy seeing done at camp

On Saturday, 01-Jan-2022 11:14:44 EST, Steve D. said
For the record: I hate all of you.

Kristie must miss the fish as she is playing "Be Happy" at significant volume upstairs.

On Friday, 31-Dec-2021 19:46:05 EST, Alan said
"blindhike" should do it for the captcha

On Friday, 31-Dec-2021 19:35:08 EST, Jacob Ferns said
@alan Wilson, what is the Captcha Answer? I cannot remember it

On Friday, 31-Dec-2021 18:39:50 EST, Alan said
Test post for the Notifier. Probably everyone who sees this already knows about it, but I run a script that will email you every time there is a new post on this page. If that sounds like you, go add your email on my website here:

On Friday, 31-Dec-2021 17:29:23 EST, Jacob Ferns said
In light up the upcoming 20th academic year of the Winter Camp University, I suggest some optional additional events be planned to allow youth and adults the opportunity to complete various degree requirements from all of the WCU schools. Ex: overnight hike with Jeff Rand on the Pedro Trail Yellow Loop

That being said, it should be mandatory of all WCU professors and deans that their programs be accepting willing applicants into their programs for the 2022 weekette semester.

On Thursday, 30-Dec-2021 22:31:31 EST, Michael Bristol said
Let's make lasagna at the next winter camp

On Wednesday, 30-Oct-2019 17:22:48 EDT, Steve said
Testing for XLVI