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Winter Camp XXIX Meals

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Tuesday, 12/27/2005

Hot Irish Potato Lunch

Apple, FreshBug Juice
Carrot SticksFrench Fries
Sloppy Joes (Classic)

Bavarion Bistro

Gewurzplatzchen (Spice Cookies)Grune Bohnen Mit Dill
Milk, ChilledSausage and Kraut

Bakery Snack

Bread Spreads, SugaryBread, White
Butter, ChurnedMilk, Chilled
Pretzels, Homemade

Wednesday, 12/28/2005

Polish Breakfast

EggsHam, Cooked
Hash BrownsMilk, Chilled
Orange Juice

Greco-American Lunch

Bug JuiceChili
Hot DogsPotato Chips

Tripoli Dinner

No items are in the database for this meal.

Thursday, 12/29/2005

Israeli Breafast

Bread, WhiteCheese, Cubed
Eggs, BoiledFruit Salad

Indian Lunch

Mango ChickenMilk, Chilled
Potato CurrySaffron Rice with Cashews

Chinese Dinner

Chow Gai Laan (Jade Green Broccoli)Fortune Cookies (Homemade)
Honey PorkMilk, Chilled
RiceSoup, Egg Drop

Casino Snack

Assorted ChipsAssorted Nuts
PopcornSoda Pop

Friday, 12/30/2005

Bali Brunch

Bubur Mebasa (Spiced Porridge)Melon Melange
Milk, ChilledOrange Juice

Mexican Lunch

Burrito TortillaChips and Salsa
Milk, ChilledRefried Beans
Spanish RiceTaco Shell
Taco/Burrito Toppings

Conglomerate Dinner

Apple, FreshBug Juice
LeftoversRand Stew

Time Capsule Snack

Chocolate Chip CookiesPopcorn
Soda Pop

Saturday, 12/31/2005

Jackpot Grits

Grits, JackpotMilk, Chilled
Orange JuiceToast