Another Ten Seconds
Chapter 5: Lived a Sin or Won

by Jeff Rand

It was half past six when John got out of bed and walked up the hill to get some food in the main room. There he saw the Beast, Mark the Math Man, and Tom Ray at play. They played the game called "Cold Camp Word Game," where they would have to spell out full groups of one part words with small tiles placed on a grid. All word groups had to have nouns and verbs and must make sense.

John had not slept well. It was past four when he went to bed and his sleep was plagued by bad dreams. In his dreams he felt like he was trapped in a bed. It was most real, just like the spell he had when he fell faint. He still felt an ache in his head.

"Where is Steve?" said John.

"Oh, he went to take a dump," said Ron.

Tom took his turn and spelled out "I saw a sex show" on the grid. This seemed to make Ron mad. Tom had placed the 'x' on the pi square, which meant that he would times his score by pi. As he boast of his high score, Tom made sure that all knew of his wise use of the 'x'.

Just then, three scouts had rolled out of their racks and stood on the loft that looked down on the room. Doug Horn spoke for the group, "What gives? Why are you mad? Why does Steve take so long to take a crap?"

Mark called to the group, "All boys come down. Each fun game here is just keen."

"Look men, no one poops quick," Ron said. "Tom used vain with 'x', you zits."

Just as Ron spoke, the door swung wide. Two more came in the room. All were pleased to see that Jack had come back from town, less, of course, one eye.

"Meet my maid, my mom," said Jack.

"Jack just jokes," said his mom.

He had called her at home to come and bring him back to camp. It was near five when she picked him up and brought him to camp so he would not miss his first night at camp.

John moved to see what went on in the game. Each man had tiles that he kept from the view of the group. John looked at these tiles. He saw that Mark held a line of tiles that read "ORB GIB sIK RAM." Ron had more and his group read "sE VIL TAO GD LOE HT." As he tried to make sense of the tiles, the pain in his head grew worse. "What is wrong?" he thought.

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