Another Ten Seconds

by Jeff Rand

Probably the most dangerous serial ever. I have no idea where Jeff is headed with this

Chapter 1: Winter Camp LIV
Chapter 2: Doctor Bob's Gift
Chapter 3: Chapter 7, Subchapter 31 Revisited
Chapter 4: Mill Street Location
Chapter 5: Lived a Sin or Won?
Chapter 6: The Scotch Box
Chapter 7: Psalm 145
Chapter 8: Activity Suggestion
Chapter 9: A Bit of Fowl Play
Chapter 10: Stray Tomcat Found
Chapter 11: Howard's Work Left Unattended
Chapter 12: No Hidden Message
Chapter 13: The Hunt
Chapter 14: Which Path to Take?
Chapter 15: Another Blowout
Chapter 16: The Man Without a First Name
Chapter 17: Doug’s Wish Fulfilled
Chapter 18: A Familiar Beat
Chapter 19: Hikers’ Accommodations
Chapter 20: Sockeye
Chapter 21: Detroit News
Chapter 22: The" Absence
Chapter 23: A Shrub Song
Chapter 25: Out of Sequence
Chapter 24: Meeting of the Minds
Chapter 26: A Long Wait
Chapter 27: A Familiar Hike
Chapter 28: Forty-two Miles From Home
Chapter 29: 16181520150315120002052001
Chapter 30: The Queberites
Chapter 31: Open Enrollment
Chapter 32: Teed's Wisdom
Chapter 33: The Pines Resort
Chapter 34: Land Grant Tenure
Chapter 35: Soylent Green
Chapter 36: In the Dark Shadows
Chapter 37: Underground
Chapter 38: Beyond

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