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Zero Node: Table of Contents

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Zero Node: Table of Contents

In the course of writing the text of Another Ten Seconds, I had a vague sense that a far greater truth existed than I was able to express on the pages of the book. Initially I rejected the premise, knowing that it contradicted my original carefully developed thoughts. However, the passage of time did not quell this new revelation, and I gradually became committed to once again share this knowledge in the written word. I only hope that my imperfect words will be sufficient to express the profound truth.

Zero Node begins in context with Another Ten Seconds, although it is not strictly a sequel. Given the large number of characters in the earlier novel, it was appropriate to leave some loose ends. One of the characters that disappeared partway through the book was Winter Camp Pioneer Steve Donohue. The book offered some clue that Steve, along with a character sharing the name of the author, were not actually anywhere near the others in the story.

In Zero Node, Steve convinces Jeff to embark upon a journey back to Winter Camp; one that will span half the globe. Of course, it becomes far more than he could imagine. What he learns of Winter Camp is at the very foundation of reality.

Another Ten Seconds offered many literary puzzles, which at the time provided me some writing challenges. I make no promises in this work, but I wouldn't be surprised if some crazy thoughts prevail me to include them in some manner. I do have plans to reveal some of the hidden meanings from the various chapters in Another Ten Seconds, with my initial plan to have a sidebar with each chapter in Zero Node offering some information about the chapter with the same number in the earlier work. Of course, now I have set my first literary challenge to have exactly the same number of chapters in both. No promises here.

I do promise, however, to provide accurate geographic and scientific information, as far as possible. For example, in doing research for opening chapters I have learned some interesting facts, which I will gladly share. And again, I promise a novel favoring hard science over fantasy.

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