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For many long-time members, Winter Camp represents the best outlet for their creativity. They've responded by generating a wealth of stories, poems, and even a movie about or set in Winter Camp.

While many of the other pages have had links and related links, here we have Humanities and the Arts as the section for deliberately fictional works and History and Science for works which incorporate fiction only when the facts have been forgotten.


Videos shot at Winter Camp or about Winter Camp

Bread Baking Video
This video covers tips and tricks for baking your own loaf of bread Winter Camp style.


Slide shows of some of our videos which are not yet online

Promoting Winter Camp
We took several years worth of random footage and made a movie. I'm sure the movie is somewhere, but this viewmaster version is here.
Winter Camp: The Movie
I'm not sure why this movie never got a better name like Mystery at the Goonatorium or Lake of Death or Lt. Dan and the One-Armed Man


Documents related to planning Winter Camp

August 11 Meeting Agenda
Agenda for the August 11 planning meeting.
August 11 Meeting Minutes
Minutes from the August 11 planning meeting.
Covid 19 Contingency
Suggestions for alternative plans should Covid lockdown still be in place come Winter Camp
Dutch Oven Pizza
Instruction for preparing Dutch Oven pizza.
Grit Kit Instructions
Instructions for randomizing the Jackpot Grits included in the At Home Kit.
Initial Planning Meeting Minutes
Notes and action items from the first planning meeting which was held on zoom
Planning Minutes 2020-11-27
Minutes from the planning meeting held on November 27.
Sample At Camp Menu
A suggested menu for those spending Winter Camp XLIV at D-bar-A Scout Ranch.
Sample Food List
A potential shopping list for those spending Winter Camp XLIV at D-bar-A Scout Ranch.
Survey Results
Survey results. I added a few people who said they were coming. Sex is a guess based on first name. Age T is transition; it's 18-20 year olds.
WCAH Guide
Draft guide for Winter Camp at Home
Winter Camp Associate's Degree Application
If you're going to attend Winter Camp at Camp this year, then getting your Associate's Degree is a good and relatively simple choice.
Winter Camp at Camp Equipment
A summary of recommended equipment for Winter Camp at Camp in checklist form.
Winter Camp at Home Activities
Proposed activity descriptions
Winter Camp At Home Schedule
The currently proposed schedule for the At Home portion of Winter Camp XLIV
Winter Camp for Campers
Plans for Winter Camp at D-bar-A Scout Ranch if we cannot access cabins or electricity.
Zoom Minutes 11/10/2020
Minutes of our Zoom meeting on November 10


Documents and links related to Registration for Camp

Winter Camp Registration
Registration form for the events of Winter Camp XLIV


Winter Camp Newspapers of all kinds

Newsletter Index
This is an index to every newsletter available on the site.


Novels and Novellas about Winter Camp

After the Apocalypse
A post-apocalyptic novel telling the story of Winter Campers surviving a nuclear strike.
Another Ten Seconds
After a romp through northeastern North America and a climax involving the ultimate impact of Winter Camp on the world and of the world on Winter Camp, the serial concluded in mid-2003
Corporeal Passage
Continuing the story begun in Another Ten Seconds.
Paradox Metaphor
In the novel, Jeff Rand's desire to deliver pictures of Winter Camp I successfully carried out, but with unexpected and potentially disastrous consequences for humanity. The Winter Camp Universe and its counterpart both attempt to reverse the effects
Randland (Chapter 2 of Channel 120)
A sample chapter from Winter Camp's first deliberate work of fiction.
That's Mysterious (Chapter 23 of Channel 120)
A sample chapter from Winter Camp's first deliberate work of fiction.
Under Cover of Night (Chapter 38 of Channel 120)
A sample chapter from Winter Camp's first deliberate work of fiction.
Zero Node
Further adventures of those surviving Another Ten Seconds.


Tools and documents for leadership team.

Executing Winter Camp
The definitive guide on how to successfully run Winter Camp from December 27-31.
Ins and Outs of Winter Camp
How to get things done on set-up and take-down days at Winter Camp.
Kitchen Manual
A book on how to be a cook at Winter Camp and the expectations of the crew. It includes information on how to use forms from the Meals database as well as some basic cooking and measuring advice.
Meals Manual
A treatise on successful meal planning and use of the Winter Camp Meals database.
Program Manual
A guide for creating a theme and schedule for Winter Camp as well as thoughts on successful activities and meals.
Winter Camp Leader's Guide
A list of key tasks for planning a successful Winter Camp.


Other documents related to Winter Camp.

The first recreational Winter Camp book as well as the first serious effort to record intricate details of Winter Camp traditions
The Goon Guide
Traces the history of the Grey Area Goons, notes their contributions to Winter Camp, and provides a handy guide to identifying goons.
The Original Winter Camp Book of Lists
A wide array of opinions and facts from Winter Campers about life both inside and outside the Winter Camp universe all in list format.
Winter Camp at Home Participant Guide
The printable guide for Winter Camp XLIV at Home
Winter Camp at Home Participant Guide
The printable guide for Winter Camp XLIV at Home
Winter Camp Book of Hobbies
This is a list of over 500 hobbies intended for use in future Hobby Draws.
Winter Camp Book of Worship
A compilation of songs and prayers suitable for Scout-led worship at camp.
Winter Camp Casino Guide
An elementary guide to casino gaming, with emphasis on the games and chip values in use at Winter Camp XXXVIII.
Winter Camp Casino Guide XLIV Edition
An abridged version of the Winter Camp Casino Guide for Winter Camp at Home


Rules, History, and Descripttions of Activities

Winter Camp at Home Participant Guide
The printable guide for Winter Camp XLIV at Home
WInter Camp XLIV Schedule
Combined schedule for Winter Camp at Camp and Winter camp at Home.

Short Stories

Stories that are less than 20 pages or so.

Death of a Technician
The long-term impact of one Winter Camp Future Society project is examined, with particular attention to its effect on Doug Wilson.
Lived a Sin or Won?
This one looks into the distant future where two Winter Camp veterans and an outsider experiment with faster-than-light travel.
The Last Winter Camp
In a sense, a tale of the ultimate future of Winter Camp. According to its plot, those waiting for the final Winter Camp had better find a comfortable chair and settle in for a long wait.
The Omega Project
This is a tale of advanced physics and its interplay with Winter Camp.
Training Camp
An interesting tale of Winter Camp and the only story (so far) to inspire an event at Winter Camp.


Poems about Winter Camp and Winter Campers

Caricatures is just a collection of goofy poems and limericks about the people who attended Winter Camp XVIII. The tradition has not continued, although it easily could.
A series of poems about challenging events and poetry challenges.
A collection of Haiku submitted by various people on the Winter Camp Wall.
Ode to Winter Camp
Rhyming pairs about much of what happens at Winter Camp.
Rand-om Thoughts
A collection of poems on some of the most heart-felt and thought-provoking elements of Winter Camp and the Order of the Arrow
The Cloud Factory
Joe's comments on work
The Epic Limerick Cycle
A collection of limericks, roughly one for each Winter Camp.
A collection of poems of poems about Winter Camps deeply held traditions.

Web Published

Items where the source is various authors contributing via a web form. These often have little or no editorial control

Who is Big Bro?
Various campers weigh in on their suspicions about Big Bro.
Why I am (not) Big Bro
Various campers explain why they are or aren't Big Bro.


These are items created to promote events or attendance at Winter Camp.

Winter Camp at Camp Flyer
Details programs and opportunities for Winter Camp XLIV at camp.
Winter Camp at Home Flyer
Details programs and opportunities for Winter Camp XLIV at Home.
Winter Camp Local Flyer
Details programs and opportunities for Winter Camp XLIV Local.
Winter Camping Welcome
Some notes on the Winter Camp at Camp experience and expectations.