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Media: Why I am (not) Big Bro

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Media: Why I am (not) Big Bro

Yet another chance to describe who is or is not Big Bro. This one is set up to work as a role reversal. You can pick anyone you like, from Steve Harig to Jeff Rand, from Al Gore to Tori Amos and explain why they are or are not Big Bro in their own words.

Later in the year (probably on Thanksgiving), the judges will select one winner who will get his or her own

Why I'm Not Big Bro

by Big Bro
as told to: Big Bro

I hope that all have seen that I have said naught on this page for a long time. This was a choice I made. It has been made clear to me that, though I thought I was a force that would make camp more, I was not. My words were not heard and my thoughts were not used.
I do not blame those who would not hear me, for I see now that I was doomed to fail. I thought my own name would bring the wrong weight to my words and so I chose not to use it and used Big Bro in its place. I thought it would make a good joke and to use his words would hide me from those who would know me. Though I think I am on the path of the wise, this was not a wise choice and I see that now.
To those who did not know why I did this, it seemed that I sought just to snipe from where I hid, and to make sure that I could not be held to my own past words or deeds, so I could say what I would with no fear. In the dark part of my soul, I know that was part of my goal too, but it was not all or most of it - it was but a small part and one that I wish was not there.
It has been said by me in the past, but I will say it once more. I have failed Cold Time Camp in the past and I know I will fail it in the days to come too. I have not done things, as Big Bro and as the man who posts as him, that I have said I would do or as well as I knew I should. Like all those who have failed, that was not my goal then nor is it my goal now.
With these things in mind, it has been made clear to me that the thoughts of Big Bro on ways to change camp and those who come are of no worth to me or the rest of the group. I will say naught of things which have come or will come or of the rest of camp that does not have my true name on it, so that my words can be judged based on who I am and what I have done, be it good or bad, in the past.
I do this now as I have come to see that to do these things and not have my name known makes them less, not due to the fault of those who read, but of those who write. When Big Bro speaks on what has been done, he speaks as one who was not part of it, and thus makes it seem that those things which were done are not his fault and that they would have worked if we had but heard or asked him which path to take. That is not what I meant to be, but it is what I have grown to be.
I choose not to be that.

Why I'm Big Bro

by George W. Bush
as told to: Steve Clark

Caz I can only talk in words of one part too.

Why I'm Big Bro

as told to:

Who cares.....Big Bro is unimportant

Why I'm Not Big Bro

by Steve Clark
as told to: Big Bird

As is clear to all, Big Bro does not like all those whom he meets and will tell them so. I do not do this, for I wish to be a friend to all, as is the way of all good scouts. I think if I were Big Bro, I would do more and say less, for his words have no worth to me since they can not be backed by his deeds in the past or his deeds to come.
I know he will say this should not count, but he is wrong. One joins our band for what he has done in the past (as seen by the Scouts of his troop) and stays in it for what he will do in the days to come. Since we do not know what he has done in the past, nor what he plans to do in the days to come, it is clear to me that he is not part of our band.
It may be that he is one of us in his real name, but as Big Bro, he is not.
For Bro, the path may seem dark, but it is his own fault. If I were him, I would have the strength to stand on my own and say "This is what I think and how I feel and what I will do to make those things come true", but I am not him, and he does not do those things and so I am glad to be me and not him.

Why I'm Big Bro

by Big Bird
as told to: Steve Clark

It is fairly simple really. Becoming bored with my ho-hum life on Sesame Street corrupting little kids lives, I'd branch out. You see, it's in my nature, being yellow and all. So, not wanting to just dominate over the smaller kids lives I saw an opportunity in this Wintercamp thing. I infiltrated the group and began complaining about them all behind their backs, about how they were too bossy or too overbearing or too whatever else I felt would tear them apart from one another.....but this didn't work as I had planned. They defended one another to my face and thought nothing more of the complaints, knowing that they weren''t true.
So, I created this persona of myself, this Big Bro (pretty clever name huh....Big Bird, Big Bro......htey'll never suspect it was me). I then used this persona to complain about them and say hurtful things about theem and such, often even picking on the youth members of the group, most notably Steve Harig........just because I could. Now, I have successfully torn them (somewhat). They have begun to run around pointing fingers. I have successfully began to dismantle this veyr powerful group of people, piece by piece. I have began to quelm their creativity and instead replaced it with my lame ideas, such as the math game. This pleases me.
knowing that many of them are viewed by many old people as still being youthful, I decided to capitalize on that by talking to them as if they were little children, by using monosyllabic words....just as I do on my show.
Next, I think I will begin corrupting the older generation.........I will guise myseelf as their Congress and begin to cut their Social Security.....oh and children's education as well. Hehehe.

Why I'm Big Bro

by Dan Bollman
as told to: A. Nonymous

As some of you know, I was once a very active member of the chapter, but my personal, professional, and academic lives have gotten in the way of my scouting life and something had to give. Unfortunately, it was Scouting, at least for a time.
I have returned to the Winter Camp site many times to review what has gone before and to check up on things and I have, like many old-timers, been appalled by what has become of the youth and adults who are still active. Next thing I know, I'll find out that Mahican did its ceremony during the daytime without lighting any candles.
At any rate, I adopted the guise of Big Bro to hide my true name, since I knew that it would create a stir for my brother Mark--> if his brother turned out to be Big Bro. Besides, I thought it might be funny to post as someone else and my earlier semi-anonymous postings were well-received.
Unfortunately, over time, I became frustrated with my lack of progress and lashed out without meaning too. I sincerely regret those statements I made. I know some of you will doubt me and my confession, but it is me. I rely on rumors from the internet and some top secret sources for information on the chapter. I guess the only real proof I have is that, like myself, Big Bro can really talk the talk when he wants too, that's cuz he's me. I have to admit that I have, on several ocassions, considered donning my trademark three-piece suit and headed down to a chapter meeting to chew some bubble gum ('cept I'm all out of bubble gum).
Anyhow, I'm very happy you've all invited me to the Dinner and I hope to be there.

Why I'm Not Big Bro

by Steve Donohue
as told to: Big Bro (in a conversation with myself)

We are all one... The Bro, the Dog, the one with the big foot who helps the fair while he stays hid, the one who makes fake bands, these and more are we... I speak with word of but one part for I am but one part of a great whole... I am tired of the game now though... The sport is at its best and I wish it to end... One day I will let the Dog know the truth, but for now he will keep as he is and not know that he is me... as are the rest of us... so much more could I say but I shall not...

Why I'm Big Bro

by Jeff Rand
as told to: Mark Bollman-->

As has long been known to all, the true goal of Low Sun in Sky All Day Time Camp has been to help me reach the next plane and have folks fall to my feet and beg me to bless them or at least to let them kiss my ring. Truth be told, I am the real Pope of Low Sun in Sky All Day Time Camp; the rest are fakes.

I took on the guise of Big Bro to hide the fact that I know none of the words or thoughts of the youth we have now. They scare me and I weep for the days to come. Through my new guise I hoped that a new group of youth would come to see that I am the sole old man on the true paths of the wise.

I made fun of Dog, not from hate, but from guile. I thought (and I think I've been right) that if I was mean to him, folks would think I was him, for it is known that no one likes to poke fun at Dog as much as Steve does. I think it worked for a time, but I grew bored with it and thus do not do it now.

I still think we need to plan more for Low Sun in Sky All Day Time Camp if we want to make it more than it has been. I will not give up my role as the Big Bro, so Joe might as well give up on that thought now. I think we should make sure that this year we have things to do for each day part and that we have lots of things at night too. Sleep is for the weak!

Why I'm Big Bro

by Joe Hall
as told to: Tom Ray

Just like Big Bro, I'm bummed out with the way Cold Time Camp goes each year. When I was a youth, we took charge and the old men did as we told them. It was a lot more fun than it is now.

I took on the name Big Bro to make my points so that no one would hate me for this (I don't mind that they hate me for the rest of the things they hate me for). I knew that if my words came through in my name, it would be a piece of cake for folks to pay them no heed, since I had not been to camp in a while. I thought if I used a fake name, folks would heed me more.

I mocked Steve since I knew a lot of the rest of you felt the same way but would not say it to his face. I was shocked when the lot of you spoke in one voice and said I was a jerk and should not call Steve names. If you knew him like I know him, you would see that I am right.

I have tired of my role as Big Bro, that's why I thought it would be cool to have a vote on a new Big Bro. Of course, my plan failed as have lots of things I tried to do, that's why I'm so bummed out all the time.

(Note: I could not hear the rest of what Joe had to say; he turned the Tom Waitts up way too loud and I could not tell which drone was Joe's and which drone was Tom Waitts'. I think Tom Waitts was less bummed out, but it was hard to tell.)

Why I'm Big Bro

by Monticello Jones
as told to: Steve Donohue

I find it a great test of my skills to write in words of but one part. It helps me to keep my mind sharp as I strive to do more with less. My block group would do well to learn these same skills, as some folks who live on the street must use their time to work on skills that mean more to them than books. Of course, that might not be the right path for the long term, since books have much to teach us, but for the short term, I use The Wall to hone my skills, just as I use my friends in my war on the dark force which seeks to take our homes from us.