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Corporeal Passage: Foreword

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Corporeal Passage: Foreword

by Jeff Rand

There was never any intent on my part to write a series of novels. Yet, as I progressed through the pages of Another Ten Seconds, I realized that there was much more to the story. When I approached the end of this first novel, it became apparent that in being true to the context of the story, the reader may not be satisfied with an uncertain ending. If there was no more to this, one could imagine a dismal future resulting from mankind simply pursuing his hedonistic pleasures. Although Another Ten Seconds offered much to enhance the imagination of the reader, further explanation could take it to new levels. From this thought Zero Node materialized.

Another Ten Seconds was written between 2000 and 2003, featuring Winter Campers who were predominant during that period. Since most of the story described the future of 2031, the novel made some bold predictions. Some of these have become true, while others are still waiting to happen. Predicting future behaviors of specific humans can be particularly difficult. However, the novel was quite accurate in predicting future pursuits of Alan Wilson, who was the preschool aged son of Doug Wilson at the time it was written.

While Another Ten Seconds featured many literary puzzles and a tendency to fool the reader, Zero Node took a more straightforward approach. In doing so it goes beyond its fictional premise and offers some interesting facts in science, geography, history, and even sociology. Zero Node was written between 2005 and 2020; however, more than 12 years elapsed between the release of chapter 3 and chapter 4. As a result, this extended period allowed the introduction of Winter Campers who have become significant players since 2005.

In the end Zero Node offers explanation to Another Ten Seconds but leaves the reader wanting to fully understand Zero Node itself. Corporeal Passage may provide the answer. While it will attempt to be true to the laws of physics, it will stretch one's imagination. If you were to view all the Star Trek programs or perhaps any other science fiction series (even Twilight Zone), you will not have an experience in the realm of Corporeal Passage. It will truly take you where no one has gone before.

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