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Lived a Sin or Won?

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Winter Camp / Media / Fiction / Lived a Sin or Won?

Lived a Sin or Won?

by Jeff Rand

Warning: This story contains a hidden, back-masked message

Dr. Ron Donohue approached the podium to a standing ovation. The applause expressed in this packed assembly recognized accomplishments of profound influence. From Donohue's first doctoral dissertation titled "A Realistic Approach for a Cashless Society" to his innovative technique for tattooing ultraviolet bar coded social security numbers on human flesh, change was inevitable.

Now Louis H. Pezet, Jr. had left the earth to take up residency on Ferengi. Leu H., as he was called by his Ferengi friend Nod, found conditions on Ferengi quite similar to those of Southeastern Michigan. He was particularly comfortable with the Ferengi road system.

Although he was light years from earth, Leu H. realized the significance of Dr. Donohue's proposals. It was vitally important that he inform Jeff Rand, who lived on Locust Avenue back on earth. Nod had the experience with interplanetary communications and was put to the task. However, Leu H. learned that Nod was not successful in transmitting the message to Jeff.

"Nod", inquired Leu H., "What happened?"

"It appears that I transmitted the message to Jeff on Locust Road, but he never received it," said Nod.

"Locust Avenue!", shouted Leu H. "He lives on Locust Avenue."

"I really don't think it matters even if I use either Ln. or St. after the name. He still should get the message," retorted Nod.

Unfortunately it was now too late to try again. "It matters a great deal. Use neither Ln. nor St.," said Leu H., "O Nod, nor Rd."


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