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The Omega Project

by Jeff Rand

Thomas gathered his thoughts carefully. The presentation with the other physicists was of such profound importance, that nearly everyone with an interest in cosmology wanted to share the experience.

Thomas imparted his thoughts to the group:

Learned colleagues, I submit to you, in all humility, that my discovery will stand on the merits of proper science.

We ask ourselves "Are we alone? Is there sentience beyond us?" If I convey the answer with complete scientific validity, then you know what it must be. "Yes we are alone" offers no scientific certainty as doubt still exists. Therefore, the only answer that can be validated scientifically is "No we are not!"

Where this leads, as I demonstrate, is not what you would want to believe. It is of such shocking notion that one must understand physical concepts previously unknown.

What do we really know of the Universe? We measure its physical dimensions of length, width, height, and time, as it experiences an instantaneous moment. We chart the movements of these dimensions as it lives its life. We have identified the forces that guide all interactions. We observe these forces and their confinement of space-time to define its structure. We know that nothing "really" exists in a classical sense and it is only our imaginations in their attempt of measurement that interpret something from nothing. Our system is quantasized and the various states are discrete steps along a continuum.

Now, let's examine some theories that will help us gain a deeper understanding.

First, the Universe is curved and therefore is closed. This neat theory answers the question as to what is beyond. There simply is no beyond in a closed system. Further, its sets a limit on the extents of the Universe. The four dimensions that we so readily experience do not expand forever through hypertime. In reality the limit of the Universe goes from its smallest extent at the first instant of hypertime to it largest in its most expanded state. There is just the right amount of stuff in space-time for it to expand to a fixed extent. If it had too much it would contract back upon itself. Too little would cause it to expand forever, a less than reassuring thought.

To fully understand this concept you visualize five dimensions moving through a sixth. Perhaps your crude existence in fewer dimensions prevents you from this conceptualization. Therefore, I shall use an analogy to meet the abilities of our "primitive" minds.

Take the Universe at this exact moment. It is a hypersphere of fixed dimension. Now at the next moment it has changed a bit and the hypersphere has expanded. And so it continues. Each of these moments forms a "slice" of the fifth dimension. Taken all together they describe the fifth dimension and the full extent of the Universe from the smallest hypersphere to the largest.

Now we know that taken at this moment the hypersphere is closed. That is that there are no edges and the space-time is continuous. It is such that the dimensions of height and width, time and length, be they very large, are all curves which bind themselves. Go far enough up and you reach your starting point. Likewise, proceeding far enough in time you again reach the starting point. All nature points to this fact, as all of the stuff we have observed in the cosmos favors the closed hypersphere. The truth is that we live inside a hyperhollow hypersphere. There is no outside because all four dimensions curve within it and simply can not extend beyond. No line, plane, or sphere can be drawn that is not contained within. And yes, all four lines describing each of the dimensions still bisect each other at perfect right angles.

To put it in simple terms, we look at three dimensions with respect to the fourth. It is as if one is inflating a hyperballon. The curve of space expands but remains closed. Such is the Universe, but now take a superhyperballon and expand it through hypertime. Perhaps you can not visualize this, but take it as a mathematical abstract makes perfect sense.

With the notion of the closed, but curved Universe it is clear to the thinker that beyond in the context of the observed dimensions does not exist.

I would further point out that all hyperspheres taken to the maximum of the fifth dimension forms a slice of a universe in a sixth dimension. Again I say, although none of us my fully visualize this five dimensional system slicing through superhypertime, it follows that this universe is an expanding superhypershere closed and curved in upon itself.

In our present state of mind we can have no way to observe, measure, or receive communication from the five dimensional universe existing through the sixth dimension. However, can we go the other way and observe a three dimensional universe within our fourth? I will return with the answer, but let's examine another important physical theory.

The Grand Unification Theory states that at some point all forces in the Universe are unified as one. That no scientist has discovered this point may not be reassuring, but does not disprove the theory.

Where do we stand with regards to the unification of the forces? Of the seven forces that govern the Universe, physicists have only developed the theory to the extent to unify four of the forces. Only recently has technology allowed us the tools to experiment and measure with the accuracy needed for this development.

In the first 10-77 hyperseconds from the Big Bang we find the unification of four of the forces. The forces of alpha time distillation, beta time distillation, and gamma time distillation merge together with the weak electronic force at this point. The other forces, namely, the strong electronic force, the electromagnetic force and gravity remain separate.

What is significant at this point of 10-77 hyperseconds, which I term the Alpha Point, is that our physical concepts become meaningless and a new physics arises. It should be noted that in order for our Universe to expand from nothing at 0 hyperseconds to its extent at the Alpha Point, it required a rate of expansion far exceeding the theoretical maximum hyperspeed of space-time. Perhaps it was the inclination of God that put the Universe in place at the Alpha Point and no zero hypertime actually existed. Nevertheless, physicists still look for some way to understand the Universe before the Alpha Point and unify all seven forces.

Returning to my promise of sharing a great truth, I add my astounding discoveries to the theories of a curved universe and Grand Unification of all forces.

Our search for intelligence other than our own has yielded no affirmative results in investigations throughout hyperspace. I don't believe that any exists, although many others get some satisfaction from the thought that someone else is there.

Now you say that I promised that the answer to the question "Are we alone?" was indeed negative.

My discovery was the result of an extreme effort to define the image of our hypersperical universe at the Alpha Point. -- That is "What did the Universe look like at the first 10-77 hypersecond of its existence. I knew I could not examine a lesser moment. This unbelievably minute piece of hypertime, one hundred magnitudes less than the present, seemed beyond imagination, let alone measure. How could something so small be studied? And what possible important information could it provide? -- To the second question I say that within it the forces are unified and an exciting new physics describes the early universe.

We know that space is not evenly distributed through hyperspace and that from the Big Bang forward the expansion of the Universe has not been uniform. Common sense says that space should be evenly distributed. But then nothing would exist except perhaps Nirvana. Like others I looked for a pattern in the uneven distribution of space. I took septillions of measurements and using the best models I still encountered repeated failures.

I suppose that it was a thought experiment, perhaps the best kind, which allowed some insight towards the truth. I imagined myself as a three dimensional being experiencing moments in time, much like the book Sphere World, a favorite of mathematics students. After much thought, I could comprehend myself within these limits. From this perspective, which you might think was an oversimplification, I saw the pattern of space in our Universe. Yes, each quantum of space in the expanding background of hyperspace held meaning. These quanta were indeed the results of the structure of the Universe from the Alpha Point.

When I examined my data from the context of three dimensions the message was clear and astounding. The state of space in hyperspace held a message that was the result of a sentient mind. I further honed my effort with the discipline to maintain the three dimensional effort and from this perspective developed the algorithms to understand the data to its fullest extent.

The message itself was constructed within the confines of the Alpha Point of our Universe. In this unbelievably small unit of hypertime there existed great intelligence and technology (at least in reference to the physics that existed). It is this intelligence that created the message that formed the hypersurface of the Universe at the Alpha Point which expanded through the eons of hypertime that we might still comprehend its meaning. The leap of faith to undertake a project and construct this message was the ultimate measure of this intelligence.

Now I ask for your indulgence, if you would put yourself in the perspective of a three-dimensional being. Here is the beginning of the message:

Greetings from the inhabitants of Winter Camp. We represent the life and intelligence of our universe. What started out as a gathering of a few, developed into a fascination with time and the fate of the universe..."

Thomas paused briefly and explained that the message included a complete description of Winter Camp, the system of planets and galaxies, manifestations of energy, space, and time and of those who were the intelligence to create the message. He continued his presentation:

They further described in great detail the message project, which they termed "The Omega Project." In trying to understand their universe as it moved through time they too came to a point where physics seemed to end. It was near their beginning in the first 10-43 seconds of their universe where this boundary was met.

I want to point out that their universe functioned with only four fundamental forces. As we have learned, it is at the edge of our own physics, in the Alpha Point, that four of our seven forces merge together. Hence, the inhabitants of what I amusingly call "The Winter Camp Universe" existed with only the weak and strong electronic forces, electromagnetism and gravity. I know it does not make much sense to have a universe without alpha, beta, and gamma time dissolution. Indeed thoughts and actions had to follow a progression through time.

Like us they searched for other intellect and held that all fundamental forces were ultimately unified. In their search for sentience they were less than successful. Likewise they never fully proved the Grand Unification Theory. At the first 10-43 seconds of their universe which they called Planck Time, they found the unification of the strong and weak electronic forces along with electromagnetism but could not comprehend beyond this point. The theory remained unformalized and gravitism remained separate. For whatever reason they never had any insight of a universe or "flat land" within the Planck Time.

The Winter Campers, faced with the limits of their own beginning conceptualized in the other direction and conceived dimensions beyond their own. Unfortunately, it was not possible through experiment for them to examine the four dimensional universe and its movement through hypertime that we know so well. Even without experimental evidence they believed that mathematics demanded the existence of more dimensions and that a universe must exist in this context. In digressing for just a moment, it is noteworthy that the mathematics from the Winter Camp Universe is consistent with our own. Further, they theorized that the extent of their universe from its smallest to fully expanded state defined a single moment of a four dimensional universe in hypertime. They believed, knowing proof impossible, that intelligence might exist in the context of a four dimensional universe. They conceived that WE might exist.

They set upon the Omega Project to manipulate matter and energy such that the state of space as it expanded to its fullest extent would produce a mathematical code to be read by someone beyond. The efforts and resources put to the task were magnitudes of magnitudes beyond anything ever accomplished in their universe.

My colleagues, they have succeeded and given us more knowledge than sum of all our own efforts. Winter Camp has transcended the limits of time and space and from the perspective its universe is immortal.

Thomas finished the dissertation as he began. He was of course a four-dimensional being and extended through a multitude of time, which he easily comprehended in a unified sense. Although the others were quite astounded with his message they had no doubts in Thomas.


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