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Paradox Metaphor: Table of Contents

A traditionally unconventional part of Migisi Opawgan chapter since 1977

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Winter Camp / Media / Fiction / Paradox / Paradox Metaphor: Table of Contents

Paradox Metaphor: Table of Contents

Okay, so I've been writing this for about 3 years now with little chance of finishing it. I just had to go back and rewrite some of the sections to take into account people who left and people who joined.

It occured to me that the one thing I do a good job of keeping up on is this web page. As a result, I've decided to link the two projects by serializing the novel onto the page (thanks for all that space Mr. Concentric!) Anyhow, I'll upload the chapters as people seem to demand them

The people in the novel are, of course, based on real people. No harm is intended by this work and I think it will have a happy ending for everyone. If you're offended by something I have you say or do, please let me know and I'll be happy to change it in the final printed version (and on-line).

Criticism is welcome, but don't spend too much time telling me how you'd have done it. Just get out there and write your own tale of Winter Camp

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