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Who is Big Bro?

On Thursday, 18-Dec-97 19:02:31 EST,
Big Bro said
I like this Zone (could be "length times width too I guess) Five Tens Plus One game (could be "half of five score plus one" or "two and a half score plus one", or "six nines less three ones" or lots of things not the same as the ones I've used so far). I think it will be great fun. All of you should play so you can have a good time. There should be no one who does not play. The Zone Five Plus One Game will be a good plot which is not shown to all who would like to know moreof it.
big bro is glad to see his thought for a game where most do not know all that is in the game has come back to Cold Time Camp.
Joy and Glad things be with you in this time of the birth of Christ and the new year.
your friend,
Big Bro
P.S.: Jack Lord beach is no good; it is in sun all day and is too hot!

These simple words heralded the return of Big Bro to Winter Camp after an absence of more than ten years. First appearing at Winter Camp X, Big Bro was portrayed by Doug Wilson and served as the leader of one of the teams in the Winter Camp Adventure game.

Big Bro retains two features from that earlier game: an abiding hatred of Jack Lord Beach, which he maintains is in the sun all day and is too hot, and a vocabulary limited to words of but one part. Who is Big Bro? No one knows for sure (or at least, no one who knows is telling).

The following are all facts which have been gleaned from his own postings or his web page, Paths of the Wise

Based on the above and their own observations, several people have advanced their own theories on Big Bro. A few of the more interesting ones are listed below

John Howey's Theory on Big Bro.

I think BigBro is Dan Bollman and perhaps Lucifer thrown in a bit for good measure

  1. Art Deco
  2. Bollman has not actually posted as himself in quite a while
  3. Beast agrees with him too much and doesn't get bothered by him
  4. Beast likes to torment you. (and I am sure Dan doesn't mind...)
  5. Ron & Dan could be thought of as sneaky. (Winter Camp security?)
  6. They are geographically located? (UofM)
  7. Not likely to show at WCXV
  8. Doesn't know Tom well.
  9. Doesn't know current youth well.
  10. Dan used to work at BC waterfront and I am sure hated JL waterfront. Yeah it strecthing it a bit but I could see him throwing a clue in our faces and getting some amusement out of it.

John's Other Theory

I believe him to be Mark Bollman because Mark has been very quiet lately

Jeff's Theory

Big Bro possibilities:
  1. Obviously he is veteran and knows all the key personal details on the other veterans (Wilson, Osvath, Rand, Beast, Daha, Bollman, Horn, Howey)
  2. If he tells the truth he has only missed 1 or 2 Decembers at Winter Camp since his induction. (This eliminates Rand, Wilson, Osvath, Horn and Dan Bollman)
  3. He knows a bit of html. (Could be Mark, Steve, Ron or John)
  4. He has time on his hands. (best prospect is Mark)
  5. My guess is he is two people one whom is a father and the other a canine, both of whom are devious enough to attack themselves to leave a false trail.

Ron's Theory

I believe him to be The Ghost of Winter Camps past
It could be any of three, Steve, Mark or Jeff. I don't know which so I will just accept Big Bro for what he says and not worry too much about his/her true identity.

Steve "LSH" Harig's Theory

I think it's Ron Donohue, because he is BIG!!!! He's even bigger than Steve Donohue.

Steve "LSH" Harig's Other Theory

I think it's Dave Milon.
She is called Big Bro to make up for being little (the opposite of Big if some retards like Steve Donohue are reading) in the genital area. I heard the sheep ate his genitals.

The Outsiders Theory

Big Bro is actually a projecting gestalt. His consciousness came into existence at Winter Camp through the collective will of all those at camp. Normally, he dissipates at the end of camp, but this year he was able to find a mind with some extra space (i.e., not all of it was in use) which allowed him to survive the end of camp
There can be only one person who meets the criteria and was at Winter Camp: Tom Ray.
During camp, he was gradually being possessed by Big Bro. He was only aware of it on a subconscious level, but his own mind drove him to leave camp early in an attempt to escape. As a result, Big Bro was unable to assume total control, but still exists inside Tom's mind.
There is some evidence of this if you look for it