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Winter Camp / Media / Poetry / Ode to Winter Camp

Ode to Winter Camp

by Rob Hartwig

Time again to go to camp

Nothing ever does
Except when you're at camp!!!

Tick the clock...add seventy-seven.
Rolls 'round, time to wake. Almost at eleven.

One falls...tumbling down...who had left the lights on?
Rand stew...who knew? Aliens or discs of Tron.

Singing songs...singing one will complain.
Sing odes to Winter Camp...sing on Ethan Rein!

Star Wars, Car Wars, Battle Cattle, Cheapass games.
Winter Camp, what good times. Setting Viking flames!

In the snow, games are best. Soccer comes to mind.
Hit the man...then the ball. Happiness you'll find.

Movies, online games, camp participation.
Yellow means a lot. Blue's sold 'cross the nation.

Man hunt, capture the flag, youth are mixed with Goons.
Nothing is 'gainst the rules. Use the frozen coon!

Volleyball, in four ways...spiking is the best!
Palms or none, eagles...non, human games of chess.

Golf is played by all who can. Jack (YDKJ) played by some.
All who know Big Brother wish to kick his bum!

Caveman Dinner kills lights. Eating with one's hands!
One who fails on Hell Night, suffers reprimands.

A jiffy is real fast, a blue moon's real slow,Dig last year's time capsule, buried in the snow.

Planes drop clues in games. Papers tell us what's up.
One hundred sixty two meals, wow what a sup!

On the list could go...and on it will someday
Let's not wait till then. It's Winter Camp. Let's play!

~someone who was up too late.